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  1. On my computer CWAFtool.ini is located in folder: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\CWAF
  2. I ran the CWAF tool from the command line "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\cwaftool.exe". This CWAFtool error is back: "The following files were either unreadable by CWAF, or written by a newer version of SONAR than CWAF expects." I had to manually fix it by editing CWAFtool.ini, changing this line SupportedProjectVersion=25.13.0.xxx To SupportedProjectVersion=26.01.0.xxx Same thing happens if run from within CBB.
  3. This problem sounds like what was discussed in these 2 posts. (Solved it for me.) "https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/9342-how-to-re-record-midi-cc-values-only-leave-notes-alone/" and “https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/7779-adding-fills-to-existing-ad2-drum-track/” Try: If you arm a particular take lane, when you start recording you won't hear anything playing from that track. If you want to hear the other take lane(s) play during recording a new take lane, just arm the track (not an individual take lane). And choose sound-on-sound record.
  4. I fixed it by copying notes to clipboard, deleting the entire clip, then pasting the notes back in to those measures. But I still don't know why that happened or how you unmute the notes other than by doing this.
  5. I've got a midi clip where the first couple measures are unmuted but the last couple are muted. I can't seem to get them to be unmuted. I thought the k key would unmute them but that seems to pertain to the entire clip, not notes within a clip. This came about when I was recording to a different track using punch in and these measures were the punch in region. I didn't realize I had this other track selected during the punch in. The notes appear normal in event list. In piano view they're present but colored gray. I can click on them and they'll play the notes individually. So the notes are there, they just won't play when I play the track and they're colored as if muted. In piano view, if I draw in new notes in those measures, they appear muted also
  6. First, I think you'd want to get rid of the last CC1 events you recorded. If you're trying to record CC1 (by moving a controller on a synth), I think you could just go Ctrl-Z to undo your last attempt. Other ways would be to go into Event View, highlight just the CC1 events by using the filter (Edit->Select->By Filter) and deleting them (Ctrl-x). If you're having the experience I had, where you can't hear or get the notes to play while you record CC1 events, there was the post below that solved it for me. The post was about a drum track but the same principle applies. I think you might want sound-on-sound set for this. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From “https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/7779-adding-fills-to-existing-ad2-drum-track/” Hi guys. I'm struggling figuring out how to hear the original TAKE LANE sound while recording the second TAKE LANE. For some reason, the main drum track does not play (muted) while I am trying to record the new take lane. Any thoughts on how to fix this one? This one puzzled me for a while too and I found a solution in another post shown below. If you arm a particular take lane, when you start recording you won't hear anything playing from that track. If you want to hear the other take lane(s) play during recording a new take lane, just arm the track (not an individual take lane). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. While playing thru a play list, Big Time freezes up when going between songs. Whatever the previous song ended at, is what's displayed in Big Time and remains statically frozen. Otherwise the song displays correctly, plays correctly, and now time updates correctly. I save every song with a screenset that shows Big Time at the bottom and use it as a visual click.
  8. I very much appreciate you posting this info because I was stumped by this problem. I tried this and happy to see it works. Was wondering if this is in the pdf manual anywhere and/or what the original post was. Thanks.
  9. I like it and use it a lot too, especially Xpand. How they fit all those sounds into a couple gigs, which I presume to be sampled, is a mystery to me.
  10. I realize this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but as a workaround I'm doing this with an Autohotkey script. Here's a stripped down version and could be modified in various ways. Alt- m loads LIVE.SET. Alt-Shift-m minimizes it. !m:: IfWinExist, LIVE.SET WinActivate Else run C:\CAKEWALK\PROJECTS\PLAYSETS\LIVE.SET return !+m:: WinMinimize, LIVE.SET return
  11. Just wanted to thank Noel and team for playlist changes. That was huge for me and it seems to be working well. Also really like the take lane record options.
  12. Yes, that edited post is great. Thanks.
  13. That sounds good. I just would prefer not to have to hit a keypress and if it needs time to load, then load it during a small delay, so as not to interfere with playback. I think it only takes about 2 or 3 seconds to load my songs. I wonder if there could be a way to load during playback unobtrusively. I'm just putting ideas out there.
  14. Say you have 3 songs in a playlist. If you set a delay for song 2, it looks to me like it doesn't do anything but wait during the delay between song 1 and song 2. Then when the delay is over, and song 2 starts to play, it seems to then load song 3. I hear some glitching while song 2 is starting to play as a result, and I have a very capable laptop loading off of SSD. Shouldn't it be loading during the delay so as not to interfere with song 2? Maybe Tenfoot's suggestion would solve this but wouldn't it be better to also have it load during the delay?
  15. I too have experienced what Tenfoot describes above about playlist load glitches and would like to see his suggestion considered. Thank you.
  16. The reason I jumped in on this thread is I was wondering if there was a relationship between losing my TH-U automation data on reload of project and the subject of Noel's post because they sound sort of related. Then I started wondering if the program change issue could also be related.
  17. Thanks for your response. I'm surprised you have TH-U vst3 working with Program Changes. Please excuse me while I get wordy and layout a summary of the situation from my perspective. This is a test I just ran (I'm running latest & greatest TH-U 1.1.0 Full Version): Track 1: Audio track (ASIO USB input 1 which guitar is plugged into) with TH-U vst3 plugin in effects bin, enabled Midi Input in TH-U header Track 2: Midi track with Output set to the TH-U plugin in Track 1 Track 3: Audio track (ASIO USB input 1 which guitar is plugged into) with TH-U vst2 plugin in effects bin, enabled Midi Input in TH-U header Track 4: Midi track with Output set to the TH-U plugin in Track 3 Automation - to explain my conclusion below, I want to establish first 2 ways I do automation: 1. Audio Track automation - in the audio track, automation drop down will have TH-U automation parameters you can choose - I typically test with Delay Output 2. Midi automation - in the midi track, where you first open TH-U plugin, right click a control and have it learn as you move a control, then in Midi track automation drop down assign that control (like to Mod Wheel) My conclusion: Program changes: only work with the vst2 tracks 3 & 4. I can't get them to work with vst3 tracks 1 & 2. Both sets of tracks are identical except for TH-U vst versions. Note that I'm not using any device like your fcb1010. (I do have an ADA MC-1 that I don't use currently.) In my tests, I'm going direct from CBB to the vst plugin by opening Event View and just creating the PC events. When I'm playing along with my guitar, the events should switch the TH-U presets as I play thru the song. By the way, I also just stay in one bank of TH-U presets and I'm fine with that - I don't need bank switching to work. 1. Automation: Audio Track automation with either vst2 or vst3 work until you save the project and then reopen. Then they seem to disappear and therefore don't work. 2. Midi automation I've never had a problem with - always seems to work with vst2 or vst3, which is a pretty good alternative workaround. -------------------- Also, would like to point out there's quite a history to these problems going back to 2016. Here's some of Overloud support responses: June 6, 2016: Yes, this is an issue with the VST3 format and we are currently working on it. If you wish to use the latest version of the plug-in and correctly receive Program Changes, you should use the VST2 format. Aug 29, 2016: My question: Has there been any update to the VST3 version of TH3 where MIDI program changes will work with SONAR? Overloud response: The current state of TH3 VST3 as of version 3.2.2 is that it supports CCs and Note messages, but still not Program Changes. It may sound funny somehow, but the VST3 specification does not include "out-of-the-box" support for Program Change messages, replaced by a much more convoluted abstraction (which no one really uses in its full capability). The result is that the old "Program Change" functionality has to be "emulated" instead, in some way or another. At the moment we're deciding which way it is best to design this emulation.
  18. I was wondering if Noel could update us on whether vst3 program changes will ever work with CBB. In an old forum in 2016 http://forum.cakewalk.com/Question-for-Persons-Using-VSL-with-Platinum-m3473206.aspx#3473206 You said: "The VST3 spec doesn't support MIDI program changes. Program changes can technically be done via parameters but we dont support that mechanism." I would sure like to see TH-U vst3 plugin respond to program changes. Because of this, I'm still using vst2 plugin instead. Thanks.
  19. Ok, this is starting to make more sense to me. I probably should redo my mix of all tracks to be a little hotter and more refined. But as a quick and dirty test, I brought up the Master Gain about 4db and now I'm getting around 4db reduction when I choose Medium Adaptive preset. So having levels too low has probably been my biggest problem all along. I'm wondering how you monitor the levels so accurately - like where you say " -3 or 4 and the peak at -0.3". What I'm doing is going into Console View, setting Playback Meter Options to Pre-Fader. I set the meter range to 12db so I can observe the high region. Then I keep an eye on the peak number adjacent to the meter. That to me seems to work, but are there other or better ways? Anyway, it's probably not that critical for me since I'm not doing mastering, just making backing tracks. But I still want it to sound good.
  20. Thanks David, that was helpful. I kind of left out that the reason I wind up with a threshold in the -10 range is because it takes that much of a threshold before I see the 3-5db reduction. I'm wondering if that's saying I don't have my Master level or the mix high enough. Most of the music I create is sort of light listening melodic type music like Ryan Farish - chill, electronic, or whatever that is. But I have the same problem on rocking type music like Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson.
  21. Thanks for the input. Hmmm, I see the manual says to allow -6 db headroom, which sounds like you're doing. I'd like to know if you have a typical AL threshold. I assume you were referring to ceiling when you said you set limiter output to -0.3. I find if I have threshold at -10, ceiling at -1.0, that having -6db headroom still isn't enough - AL still boosts the volume too much. So that's when I bring down the gain for Master track to compensate. From manual: When recording, allow at least -6 dBFS headroom (set maximum peak to -6 dBFS).
  22. Yes, it starts with one measure of 4 metronome clicks, at measure 2 midi tracks (Addictive Drums, Modo Bass, various VST synths) start to play.
  23. Sorry I didn't see this post sooner cuz I've ranted a few times about it. Would love to see this fixed. I don't know if it was mentioned, but I'm pretty sure automation also causes the dreaded asterisk to appear. Seems like all that is needed is to play the playlist and ignore changes, automation, etc - maybe an ignore checkbox or something. I've jumped thru hoops to get around this problem by creating Autohotkey scripts to load projects on the fly instead of using playlists, but it's not an ideal solution.
  24. I've been experimenting with the Adaptive Limiter. I insert it into the master track, typically set ceiling to -1.0 and threshold around -10. That boosts the signal dramatically. So to compensate I cut the gain down on the master track about -6db or whatever it takes to get a reasonable and similar volume. This works, but is that the best practice? How are you supposed to compensate for this dramatic boost in volume? I've also tried setting the Match Input Loudness (ear icon thing) on instead of cutting the Master track gain. It sort of works, except when I do that, it seems to start out with a quick volume burst (1 or 2 sec) until the limiter kicks in. How do I avoid this happening?
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