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  1. Matthew Thanks for sharing your method. Just a few random ideas/comments: I like and use Xpand a lot also. I play by ear and only do instrumentals, so no need for transcription or lyrics. I use various automation including Midi mute. In fact it's because of the need for automation and syncing to host tempo for sequences and arpeggiators, that I need to use CBB live. Otherwise, I could just set up some midi tracks and play to a mixed down backing audio track. I'm still intrigued by using Arranger more although I haven't figured out how to implement it to my advantage yet. I hope they expand it to do something like Studio One Show page. (Actually, I'm in test mode also, not really live playing yet - I'm a big star in my family room-LOL) I was wondering if you've ever run across PluginGuru Unify? It's been a game changer for me. I have been obsessed with its capabilities since when I discovered it last October. It's like a VST container program like Cantabile on steroids. It can load pretty much any VST like Kontakt, Omnisphere, AIR, Syntronik, effects, etc, etc. You can stack up VSTs as layers, split them, layer them, use built in effects, and much more. Some recently added features has me replacing Midi mute. They do informative Livestreams every Sat. You'll see it in my tracks screenshot above. What looks like a one track VST is actually a lot more when you open the vst Unify.
  2. This is my Autohotkey Gui interface I built to load a set of songs or any selection of songs. For instance, clicking on SET1.TXT will load the 10 songs below it into the CBB playlist. Or I can check any selection of songs to load in to CBB. It takes about 1 minute to load the 10 songs and the 2nd screenshot shows what it looks like. I mixdown everything I can to audio beforehand, which is what track 8 contains. The rest of the tracks are VSTs I play from 2 midi controller kybds. It works pretty well but I still could imagine a better playlist feature. It's good that the CBB playlist kicks the last played song out of memory as the set progresses, thus releasing resources. Doesn't matter much because I got an i7 with 32G and it can handle quite a bit. Since all songs are preloaded, there are no delays.
  3. Matthew, I don't quite get how you're doing this. In your screenshot, do you have all those tracks containing backing tracks, vsts, etc loaded as one Cakewalk project? Could you show us a screenshot showing expansion of the backing track folder and one of the song folders? Are all those songs loaded into memory at one time? If so, wouldn't it take a lot of resources? On the other hand, if they're not all preloaded, wouldn't there be loading delays between songs? What's it look like if you scroll to the right in your timeline? Would it show one song after another? I've got my own system of using Cakewalk live which is completely different and involves a combination of Autohotkey and CBB playlists, but always looking for something better. My method relies on the playlist deleting the last song as the setlist plays so that only one song is in memory at a time. And the playlist loads the next song ahead of time to avoid delays between songs. Anyway, I'm very curious how you're doing this. Thanks.
  4. Yes please. I recently watched some youtube videos about Studio One's show page feature and would love that capability. It seems like it would be a logical next step for arranger and simultaneously be a good replacement for the dated CBB playlist. I think this is something that people really want. Has anyone checked that out?
  5. Yes, direct to spitfire website worked for me as well. Thanks everyone for the tips.
  6. Hey Simeon. I have this livestream in my youtube que and looking forward to it. There's been so much going on, in particular with keeping up with Unify, that I'm backlogged. But that's a good thing. It was from one of your previous livestreams where you showed Unify that lead me to discover it and buy it - so thank you for that. It's easily VST of the year as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Maybe I'm mistaken about whether Dexed exposes its patch list. I was figuring if Unify could see the patch names, then Dexed does expose them - but maybe that's happening some other way. Overall, it seems very few VSTs do expose their patch list, at least the VSTs I have anyway. I'm going to go thru a few more and see which do.
  8. No. I thought Patch Browser was new in 2020.11. I have a new VST called Unify and it seems to be getting the patch names from Dexed like the following. But then I noticed TTS is showing the patches in Patch Browser. Although I'm not sure what's with the multiple Piano 1. Is it supposed to show multiple banks? I would have expected one current bank. (I sorted on patch column to get that output)
  9. The Patch Browser doesn't seem to be showing me the patch names as I would have expected. If I got this right, some VSTs offer their patch list while others don't. I've tried with a couple VSTs that I thought that do. In this case, I happen to be using Dexed. Release notes say this: If < default for instrument > is selected, then the patches are retrieved from the VSTi as normal, otherwise the patch list is taken from the selected instrument definition. So why am I seeing this instead of the patch names which are like CLAV1, CLAV2, etc?
  10. Jonathan, I sent the project to support@cakewalk.com.
  11. Jonathan, I sent the project to support@cakewalk.com.
  12. Jonathan, Please send upload instructions or link
  13. I don't have anything locked that I know of. Although I have both midi and audio clips that overlap the region. I was wondering if it can split the data before it copies it. Before drag - Intro header and track data is highlighted Result after dragging header Intro to before C1, popup says "insert copy 40:01:000, I let go of mouse - result is header moved but data did not. And a whole lot of the track data disappears.
  14. Finally got around to using Arranger in a new project. For some reason, when I move a section (by dragging) or copy a section (by dragging section with ctrl key) to somewhere else in the timeline, the section header moves but the track data gets totally messed up. For instance I have 4 sections: Piano, Intro, V1, and C1. If I select Intro and drag it to where C1 starts, the track data is messed up. It's so messed up that the track data is indistinguishable and I'm clueless what it's trying to do. Shouldn't the track data move or copy effortlessly? Tried on a different finished project and same problem.
  15. On my computer CWAFtool.ini is located in folder: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\CWAF
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