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  1. OK... Some things... First Excellent feature add. Kudos on the use of Preset Manager to manage stored track selections. Big time saver! Now, please continue and make it a little more direct accessible. I mean, some way to graphically select tracks and save them as a preset for preset manager? The checkbox scenario was ok when there was so little use, but now with presets and their management, the toolset and it's UI need to grow too, yes? Probably belongs in feature requests, yes? Something else... The clean look of envelopes is a nice tool, but I sometimes have need of seeing the node points when tracks are short (not tall) and value changes are small. Is there some way or could there be some way to toggle the node-view option easily? Buttons, buttons.... where is that button?
  2. Excellent! I will do this in the am for sure. Thanks again scook!
  3. Thanks scook! I thought of trying that but didn’t want to risk it affecting my other bandlab accounts. If I understand you correctly, this is a separate account with separate password. OK. I’ll give it a try in the morning.
  4. Thanks scook. Yes, I know that one, but I thought we still had a more "formal" bug reporting form. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks John. Pretty big project to send but I will if needed. Bug appears in both melo 4&5. I've done this many times over the years starting back before Melodyne was involved, so I doubt it's something I'm doing. When I moved (copy/pasted) the track to an empty project and it worked fine.
  6. Thanks. I did send an email there but I don’t remember detailing the actual issue being derailed by the login confusion of mine. Is there no longer a link to a bug reporting form? My memory (organic) is shot. Should I simply bug it up and send to the support email?
  7. Don't know what's going on here. My email/password works fine on both bandlab home page and forum, but trying to login to support from the bandlab support link refuses the credentials. I'm trying to file a proper bug report to begin with and ran into this along the way. Is there some new place I'm to use for bug reports? I was a bit surprised to see an email address of support@cakewalk.com on this bandlab support page? Anyone have any thoughts here? Thanks...
  8. I’m running 2021.04 and melo 4 editor as I’m trapped at win8.1 Has anyone formally reported this to bandlab/celemony? I may post such for additional support anyway.
  9. Thanks John... I’ve used the pitch to midi conversion many times in the past but not recently. The conversion is working even now, but for some reason it's converting every clip in the audio folder into a midi clip and depositing them all on my destination track. As I explain above, doing this in a project with only one audio clip got around the issue for now.
  10. Thanks Treesha... Yes. My workaround was to copt/paste the track to a new project and convert where it was the only clip in the project. Then copy/pasted the midi back to my project. It does a decent job of converting. I’ve long known that but hadn’t encountered this issue until just now.
  11. I have a monophonic guitar recording. When I drag it to a midi track, i get the conversion dialog followed by every clip on every track getting a midi track written to my destination track including clips that were deleted from the song file. What's going on? I haven’t used this function in a long time, but it never did this before. I have Melodyne Editor 4 installed.
  12. Thanks scook. I totally understand and was glad to have any method of maintaining updates for CbB. I would be using it (gratefully) still with my continued appreciation, but even more appreciation for the continued development and evolution of this great work which has progressively been freeing CbB from this need. I think the Bandlab project is a wonderful service and seeing it integrate and evolve with CbB is much appreciated. If I could, I'm sure I would be making more use of it.
  13. Yeah. Updating BA has been difficult since the beginning. At this point, all updates fail. I simply download the latest version on top (no uninstall) and all is well. I maintain the updates but I never use it anymore. I run CbB updates from within CbB. Unless BA evolves to something more useful for me as was CCC back in Sonar days, it’s only a maintenance task for me.
  14. Any chance the new menu system will reach the drum map selection menu?
  15. Minor item for sure... If an item at all? For now, I like the new highlighted waveform images. But I have encountered an issue. When I assign a track color of yellow, there appears to be no highlighting. I'm guessing the highlight function is adding yellow to create the relative image? If such is the case, it appears a routine needs to be added for the situation where the selected color is yellow and substitute something else? White? Not visible enough? ...just a thought. I can live with it of course. Thanks Gang!
  16. Thanks both Noel & scook for taking the time to examine my issue and explain. I appreciate it very much. Funny, but in this situation I’m fine with the status either way.
  17. Hi Noel Having trouble capturing a picture. As I run win8.1 on a macpro via bootcamp, I run into issues. The normal widoes+Printscreen doesn't appear to work, but then again my keyboard is a mac keyboard. Maybe I'm pressing wrong keys as I don't seem to find any pics with my attempts. I first tried to use Fastone to capture as I usually do, but the menus disappear from screen as I attempt to switch apps. I do understand your explanation. I'm also not troubled as it is better now than it was before. I honestly don't mind them both being listed as long as I can (as now) tell which is which. So thanks for the "fix" for me! 😉
  18. Just to note... First, thanks for listing the vst/dx version. At last I know which I am using. I have long wondered why so many items got posted twice in the lists. At last I understand! 😉 I posted an item about this in the feedback loop as I have the option in Preferences selected to hide VST2 when VST3 is also available. Was this a misunderstanding on my part or a bug?
  19. I posted this here as opposed to the EA release as I don't think this is EA related. I have the option selected in Preferences to hide vst2 when vst3 is available yet I still see both listed in my VST lists... Is thi as expected? I thought the purpose of the button was to hide the VST2 version if the VST3 version is available? Maybe not a good idea to do and I guess with the new EA feature, it's no longer a problem...
  20. Just a note of thanks again. I just ran the update from inside CbB and it ran smooth and comfortable. Great work from the team as always! I look forward to exploring some of the many alterations asap!
  21. Sounds very cool Noel. I’ll check it out for sure. I suspected something of this nature to be on the horizon. I’m glad to be seeing it come to life. Many thanks to You, Noel and all the Bakers who work so hard to make this stuff happen and the foresight our beloved owner has shown in directing the plan!
  22. I don’t know if it is still available, but back in Sonar days, 12Tones released an ios app called Momentum (?) which allows 4 track recording and direct xfer of tracks to Sonar. I believe it still works but might not be available? just a thought.
  23. Thanks Jonathan... Worked this time and all is well!
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