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  1. Ya, as lawajava said it’s a small charge but worth it if you have a lot of licenses.
  2. So what I’m hearing is live with the crackles and pops and just call it Lofi haha I learned my lessons and moved everything to usb ilok dongle. This way I can replace the dongle via zero downtime.
  3. Thanks. I assumed this was the case but then saw a few of you spent all weekend downloading your options so got me worried I was missing a deadline hahah
  4. Sorry if asked before but until when can we select and download GB free choices?
  5. I’ve had this for a while. Wish they would update. Can’t get midi to map properly to controls. It has potential but they should update and add M1 support.
  6. Correct….the catch is you have to invite Peter to family gatherings and bbq’s from now on hahah
  7. Someone spilled the beans early. They weren’t supposed to share press release until 5/19. Someone is on the naughty list now Thats what an under embargo press release means if anyone is curious…not the political meaning that will lock this thread real fast hahhah
  8. I use Cube inside Komplete Kontrol and all important parameters are automapped which is fun to control
  9. I always forget that when a new collection is released they include teaser sounds of new instruments in analog lab. Kinda want to check out ms-20. Been hearing really good things about it as well as recoded prophet.
  10. I already had syntronics so I picked up syntronics deluxe again because ran out of things to pick during epic GB. So technically now I’m running syntronics 4 = syntronics 1 + syntronics 1 + syntronics 2 hahaah
  11. I have SQ80 and $149 is steep. $99 would be just right…
  12. For me I didn’t have the 45% discount but Twin-L was $9.99 from $99.99 which was great discount. Vintage warmer had a $4.99 volume discount. But not enough.
  13. I joined the bandwagon….im such a follower hahah
  14. M’ma Mia may take a chance on this one
  15. I have no personal experience but this is positive feedback. Thank you for clarifying.
  16. I know I have seen complaints about this developer going MIA after every release, but I went ahead and took advantage of this sale. At this price can’t complain. But look up developer on kvr/gearspace threads and make decision on your own.
  17. The “fastest and most secure” comment in email made all my spider senses tingle, only hackers say this kind of stuff hehe I fell for this with the tinder swindler…never again..never hahah
  18. Larry’s post is more complete anyway…I accept defeat haha…
  19. Okay seems no way around it. Need to activate via email link because won’t find your account otherwise. I think I beat Larry by a nose but will can revisit if anyone has photo finish evidence hahah
  20. Just got email from 8dio to activate a new account for their new enhanced and secure store. With their hack history waiting to make sure this is real From email: ——————- Welcome to our new and secure 8DIO store running on the fastest and most secure shopping network in the world. Please make sure to activate your account using the link below! ——————- I don’t click on email links so will go to website later.
  21. I have the bundle, they are fun plugins. For BF they were $25 for the bundle which includes both plugins. They go on sale from time to time. https://aberrantdsp.com/plugins/sketchcassette-ii-shapeshifter/
  22. $57.85 for me after discount applied… Haven’t pulled trigger but curious about it..
  23. They were impossible to find….I tried for so long but were eternally sold out…..too bad
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