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  1. I registered my 12CE upgrade this week and also only received $25 voucher. No mention of free upgrade except for everyone on all the forums posting they checked with support and they got confirmation. Maybe it’s the biggest scam ever pulled off by a plugin/library vendor 😂 I wouldn’t worry until 10/1, 1 min after midnight...
  2. A discount on top of the bundle discount I think is a good deal. At version 5, I like captain plugins. They keep improving them with free major updates which is also nice. They do require an internet connection to use even within your daw just like their other plugins. So be aware. Main reason is it makes it harder to pirate so supports ongoing development and free updates. From one of their posts: Captain Plugins require an internet connection to use the generators (all plugins, not only Chords) In Offline mode, you can: Use the sounds inside the plugin Get the MIDI notes you've already written For everything else, you need an internet connection for it.
  3. Mixed in key is offering 15% off everything in their store using coupon “back2school” until 9/30. Includes Captain Plugins and already discounted bundles. https://shop.mixedinkey.com/?c=e10&code=back2school
  4. Blackhole sounds amazing from video/demos. I was just imagining something else with Komplete 13 in the horizon. Didn’t mean to sound unenthusiastic I know a lot of folks have been waiting a long time for this one. Congrats Eventide.
  5. Something new from Eventide Tue 9/15 Tune in live at 11 AM ET on Facebook or YouTube Tuesday, September 15, 2020. https://m.youtube.com/EventideAudio Maybe they are announcing another name change for Larry
  6. kevin H

    I miss Larry Shelby

    So Larry is not really gone. Turns out you now need Full Kontakt instead of free Player.
  7. I just bought 12CE upgrade from 12U. I’m intrigued by the new stuff In K13CE. Honestly don’t know if I have enough SSD space for everything but the way i see it is I paid $200 for 11U to 12U. So now 12U to 12CE (with free update to 13CE) for $299 gives me a bunch of new plugins that on their own are $99 to $200 each even on sale. This is cheaper than the NI upgrade offer they are promoting that is $300 more ($599) so seems like a steal.
  8. kevin H

    Hvoya Ribs

    I totally got hungry when I saw that title
  9. kevin H


    Last week you could just click to left of price on discodsp website and download the respective version for free since it’s open source or pay if you wanted to contribute. Not sure when this changed but this weekend they now link to adsr for me. So maybe they found a loophole to charge if hosted on another site? Not sure.
  10. The more plugins you own the more it counts towards anthology bundle. That’s how I was able to eventually upgrade to the bundle for a reasonable price.
  11. They really need to figure out a way to update minor stuff without a full redownload. Seems it would be expensive for them have to host all the downloads for a 20MB change.
  12. kevin H

    8DIO Suspended

    I heard next version will be called “8DIO Banned”
  13. The other thing I like about Neural is their 20% off loyalty discount for existing customers. Once you own one of their plugins you qualify. So if there is a new plugin at intro price, which is usually around 30% off, you then get an additional 20% putting it at around 50% off full retail price. They are definitely on the higher cost side and more boutique but look and sound amazing. This is my first year owning a Neural plugin so don’t have experience with BF but looking online it seems it was 30% off so if they also stacked the 20% loyalty discount it would be equivalent to 50% off now. My wallet suffers around BF and this year I think it’s going to be crazier compared to other years. So if you can manage and really want it, I’d get in on this one now instead of waiting later. On my side I purchased Plini and had to pass up a few other plugin sales that I normally would’ve picked up but knowing me would have sat unused anyway. My 2cents if you are on the fence.
  14. I didn’t realize I was waiting until I saw the video and I guess I’m now waiting hehe
  15. I had been waiting for a sale on Plini that seemed to never come so gave up and bought it last month. I should’ve waited just a little bit longer, maybe had two less beers that night, and put more effort into finding a bad review because everything I found said it was amazing. I really love the sound of Plini so do yourself a favor, drink two extra beers but use Larry’s code...
  16. I upgraded in nov of last year from v6 to v7 for $99. I felt that was a fair upgrade price. I did have to wait a long time for that discount though. I don’t know if it has been offered since. Eventide plug-in intro cost is usually $39 so 3x plugins for $49 is a pretty good deal (assuming you qualify for discount). If you have nks you can control them from within komplete kontrol which is nice.
  17. I wanted to check on my side and also saw these samples missing. I clicked on find samples and it killed ableton live. So don’t try this experiment during a session
  18. Sounds amazing. But not happy Larry is now posting about deals/products that are not even available yet. Next he’ll post about products/deals as designers start sketching on a paper pad. He is unreal
  19. kevin H

    Waves Ovox

    I had previously downloaded the preset packs before I made up my mind to purchase OVOX a couple of weeks ago but after purchasing and opening OVOX they were already included. So no need to download separately anymore as they are bundled now.
  20. I even searched for it but I misspelled it so didn’t come up. Dang it. I’m glad Larry is back but can you sleep in some days to give some of us a fighting chance?
  21. $47.99 with coupon MAGIC40 until 8/31. This is lowest I have seen for this plugin so far. Link has countdown counter. i recently bought it and its a lot of fun. I struggle with Waves as I don’t like WUP. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/waves-ovox-vocal-resynthesis
  22. Just upgraded. For $59 a no brainer. fyi seems intro and upgrade price are time limited. From their announcement: ”World Suite 2 is available immediately at uvi.net for an introductory price of $199 / 199€, with upgrades available for $59 / 59€ for existing owners. Intro and upgrade pricing valid through September 6th, 2020 (regularly $299 / 299€).”
  23. Rumor has it Allen & Heath is in talks to buy Traktor from them. Not sure how that’s going to work out for any existing users or HW controllers.
  24. kevin H

    Rapid Synth

    I like that Rapid synth plugin also has an fx plugin that goes along with it. I had missed that somehow. Some interesting effects/delays/gates/etc. Granular sounds are pretty cool. I also bought the Trance sound pack that others were raving about. Comes with some cool wavetables. I also like that they publish features they are working on by publishing a feature roadmap.
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