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  1. Because of GAS and FOMO and YOLO and now CLAP….hahha
  2. Portuguese actually. So I guess calling their next gen version “Pinto CLAP” is out of the question hahah
  3. Once you own all their stuff they drop you to $50 and later to the generic $25. Then they stop returning your texts or say hi when you run into them at the mall….enjoy it while you can heheh
  4. I was hoping Opsix and Wavestate would either be 50% off or somehow included in an upgrade bundle but unfortunately will need to keep waiting for a good deal.
  5. Ya their suite looks pretty amazing. Glad they are making more of these tools accessible to musicians.
  6. CPU cooler won’t work. Nothing left to do but throw everything in trash and get an M2 now hahah
  7. I watched Scott Storch’s demo of this keyboard. He dropped so many names in such a short amount of time that I lost track of what the video was about haha One thing I noticed that I saw couple other people commented as well was that there seems to be a lag when using the built in screen. Maybe they’ll address this later. KK for me has been pretty responsive. I sometimes wish it was touch screen but if it makes it too expensive or hard to use because screen is small, I rather stick with knobs.
  8. GAS is definitely more expensive these days hahha
  9. I didn’t feel comfortable taking advantage of this deal so I purchased it while wearing a fake mustache and wig to avoid getting recognized.
  10. I hope it includes “pillow over modem so parents don’t wake up” muffled sound and yelling at sister, ‘I’m online hang up!!!’”….. 1 TB library hahah
  11. Just sold my sound card…won’t need it anymore I guess , hopefully didn’t overreact to their marketing hahah
  12. Is it M1 compatible? Asking for Fleer hahah
  13. I’m a sucker for this type of sound. They always inspire me. Got this library last year.
  14. Thanks. Maybe next month I’ll get a $10, two $5’s, bunch of Pennie’s, and the $50 voucher haha
  15. Unrelated but this month my $75 was split into a $25 and $50. Plus I got a second generic $25. Not sure if anyone else got something similar….
  16. kevin H

    Larry’s on a roll

    Larry on a roll: kevin and others trying to keep up:
  17. By the time it gets to a price point I can afford it will be Ancient Scoring Strings hahah
  18. I’ve been after this one for a long time….but loyalty pricing is same as sale. So will continue to wait I guess. Too bad.
  19. Does it cause bad temper and hair to grow in weird places ? 😜
  20. No longer works unfortunately. Although with extra discount it put it at 40% off which they have done in at least one other flash sale or two.
  21. Here is FAQ on sale with details. Some are back to intro prices like Polaris, etc. There is the bundle mentioned above and some other discounts like hammers at 25% off, etc. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/spring-sale-2022-faqs/
  22. I didn’t get the email but can see sale after login in. Here is link to the kris bowers collection. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/kris-bowers-collection/
  23. Ik shutdown servers to slow down pace. I call conspiracy theory hahaa
  24. For me downloaded in 10 minutes so not so bad….maybe because was late and got lucky
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