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  1. I was eventually able to purchase. But was a pain in the behind. Hope they fix their website.
  2. Just caught this sale on their website and pluginboutique. 25% off including le Parisien, trackspacer, etc….not much time left https://www.wavesfactory.com
  3. Wish they would offer loyalty discount for owning the other Vocalise titles.
  4. My suspicion is SM3 will be available when first flying cars are commercially available haha
  5. Simon prob doesn’t know but maybe Simeon hahha
  6. Oh oh ..this is good stuff….
  7. Same haha. However I’m having a darn time purchasing this. Never completes the sale. Spins and spins and never completes transaction.
  8. Do you keep track of BF deals or how do you know? Haha I kid I kid haha Are you planning to do the list this year Reid? I know it’s alot of work but so helpful.
  9. https://www.modartt.com Instrument packs 20% off Pianoteq PRO 20% off Pianoteq Studio Bundle 20% off Upgrade to PRO 20% off Organteq 20% off
  10. Do you accept code FORUM? Hehe im joking but if I didn’t have it I’d pick it up at that price….
  11. I always watch his reviews so super happy he got his own Archetype…. Save 20% with loyalty rewards, or download a 14-day free trial. 132 euros and with discount 112 euros. https://neuraldsp.com/plugins/archetype-rabea From Neural DSP: Introducing…Archetype: Rabea Synth Our subtractive monosynth incorporates proprietary note triggering, pitch tracking, and envelope tracking algorithms that together allow you to control the synth without the need for a keyboard or MIDI programming. Featuring two oscillators with unison options, a ladder-style filter, and a built-in arpeggiator, this intelligent device brings world-class synth sounds to the modern guitarist. Amps Clean Traditional Cali cleans with added modern chime, this simplistic amp is truly one for the classic players. Rhythm An all-rounder by no exaggeration! This amplifier excels at edge-of-breakup, searing gain, and everything in between. Lead An incredibly malleable modern high-gain amplifier, delivering all the tight or saggy chugs you could ever possibly desire. Pre Effects We distilled Rabea’s extensive experience with effects pedals into four incredible devices - a Dual Compressor, Octaver, Fuzz, and Overdrive - to cover everything from chimy blues to colossal distortion. Post Effects Stereo Delay with cross-feed and icicles effects. Endlessly expansive Reverb with Freeze function.
  12. Someone posted in another forum so shared here too. Apparently Spitfire posted on social media (Instagram or twitter).
  13. Two codes to use PIANO50 for 50% off cinematic soft piano ($14.50). And HAMMERS10 for 10% off Hammers
  14. So apparently I took advantage of this without even knowing hahah i guess I can’t be mad…
  15. I have both Ovox and Vocal Blender and Waves sent a guy to my house demanding I pay WUP so I can install v14 version haha As much as I like this new one, this WUP thing is a drag….
  16. This may get us banned but after downloading with limewire and Napster I would play on Winamp hahah Of course most MP3’s were mislabeled, viruses, terrible quality, or cut off before the chorus. Kids these days won’t know the pain of trying to find your favorite song
  17. Fleer, I busted up laughing when playing though presets and ran into a Factory Modern Pack preset called “Edith” hahah Did you have anything to do with it? hahhha
  18. Im seeing same. I sent a note to support couple days ago. Will let you know if they reply.
  19. To quote someone around here ….”installed” haha
  20. Made sense it was the wrong thread but still cracked me up for a good 15 minutes 😂 I was getting frustrated trying to update my 1.0 modo drum in PM and when I saw that random post it made me laugh so hard I forgot about it for a while which was great
  21. Thanks. I’ll look for this. I assumed I had to go to FW but seems there are many options
  22. You used their own (plugindoctor) against them? Hahah glad is was oversampling
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