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  1. I have two of their plugins. Was hoping they would have a complete the bundle deal during their sale but after submitting a support case they came back and said only option is to buy individual plugins at 30%. Too bad as buying bundle is about $50 less than buying all at 30% off.
  2. Have been hearing good things about this one. Saw someone was asking if $99 was intro price. Seems it’s regular price.
  3. I’m just bitter because he is probably making bank with how much exposure he gets haahah
  4. This is a great deal. I also like that softube updated their website and now shows what you own. Turns out I already own this and it’s giving me option to buy again hahah i think I got it on sale for $89 so for $19 it’s a steal.
  5. You want a tango and pretend it’s trap melody, I got you. You want a polka melody that i call edm, I got you…..and so on…yes annoying hahah
  6. kevin H

    Banned from KVR

    Wonder if anyone who gets banned from Starbucks goes into Pete’s coffee/competitor and starts complain about baristas having a power trip haha i should do this one day to see people’s reaction….
  7. I don’t own any Rob Papen plugins but saw that the more plugins you own the cheaper it is to upgrade to explorer 6/7. I did that with Eventide where I picked enough cheap plugins that eventually got a really good price on Anthology. I’m kind of wondering if it’s worth doing this here too. Seems a lot of plugins are quite old though. Anyone with explorer 6 have any comments if there are any gems that maybe have been upgraded recently or would justify getting the series?
  8. As a developer in a different industry I would’ve cracked up at the ridiculousness of the color commentary. But that’s just me
  9. Modeling the drums was piece of cake. The team has been struggling to model up and down arrows as it has proven extremely technically difficult. The physics behind the modeling are so extreme they have a whole team of phd’s going up and down elevators trying to understand what happens when you press up and then down.
  10. Thanks. Not to distract this thread but also check out his free presets. Love his work. https://www.theunfinished.co.uk/free/
  11. kevin H

    Banned from KVR

    Rumor has it he goes through 5 computers a year when he chops samples.
  12. Larry, hope you come soon. Some of the regulars are starting to look at other deal sites….we are descending into chaos
  13. Blasphemy I say heheh this guy has some good deals posted sometimes: https://www.audiopluginguy.com
  14. Check out the video I posted earlier in this thread. He briefly covers having the tool suggest a similar groove.
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