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  1. I heard prices would be high
  2. My buddy was in geek squad. He was one notch above being just a gamer. If he refurbished these he probably used gum, a toothpick, and some duct tape. Buy at your own risk hehhe
  3. kevin H

    New PA_EXT

    First thought that came to mind when I saw PA_EXT subject was pest control / exterminators. I was a bit off in my guess hehe
  4. I’m out so can’t listen to audio examples but are these street gang vocals? Haven’t tried integrating anything like that before hehe
  5. I use freelance sound labs nks library for xpand2. As usual Jason does an amazing job. https://freelancesoundlabs.com/index.php/downloads/komplete-kontrol-vst-packs/item/185-xpand-2-nks-browser-for-komplete-kontrol
  6. Great.....I was actually planning to do some work tomorrow. Now day will be shot staring at this forum all day hahah
  7. Not sure if Greg Wells classifies as artificial intelligence haha i don’t own many but do use El Rey quite a bit and his preset set is what initially caught my attention. https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/elrey I also checked a couple more I had and saw presets. Anyway, maybe I’m just used to this from other vendors as it’s handy at least for me to learn. Thanks for pointing out it’s usually an exception for Acustica. I didn’t know.
  8. Other Acustica plugs I own have nice presets that I use as starting points but I can’t find any presets on this one. Am I looking in wrong spot?
  9. Francisco, you are not the guy that bought NI and Izotope right ? Thanks for post...
  10. Houston we have a problem haha Buying what I don’t need is my middle name
  11. In custom shop I see an offer to upgrade to amplitude 5 Max shown in GC cost. So seems I would be able to use GC’s for a newer release but curious as well how this would restrict me in the future. I have always focused on JP’s so didn’t even notice I had GC’s until I checked.
  12. I really liked Gojira but with no intro sale I passed on it expecting to wait until Black Friday....my self control failed me with this sale Please don’t reach out this weekend I’m busy doing my “taxes” hehe
  13. That did it, plus logout and log back in
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