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  1. What do you think of SD Indiependent ? Kind of considering it myself.
  2. I used BF150 and actually made money 😂
  3. I like Nashville toolkit. Got it last month on VST Buzz for same $35. Good little library.
  4. Same, except by jobs I mean I have the potential to replace 3 symphonies, 4 edm festivals, host intimate guitar concertos, be the next trap superstar, run 5 daws at once, and sing out of key thanks to various vocal tuners 😂
  5. If you slow down some of the arps enough you get bossa nova instead of edm hahah
  6. Unfortunately need to have purchased v1 through pluginboutique. Otherwise not eligible. Too bad.
  7. Seems some are having issues with these plugins. But in case you are not, just got email with BF23 40% off code for all plugins.
  8. Limited time intro deal on new Spectres library from Slate + Ash. Normally £249. 30% off intro deal (£179) Love these guys. https://slateandash.com/products/spectres
  9. Will do pushups / pulls and eat a few raw eggs before I reply to them again….thanks for the tip
  10. As someone that bought the intro diamond bundle at $649, pretty sure answer is no from my recent experience. They will discontinue the bundle and replace it for something else eventually. I think this is a one time incentive to add to the bundle. Also I reached out to UAD about any options since I was a chump and spent another $600 on individual native plugins before they went haywire and started discounting everything. They came back with a lame coupon offer. As someone else said, buying individual plugins from UAD is for fools and a bad investment.
  11. Really love these guys. Have all their libraries. Highly recommended.
  12. I’m totally stealing ‘not so smart buttocks’ as a future band name 😂
  13. Love Genesis, this sounds amazing. Available BF. ETERNITY Built on our exclusive Audiobro orchestral engine, the Eternity Adult Choir is our new flagship choir – an elite 48 piece multi-ensemble (4 sections) choir. Each ensemble was recorded separately so it’s like having four choirs in one. There is also an add-on library called Eternity Expansion featuring Array Divisi and Ribbon microphones. We carefully chose the choir and scoring stage size to provide you with the most flexibility in achieving lush, powerful, and detailedperformances without sounding too “washy” with ambiance: 12 Sopranos 12 Altos 12 Tenors 12 Basses https://audiobro.com/eternity-adult-choir/?utm_source=brevo&utm_campaign=Announcing Eternity Black Friday&utm_medium=email
  14. Cried, took a long walk, tried to make cookies (burnt them), visited other websites, glad we are back okay back to the deals…..
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