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  1. Ive been waiting for Apple silicon support for native bundle. Hopefully soon.
  2. If you own any other syncroArt plug-in you can crossgrade for $118 at jrrshop (further discount from $139 after adding to cart) https://www.jrrshop.com/synchro-arts-repitch-crossgrade
  3. And if u get these you’ll get future loyalty discount which is great
  4. Do they take up real estate on main screen? Wasn’t sure hahah Thanks for UG tip, will check it out also.
  5. Bundle this year is: 76% OFF CINESAMPLES COMPOSER TOOLSET 3 Help your soundtracks soar with an exclusive bundle of five cinematic instruments. Includes Hollywoodwinds, CineStrings CORE, CinePerc, Tina Guo vol 2, and CineBrass Core. Normally $2,115.00 Now only: $499.00 50% OFF INDIVIDUAL INSTRUMENTS Grab these products on their own at half-price, including Hollywoodwinds, CineSymphony LITE, Deep Percussion Beds 1, Deep Percussion Beds 2, and O: Forbes Pipe Organ, all now NKS-compatible. Offer ends 9/29 https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/cinesamples-offer-2022/
  6. I really like it. Like others said, not perfect but at this price amazing.
  7. Some would kill for that ozone 5 license. People swear it’s best ozone sound ever.
  8. Thanks. Support just got back to me on Rx10 advanced and has been corrected.
  9. Ozone 10 advanced showed up on my account but still waiting on rx10 advanced as they only updated me to standard like others.
  10. Did you upgrade or was it part of everything bundle?
  11. I usually purchase these amazing libraries for 30% or 40% during Black Friday. Highly recommended and full NKS implementation. Just like using the real thing. I own quite a few of the real modules and use these lately instead.
  12. I openned komplete Kontrol and was shocked to find that DRC is kk ready. This is awesome.
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