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  1. To avoid copying IK they decided to instead promote “get one free buy 24”.
  2. kevin H

    TSE Bod FREE!

    Assumed it was something to get abs…but not the case. Back to eating carbs I guess heheh
  3. How long do we have to pick the freebies after GB ends? i miss the graphs and jokes Feels like going back to work after a long vacation heheh
  4. I’m behind on my genres. Had no idea about Drill scene. Reminds me i need to go to Home Depot for real, totally forgot hahah
  5. If you don’t have speaker correction it’s useful. I moved to sonarworks so I could also correct headphones but still use arc to compare sometimes.
  6. Cheat Codes are an EDM act so thought maybe one of them made a content bank. So no cheat code to unlock any new functionality or level and no Cheat Codes bank. So confusing heheh. With that said I’ve used the coupons to get a few of these banks and were nice references to study the programming.
  7. IK has a GB? We should start a thread hehe
  8. Im trying to make my own extension walking around house like Ignacio…. …but so far ran into wall, stubbed my toe, and neighbor came over and asked me to blink twice if i needed help since he saw me walking around yard with hands up…..might be easier to buy from spectrasonics….
  9. Whenever you go away I totally imagine you deal training to get fit/conditioned for the next deal season a la rocky …..Aaaadddrrriiiiiaaannnn
  10. I see Dallas, Dynasty, Terrahawks, He-Man, Tom and Jerry, Dukes of Hazzard, Airwolf, Blue Thunder, Rambo, Road Runner, Daffy Duck, The A-Team, The A-Team, I see the A-Team.
  11. I have Arkhis so was hoping for a discount for owning it but not the case. So will wait until next Komplete release.
  12. I’m not home unfortunately for a few days but wondering if playing the whispers in reverse will reveal the clue…sounds like reversed audio
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