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  1. Niky was able to get another voucher so if anyone needs a $75 voucher PM me. Expires 1/31 so don’t delay
  2. Isn’t it Street you grew up on and your first pets name? Or is that your stripper name, I forget hahah
  3. He passed from cancer in 2021 if I remember reading on Facebook….
  4. Probably because they didn’t use Ms Universe France to yell the brand name haha…sorry Zo hope you don’t mind but was funny hehe
  5. Ya noticed an email saying, download your purchase which confused me haha Later saw was free as I owned one of the Andy Findon libraries…
  6. I seriously looked at this and thought, man that is heavy haha. Brain fart….been a long day haha
  7. sushi sounds good
  8. UVI personal vouchers are out. Check your email/UVI account.
  9. Needs to arrive first though hahah
  10. This is a terrible bundle. Main reason is that so many people passed it up last time and regretted it that all I kept hearing over and over is how much they had wished they had not passed it up. So do me a favor and get it once and for all….driving me nuts 😂
  11. Some comments from forum members last time it was at this price….
  12. https://audioplugin.deals/guitarist-by-sugar-bytes-bld/
  13. Looks like same marketing team as Antares….
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