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  1. Zo, your video was terrible. It didn’t make me hate the product so I could ignore it but instead made me want to buy mixbox and I have now used it on three projects. You are no help when trying to save money Thanks for the video, seriously changed my mind hehe
  2. Synths, arps, and amazing vocals. Can’t go wrong. Depends what music you make or what your are missing but really in love with this update. Talk about loyalty discounts, $13 upgrade from previous Ethera for all this new content.
  3. For those interested and don’t read VI, Stefano (the producer behind Ethera series) confirmed you can delete previous Ethera Gold version as long as you are not using it in any projects. Ethera Gold 2.5 does use a different preset/snapshot structure so won’t open correctly if you didn’t keep old version. At 33GB for new version I need the SSD space so I plan to delete my older version and update my couple of projects to the new Ethera Gold.
  4. Jumping the gun a bit but I’m super excited about this update so wanted to share as I’m not sure what time zone they will release. The new male voice sounds amazing. https://zero-g.co.uk/products/ethera-gold-2-5 SPECIAL TWO WEEK 25% OFF LAUNCH PRICE of $104.95 There are a few upgrade options for those that already own previous versions along with upgrade codes below. OPTION 1 (for owners of Ethera Gold 2): If you have previously purchased Ethera Gold 2 from Zero-G (before 25th September 2020) and would like to upgrade to Ethera Gold 2.5 for just $13.95, please use code EGV2-V25UP in the checkout. OPTION 2 (for owners of Ethera Gold 1): If you have previously purchased Ethera Gold 1 from Zero-G (before 25th September 2020) and would like to upgrade to Ethera Gold 2.5 for just $39.95, please use code EG1-V25UP in the checkout. This code will also work if you have previously purchased the Ethera MAX Bundle (before 25th September 2020). OPTION 3 (for owners of Ethera Gold 1): If you have purchased Ethera Gold 1 from Zero-G (after 25th September 2020) and would like to upgrade to Ethera Gold 2.5 for just $49.95, please use code EG1-V25UPNEW in the checkout. overview:
  5. By the way seems initial build release caused some issues in logic, cubase and live. There is a new updated download that resolves this in case you downloaded the early version.
  6. Ya looks really good. I was possibly thinking about IK mixbox but I think I’ll spend the money here instead.
  7. UVI has released Shade, a creative filter and EQ with 35 shapes and advanced modulation, with special intro pricing and free trial. Shade is available immediately at uvi.net at a special introductory price of $79 / 79€ through October 31st, 2020 (regularly $129 / 129€). https://www.uvi.net/shade
  8. In my attempt to fix link Vegas-movie-stud took me a completely different website I’m going to have to explain now 😂
  9. I keep missing sales on this guy. Definitely one I have my eye on. Do you guys like it as much as everyone raves about?
  10. kevin H

    Gone again!

    Stay safe. Best of luck with your fam. If you get lonely or bored log on anonymously and leave us a fake deal about some unrealistic plugin so we know it was you
  11. I hand’t noticed they broke out captain beat like you mentioned. I guess I was lucky too that got it bundled for free. Would be cool to have a Captain Vocal next. Maybe it could auto tune or interact with other captain plugins as a remix/mashup tool. Hopefully they don’t charge me for an upgrade after for giving them this idea hahah I have other ideas but I’m sure they won’t adopt them like captain lazy, for writing songs for me while I nap. Or they could partner with captain morgan to automatically control level of alcohol to make songs sound better in the studio.
  12. I really like this emulation. Crazy that’s it’s free and now officially approved by kawai which is pretty cool for the developer. Definitely worthy of a donation. Who knows maybe he’ll do multi-mode someday He tracks his progress/journey in his blog if you like that kind of thing. https://www.nilsschneider.de/wp/category/private-programming/kawaik1emulation/
  13. Since it’s a UK magazine please be aware it’s in English and not english.
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