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  1. To fix they just need to change FRRE to FREE
  2. Is this a yearly thing? Have I been missing loyalty vouchers all these years ?
  3. Hacking is definitely prevalent...every year I get held ransom by a company called Waves asking me to pay a WUP ransom
  4. In the spirit of self control and in solidarity with others on this thread, I publicly commit to not purchasing any aax plugins in 2021 for my logic/ableton live based setup. Vst/AU are free rein on the other hand.
  5. Me: checking really quick on any sales to copy Van Buuren hahah
  6. Maybe 99 euros instead of $99 so might put it around $114 depending on conversion rate.
  7. Not a fan of deeply sampled 3.5 floppy drives. For me, 5.0 drives had more sub bass as used by Depeche Mode, early Madonna, Placido Domingo, Journey, Thomas Dolby, and Sesame Street (the dark year).
  8. Signed up but jig will be up once they figure out I’m an unprofessional composer hahah
  9. Uhhh I saw your post, figured it would be a while before any codes would be released and then after completing transaction saw your “2020” promo code posted in different thread for $20 discount hehe. It works by the way for intensity. While I can’t take advantage of it if anyone else is buying from best service it’s $119 with code 2020 Maybe Larry can update price to include promo code (until 12/27 when code expires)
  10. Criteria is - have you been naughty or nice. If you haven’t received.....you know what that means...hehe
  11. kevin H

    Uhe Sale at NI

    Can’t tell you how many people regretted not getting this bundle last time. Supposedly U-He was never going to do an NI sale ever again because some people took advantage, bought in bulk, and resold at higher prices. Anyway, I picked this up in 2019 and haven’t regretted it at all. Although I have tons of synths these are amazing and all are NKS compatible which make them really fun to play.
  12. I’ll trade you my free Carousel for your amplitude 5 Max
  13. I was hoping for a site crash to buy me time to get home before licenses ran out. Was that too much to ask for? heheh
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