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  1. Thanks Noel, I sent a dump to Cakewalk (Freed) and we fairly quickly got pretty much to the bottom of it. All sorted.
  2. Hi, thanks for the assistance. I think I’ve now fixed the Vienna Smart Orchestra after a call to Support. We looked at a possible issue. I got rid of some bloatware and also uninstalled my version of MSOffice which was a bit old. There was a component in there causing Cakewalk and Vienna to have a fight. I also had to once again reinstall Cakewalk. It worked all day today so I’m a little more confident. Thanks again (and thanks to Cakewalk Support (thanks Freed)) Tony
  3. I’ve sent VSL a heap of Minidumps but there’s nothing in them. Last evening I sent both Cakewalk and VSL a heap of crash dumps. Hopefully this might show something. Oddly enough I installed the prerelease version yesterday and it worked for about 30 minutes. Once it barfed it just keeps doing so after 30 seconds or so. I don’t even need to be doing anything just letting it sit there. The Synchron Player works fine in Reaper without issue. Unfortunately I find MIDI editing in Reaper a bit of a challenge. Cakewalk in my opinion is much nicer. thanks for your response Tony
  4. I like the advice I have some dumps but how do I log a call? Tony
  5. Well I spoke too soon. It worked for about 30 minutes or so. Then it froze, went belly up and now I cannot get a Vienna Smart Orchestra to work. It might play a few bars the crashes Cakewalk big time. It seem to actually lockup my pc for a minute or two.
  6. Well I don’t know what to say. For the past week I’ve been frustrated, sending stuff to VSL asking questions on various forums including the Cakewalk forum. I purchased Vienna Smart Orchestra but unfortunately could not get it to work in Cakewalk. I even went to a “fresh” install of Cakewalk but no joy. Today I get the message about the advance release so I thought “why not it can’t get worse”. I downloaded and put it on my system. Fired it up loaded the Vienna Smart Orchestra and it worked. I hope I’m not speaking too soon but it seems as if the issue may have gone with the new update. I can only hope and pray. keep well all. Tony
  7. Now if I could only get the Vienna Smart Orchestra from crashing Cakewalk. thanks again MSMcLeod
  8. Spot on first hit. I did not know such a thing existed. It never used to. Now they’ll tell me that’s an improvement Thanks a heap Tony
  9. I think I made a huge mistake. I removed Cakewalk by Bandlab and reinstalled a fresh version to attempt overcome Vienna Smart Orchestra from crashing Cakewalk (made no difference however). The “fresh” install looks totally different to what I had but most importantly it behaves totally differently. There does not appear the be an Event Viewer which to me is a critical feature on the most basic DAW. Why would this disappear. It is not in the track view right click nor is it in the View menu. how can I get this back. All of a sudden Reaper is starting to look better. In Reaper the Vienna Smart Orchestra works fine as do all other features that used to work in Cakewalk. I did prefer Cakewalk to Reaper For MIDI editing but if it doesn’t do what I need why bother. Tony
  10. Thanks, actually the original was made in Cakewalk (actually Sonar) using Miroslav Philharmonik or really TTS1 many years ago. I use it to test orchestral libraries a simple thing based on Swan Lake that I use as it has a number of different parts. Synchron Player causes a crash even with nothing loaded but the Synchron Player. Not even any libraries or midi tracks in place. Normally Cakewalk works pretty well unless I do something stupid it does not like. thanks again tony
  11. Changed the location of the DLL also tried going from ASIO to WASAPI no joy. Each time it plays first time. If I then shut Cakewalk and fire up again it goes belly up. works fine in my other DAW so I guess I’ll need to learn the finer points of MIDI editing in that. Tony
  12. I even tried reinstalling Cakewalk. The tune played through once. Then I restarted Cakewalk tried to play again but Cakewalk shut down yet again. I must admit I did not delete the stuff out of C:\Program Files\Cakewalk and C:\Program Files(x86)\Cakewalk. This file has many other VSTs that I need and would take ages to reinstall.
  13. Thanks, I have assumed it was 64 bit I’d better check that. I did try both VST2 and VST3.
  14. Hi, don’t know if anyone can help. I’m trying to get the Vienna Smart Orchestra to work but it causes Cakewalk (or even Platinum) to catastrophically fail. Sometimes it loads the VST but when load an instrument it goes belly up. At other times it might play a bar or two. Sometimes even just loading the VST causes it to fail. I have reinstalled the program and libraries several times. Once I rediscovered all VSTs and it worked for a while. I thought I had it but alas. The standalone program seems fine. It also works in a different DAW just not Cakewalk which is my preferred DAW for playing around with MIDI. Any thoughts welcome. Tony
  15. Ok there is a correct method I found in the olde Sonar X2 book by Scott R Garrigus. It seems you undock the Event List then you click in the Top Left Corner and tell the window not to float. That then opens up the print options. Although the <cntrl><p> in the screen did the trick. Either way the current doco needs fixing Tony
  16. Don’t know who needs to know. On page 704 regarding the Event View it says select Print Preview but the Print options are greyed out. However pressing <cntrl> < p> brings up the print box. Actually I just wanted a version CSV or whatever to read whilst working on the file. I was able to get it to print to PDF which is even better for my needs. thanks Tony
  17. Thanks HIBI, simple when you know how. Thank you.
  18. Simply I don’t know how to find my posts. This site does not appear to intuitive to me.
  19. Hi All, after watching a video on drum maps the question was raised can similar be done for other instruments. For example, an AmpleSound Guitar has a large number of options based on key switches. In the piano roll this can become cumbersome. However if it were possible to rename the keys (in a method such as a drum map) it would make life far easier. To use a drum map to do the job looks fine but then note length is an issue. I hate to say it this way but in Reaper one simply creates a text file that is applied to the piano roll and all the keys are renamed to reflect the required functions. Tony
  20. I would like to see a little more done to audio editing. I have been a Cakewalk and Sonar user for many years but when things looked to be going belly up I purchased Reaper. In my opinion audio is more easily manipulated in Reaper than Cakewalk. However, for editing MIDI and aesthetically I much prefer Cakewalk. After the stuff I’ve been watching today however I think there may need to be a concentration on bug fixes. Not that I am affected. edit: I forgot to say thanks for keeping Cakewalk going. I am fortunate enough to still have all the olde plugins that work well as well as a bunch of other plugins I tend to use these days.
  21. Hi Bob, you will not take long to get a handle on this. You have a better understanding of the processes involved in music production than most. I know this through the various dealings I’ve had with you on the BIAB forums. You’ll enjoy it. Tony
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