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  1. Ok there is a correct method I found in the olde Sonar X2 book by Scott R Garrigus. It seems you undock the Event List then you click in the Top Left Corner and tell the window not to float. That then opens up the print options. Although the <cntrl><p> in the screen did the trick. Either way the current doco needs fixing Tony
  2. Don’t know who needs to know. On page 704 regarding the Event View it says select Print Preview but the Print options are greyed out. However pressing <cntrl> < p> brings up the print box. Actually I just wanted a version CSV or whatever to read whilst working on the file. I was able to get it to print to PDF which is even better for my needs. thanks Tony
  3. Thanks HIBI, simple when you know how. Thank you.
  4. Simply I don’t know how to find my posts. This site does not appear to intuitive to me.
  5. Hi All, after watching a video on drum maps the question was raised can similar be done for other instruments. For example, an AmpleSound Guitar has a large number of options based on key switches. In the piano roll this can become cumbersome. However if it were possible to rename the keys (in a method such as a drum map) it would make life far easier. To use a drum map to do the job looks fine but then note length is an issue. I hate to say it this way but in Reaper one simply creates a text file that is applied to the piano roll and all the keys are renamed to reflect the required functions. Tony
  6. I would like to see a little more done to audio editing. I have been a Cakewalk and Sonar user for many years but when things looked to be going belly up I purchased Reaper. In my opinion audio is more easily manipulated in Reaper than Cakewalk. However, for editing MIDI and aesthetically I much prefer Cakewalk. After the stuff I’ve been watching today however I think there may need to be a concentration on bug fixes. Not that I am affected. edit: I forgot to say thanks for keeping Cakewalk going. I am fortunate enough to still have all the olde plugins that work well as well as a bunch of other plugins I tend to use these days.
  7. Hi Bob, you will not take long to get a handle on this. You have a better understanding of the processes involved in music production than most. I know this through the various dealings I’ve had with you on the BIAB forums. You’ll enjoy it. Tony
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