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  1. Actually, after much investigation it turns out that my Kontakt had a velocity curve set at the multi level which was changing the velocities from Cakewalk on the way into Kontakt. (I don’t know the velocity curve was put there, I didn’t even know such a thing existed). sorry all Tony
  2. Forget all this it looks to be something else entirely. I may have changed a patch setting in my testing hence a cannot repeat my issue. sorry all Tony
  3. Actually I cannot repeat how I got it to work. And, I don’t think it’s new I read something else about it somewhere. basically if I import a MIDI File most likely originally generated in Reaper. Run it into Kontakt the velocity levels are totally different. I’m still to do more testing. I thought I had it but maybe not. thanks Tony
  4. After a day of extreme frustration reading and discovery, creating test midi files in Cakewalk and Reaper I found that both Reaper and Cakewalk do in fact treat velocities in the same way. I arrived at that by checking the velocity layers in a Kontakt patch I created. However if I “Import MIDI” the velocities are not at all what I would expect. If I “Open” (not import) the MIDI file all seems fine (in early testing). This strongly suggests to me the “Import MIDI” function has issues. (But at least I know not to use it). I know something like this was raised in another post but I was still not clear on that as the posts got very long winded. I would suggest that a bug is put in to fix the import function. my thoughts Tony
  5. I think you’ll find Channel Tools has been around for a very, very long time (I can recall using it years ago). However a number of DAWs have a simple option on the panning knob (or whatever) that allows the user to simply choose how the panning is to be performed without adding yet another plugin. my thoughts Tony
  6. I was looking for a good solution. Many good DAWs have setting on the track panning that do similar without the need of adding extra tools or plugins. Yes some plugins such a Neutron or VST instruments such as VSL Synchron have it built in as do some other DAWs. it would be a really good feature to add IMHO. Tony
  7. Hi Gurus, is there a way to set a tracks panning width and position. Many DAWs allow one to not only pan to a position but also set how wide the stereo is within that position. For example, set the pan to 30% left with a width of say 40% which might have the effect of putting the track in a narrow band but not mono 30% left. I know this can be achieved using third party stereo imaging plugins (eg Neutron) and also some VST instruments will do it such as VSL Synchron player. But, it would be good to be able to do it at a track level as can be done in other DAWs. Maybe it is possible in Cakewalk but I cannot find it. It does make for nicer positioning. Tony
  8. I would like to see the option of starting at bar -1 or better -2. I find it a bummer to be finding what is bar 8 on bar 10. It would be nice to be able to have an area for a lead in prior to bar 1 or even a count in. This shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. Tony
  9. Thanks Noel, I sent a dump to Cakewalk (Freed) and we fairly quickly got pretty much to the bottom of it. All sorted.
  10. Hi, thanks for the assistance. I think I’ve now fixed the Vienna Smart Orchestra after a call to Support. We looked at a possible issue. I got rid of some bloatware and also uninstalled my version of MSOffice which was a bit old. There was a component in there causing Cakewalk and Vienna to have a fight. I also had to once again reinstall Cakewalk. It worked all day today so I’m a little more confident. Thanks again (and thanks to Cakewalk Support (thanks Freed)) Tony
  11. I’ve sent VSL a heap of Minidumps but there’s nothing in them. Last evening I sent both Cakewalk and VSL a heap of crash dumps. Hopefully this might show something. Oddly enough I installed the prerelease version yesterday and it worked for about 30 minutes. Once it barfed it just keeps doing so after 30 seconds or so. I don’t even need to be doing anything just letting it sit there. The Synchron Player works fine in Reaper without issue. Unfortunately I find MIDI editing in Reaper a bit of a challenge. Cakewalk in my opinion is much nicer. thanks for your response Tony
  12. I like the advice I have some dumps but how do I log a call? Tony
  13. Well I spoke too soon. It worked for about 30 minutes or so. Then it froze, went belly up and now I cannot get a Vienna Smart Orchestra to work. It might play a few bars the crashes Cakewalk big time. It seem to actually lockup my pc for a minute or two.
  14. Well I don’t know what to say. For the past week I’ve been frustrated, sending stuff to VSL asking questions on various forums including the Cakewalk forum. I purchased Vienna Smart Orchestra but unfortunately could not get it to work in Cakewalk. I even went to a “fresh” install of Cakewalk but no joy. Today I get the message about the advance release so I thought “why not it can’t get worse”. I downloaded and put it on my system. Fired it up loaded the Vienna Smart Orchestra and it worked. I hope I’m not speaking too soon but it seems as if the issue may have gone with the new update. I can only hope and pray. keep well all. Tony
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