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  1. I already found the solution/answer in the forum: The only thing is that I have to remember to set as MONO interleave my mono recordings, to avoid an unwanted 3 db gain while exporting. Bye, Giorgio
  2. Hi, is it normal that when I want to export a single mono track I get a file with more volume than the source track? I am using these parameters on export: file type: wave Source category: tracks Source tracks: only one selected Channel format: Follow Source (or mono) Sample rate: 48000 (the project is 48000 / 24) Bit depth: 24 Mix enables: only clip automation, fast bounce and 64 bit engine The only way I found is to choose Dual Mono on Channel format, which gives me 2 identical files at the correct volume. Thanks for suggestions, bye, Giorgio P.s., I know that I can do a "bounce to clip" selecting all the clips in the track, and I can look for the wav file that will be created in the Audio folder.... (this always worked properly)
  3. Thanks scook. I know that. It's just strange that on Splat I don't need to activate that parameter. bye, Giorgio
  4. Hi, in my configuration I keep the Start screen disabled, and in the template folder I saved a file called Normal.cwt which loads automatically when I launch Bandlab Cakewalk. So I get my workspace set with a blank song called Untitled Project1.... At this point, if I load a song is it correct that - in the background - the "Untitlet Project 1" song remains open? I can see it in the Window menu.... In SPLAT as soon as I load a song, the "Untitlet Project 1" unloads, and I have loaded only that song... Any ideas? bye, (and sorry for the silly question....) Giorgio
  5. Hi. I finally resolved the problem (well I hope...) removing the Generic Low Latency Asio Driver that comes with Cubase. It seems that it was causing the problem (grrr). BTW - if someone is interested - I removed it removing the string [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO\Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver] with Regedit (before that I exported the relevant string.... just in case...). Bye, Giorgio
  6. I found a workaround... I have to load a song with no audio (only midi), then I have to set NEW songs at 48Khz, and this set this song at 48.... (all ok for now). Now I can create a new song at 48 (CTRL + N) or open a song already at 48 khz..... Very strange: as said this was not happening in the past, and this is not happening in Platinum. What goes on??? thanks Giorgio
  7. Hi to everyone, I am experiencing problems opening 48 Khz project in my system. It seems that there is a difficulty for my audio card (Midas VeniceF 16 Firewire) to set itself at 48 Khz, while using 44.1 khz projects it is fine. (loading the midas software I can see that it tries to set the board but it fails, and it keep trying and trying..... endless). Opening the same project (same computer) on Sonar Platinum works fine, but with Bandlab Cakewalk (latest release) the program becomes irresponsive. Also, if I set 48Khz for new projects, and loading a blank song, the problem is there. Can someone help me for this? Can this be connected with a problem of the new Threading Schedule system? Thanks, Giorgio
  8. Fine, all clear, thanks again! bye, Giorgio
  9. Thanks a lot scook and msmcleod. So, if I understand correctly, to change the "audio track input" into an instrument track (when using more than 1 output) the way will be to split the instrument track to the "old way": 1 midi + 1 audio track. Thanks again, Giorgio
  10. Thanks a lot. Found it! (and I inserted SupportedProjectVersion=26.01.0.xxx) Giorgio
  11. Dear all, I have a question regarding the new Multi-timbral soft synth enhancements feature: once the tracks are created (let's say 4 tracks if using the TTS-1) using this method how can I decide which track are associated to a particular output of the synth? I mean: the 4 tracks are correctly created, OK, but where can I select which output synth is working with a particular track if I need to change something? (using the "old" audio track way there is the INPUT dropdown menu that allows to decide which synth output the track will listen to...). Thanks, bye, Giorgio
  12. Hi, I am unable to find the CWAFtool.ini file in my "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\" directory (but this is the directory where I have the cwaftool.exe file...). Where this file should be located? Thank you. Giorgio
  13. Mmmh, I see and there is indicated that using an MCI message into a midi track the song will stop. Interesting, bye, Giorgio
  14. Found the solution setting the Input Echo to OFF (before that disabling Always Echo Current Midi Track into the preferences). Thanks again, Giorgio
  15. Thanks a lot. This seems very good and I will probably try this solution too. Regards, Giorgio
  16. Hello, I tried this solution and YES it works. Thanks a lot. One only problem: if the computer has ONLY 1 MIDI IN / OUT, and I need to use a cable on those midi ports for loopback, as soon as the the song reaches the midi note for the STOP command, I can see that the midi track seems to go in a midi loop state or something similar (the midi vumeter starts blinking and never stops). In my system I managed the problem assigning the midi track to a DIFFERENT midi in port, but what can I do if the system has only 1 midi in/out? BTW I also managed to insert a second command into the ACT module, to jump at the end of the measure, so simply pressing the spacebar the song starts again from that point!!! Bye, Giorgio
  17. Mmmm, thanks to you all, I will try this evening!!! bye, Giorgio
  18. Does anyone tried with the Control Surface trick? I had some success but not 100%. I have a Frontier Tranzport and I noticed that the STOP button sends a midi note A7 with value 127. In my system it seems to work (adding a second Frontier Tranzport in the Control Surfaces, setting up a midi track with a A7 somewhere, setting this midi track to "hear" a different midi in, and using a short midi cable for loopback). Problem is that I need this function in another computer without a Frontier Tranzport installed, so I tried other options in the Control Surface menu but without success. Thanks, Giorgio
  19. I would like to suggest - if possible for a future release - to add the ability to have a STOP command in one or more points of a song. Please take a look at: Probably this could be done in several ways; maybe adding a STOP command into the markers... Thanks a lot, bye, Giorgio
  20. I noticed the same. I also was thinking to set something into a marker... Thanks, Giorgio
  21. Dear all, is there a way to tell CWB to stop playback automatically in a particular moment of a song - not at the end? Thanks, Giorgio
  22. Just installed 2019.07 and tried for a very short time (till now), but I am very happy with this new version. Thanks to all! Bye, Giorgio
  23. Hello. Is this small issue fixed? Thanks a lot, Giorgio
  24. Hi James, I didn't test what you're saying, but I thought exactly the same. It seems that Cakewalk Bandlab, when does not have the focus, does receive but does NOT send the messages (via midi) to control sufaces. Let's hope that the bakers could reproduce and fix the problem. Bye, Giorgio
  25. Hi guys, I got an answer from the techincal support, and they are now investigating!!! bye, Giorgio
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