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  1. Mmmh, I see and there is indicated that using an MCI message into a midi track the song will stop. Interesting, bye, Giorgio
  2. Found the solution setting the Input Echo to OFF (before that disabling Always Echo Current Midi Track into the preferences). Thanks again, Giorgio
  3. Thanks a lot. This seems very good and I will probably try this solution too. Regards, Giorgio
  4. Hello, I tried this solution and YES it works. Thanks a lot. One only problem: if the computer has ONLY 1 MIDI IN / OUT, and I need to use a cable on those midi ports for loopback, as soon as the the song reaches the midi note for the STOP command, I can see that the midi track seems to go in a midi loop state or something similar (the midi vumeter starts blinking and never stops). In my system I managed the problem assigning the midi track to a DIFFERENT midi in port, but what can I do if the system has only 1 midi in/out? BTW I also managed to insert a second command into the ACT module, to jump at the end of the measure, so simply pressing the spacebar the song starts again from that point!!! Bye, Giorgio
  5. Mmmm, thanks to you all, I will try this evening!!! bye, Giorgio
  6. Does anyone tried with the Control Surface trick? I had some success but not 100%. I have a Frontier Tranzport and I noticed that the STOP button sends a midi note A7 with value 127. In my system it seems to work (adding a second Frontier Tranzport in the Control Surfaces, setting up a midi track with a A7 somewhere, setting this midi track to "hear" a different midi in, and using a short midi cable for loopback). Problem is that I need this function in another computer without a Frontier Tranzport installed, so I tried other options in the Control Surface menu but without success. Thanks, Giorgio
  7. I would like to suggest - if possible for a future release - to add the ability to have a STOP command in one or more points of a song. Please take a look at: Probably this could be done in several ways; maybe adding a STOP command into the markers... Thanks a lot, bye, Giorgio
  8. I noticed the same. I also was thinking to set something into a marker... Thanks, Giorgio
  9. Dear all, is there a way to tell CWB to stop playback automatically in a particular moment of a song - not at the end? Thanks, Giorgio
  10. Just installed 2019.07 and tried for a very short time (till now), but I am very happy with this new version. Thanks to all! Bye, Giorgio
  11. Hi James, I didn't test what you're saying, but I thought exactly the same. It seems that Cakewalk Bandlab, when does not have the focus, does receive but does NOT send the messages (via midi) to control sufaces. Let's hope that the bakers could reproduce and fix the problem. Bye, Giorgio
  12. Hi guys, I got an answer from the techincal support, and they are now investigating!!! bye, Giorgio
  13. I did it using the page: https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Is it correct? Regards, Giorgio
  14. Ok, I tested and I found that in Cakewalk Bandlab if the application doesn't have the focus (if you "see" another program) the display does not follow the song in the display (the bars should go on, but becomes "freezed"). Then, you press ALT+TAB and you go back to Cakewalk Bandlab and the display immediately runs as expected. So, I tried the same thing using Sonar Platinum and this problem is not present. Should someone inform the bakers for a correction for the future? Should I do this? Bye, Giorgio
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