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  1. New file, record something, then choose File, Save As. Now UNCHECK "Copy all audio with project" and this file "should" be related to Global Audio Folder for the audio recordings. P.s., I use Cakewalk since early '90 and in the past it worked only in this way. In my PC I have tons of old songs stored in this way (I never had any problem...). To do a backup of a song will be a bit more complex but it is still possible (there are more ways to do it). Bye, Giorgio
  2. You can try to save the song as a BUNDLE file. Then, close the project, open the bundle file and deactivate the flag "store project audio in its own folder". Once loaded, save the cwp file in a folder of your choiche. This should be a file with the audio related to the Global audio folder.... Bye, Giorgio
  3. Is CBB (or other audio application) running while you try to hear something from other windows applications like Firefox? Could it be that CBB is routing audio at 44.1 khz, while Firefox is working at 48 Khz causing the issue? (or something similar?) Regards, Giorgio
  4. Very well. I was writing the same for you. You can also add the effects directly into the FX bin, using the "+" provided on top of the FX bin. Regards, Giorgio
  5. Try to do a VST scan in Edit, Preferences, VST Settings. If the VST scanner don't find the new plugin, look at the folder in which the plugin installed the DLL VST file. This folder can be added in the folder list indicated as VST scan path. Regards, Giorgio
  6. Probably internal CD Burner is not able to write CD Text too while burning.
  7. Go to Edit, Select All, then again, Select by time and specify the first and last bar you like to export. Voilà, Giorgio
  8. I don't know why, but I do not have this problem using the latest update. I tried on a blank project and on an existing project. Regards, Giorgio
  9. I installed the new version and I have to work some time on it. I have to say that the enhancements are really cool! Thanks a lot. Giorgio
  10. Hi, I strangely found a possible problem: 1: create an instrument track (I tried with TTS1 and SI Bass) - let's say this is track n. 1. 2: record some notes (you get a clip with some midi notes...) 3: freeze the track (now you will see the sample, NOT the midi parts) 4: duplicate this track activating "Events" too (you will see the new track as midi notes, not audio). This will be track n. 2. Now, funny to say, this new track (n. 2) will be "doubled": the synth will be working but also the "audio" part will be audible too. In this scenario, if you try to modify or even delete the all the midi notes in track n. 2, you won't see anything but the track will play!!!! (and you will not understand why an empty track is playing....). In the end, if you use the "split instrument track" command (on track n. 2), you will get a new track n. 3 with the audio part (that was invisible before...). Funny, eheheh, could this be considered a problem? bye, Giorgio
  11. Did you installed midisport drivers? If not I suggest to visit: https://m-audio.com/support/download/drivers/midisport-windows-driver-v6.1.3 and install the driver. Also, if you can, try to connect the midi interface into a different usb port (if available). I am not sure but it seems a problem related to the communication between the midi interface and the computer. Regards, Giorgio
  12. Hi, if you play your guitar using some fx to get the right sound, I suggest to record it in mono; then the effect that you will use will probably give you a stereo sound, based on the mono track that you recorded (electric guitars are connected with 1 single cable, so mono will be fine). Regarding drums it depends: if you want to record "real drums" you need some mics and every mic needs to be connected, in the end, into the audio interface that must be a multichannel model (usually, at least 8 channels). Given that if you plan to use an instrument for drums you will record a midi track that will feed the plugin, so no problems in this scenario. You need then to set the instruments and its multiple outputs into multiple channels in Cakewalk (BD - CHH - SD etc.). Regards, Giorgio
  13. For some old projects (wrk) I had to load them using Sonar Platinum 32 bit (on a computer running windows 10 32bit), and then I saved again each song in cwp format (now I can load those songs with CBB). It happened only for a couple of songs.... Bye, Giorgio
  14. If I am not wrong, it is possible to insert an MCI command STOP or PAUSE into a midi track. Giorgio
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