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  1. Edit: I probably didn't select all tracks when exporting. Will give it another shot, thanks! Curious if anyone else has had this issue or noticed any problems when after exporting as a template it doesn't load what I had saved. Example: I created 2 tracks with amp sims and I loaded up a multi track folder of EzDrummer. Exported as template, closed it out. Went to open it and only EzDrummer tracks load, the other 2 just didn't appear at all. Any tips or advice? Thanks!
  2. I use the PX & VX, I love them. As old as they might be they still do a great job and I will continue to use them as long as possible. Mine never default to excluded after an update, I'm not sure if that is dependent on whether you have a previous version of Sonar installed or not. Hopefully they sort that out in the future though!
  3. If you did not know, Pro Tools just released an app on iPad that allows users to move faders and all kinds of cool stuff. Not sure that'll ever come to Cakewalk but I was thinking that could be a really cool addition, like a remote control of sorts, for android based phones and tablets. https://www.avid.com/products/pro-tools-control
  4. I'm sure this has been brought up or answered before, but I'm just curious if TH-3 that is included will ever get a TH-U upgrade in a similar free format like we get with TH-3 currently. I actually use TH-2 Producer and TH-3 all the time, and I love them both. I assume that's probably not likely but if anyone has any input I'd love to hear it.
  5. I've had this same issue at random for a long time, you can temporarily fix it by 2 methods or 2 steps typically. First thing I usually do is turn off/on echo input on any channel. Most of the time it fixes it immediately. When that isn't working I then use the reset audio button and that usually works as well, so anytime this happens just start clicking on those two buttons and it should work just about every time. Hope this helps!
  6. Awesome, saved to my Drive and shared to the FB Cakewalk group. Thank you for making this for us!
  7. All great improvements and additions, one bug still seems to linger on.. where sometimes when pressing play or record may cause a loud beep that will only stop after you click on an "echo" button on any track (sometimes the audio/midi reset button works for this, sometimes not). At least it's an easy thing to tackle during a session, it can be frustrating is all. Especially working in somewhat loud sessions.
  8. Sad to report that this issue is still present after the latest update. Just thought I'd update.
  9. Hmm. Any chance Cakewalk will get this as a replacement for TH3 free version? That'd be cool.
  10. You can always set the buffer size to the max instead of 256. I always do that while mixing. If you are recording then a buffer at 64 is my preference. I believe the maximum setting is 1024.
  11. Damn this makes my new laptop seem weak. Got a newer i5 8th gen cpu 32gb ram ddr4 an SSD C drive with a 2tb hybrid hdd drive. How do you set the cpu to fixed, is that in the task manager or via cakewalk preferences?
  12. Go look at the stock Reaper plugins and get back to us. lol
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