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  1. No issues with V12 here. Cakewalk running on Windows 10 Pro 20H2.
  2. Just in case any forum members have missed the official notification, NI are offering a 50% discount on 190+ products until December 7th 2020. There are a few exclusions from the deal. I should also mention that they're experiencing server overload at the moment.
  3. Very helpful video, I used it as a primer before starting to map a selection of NI instruments. As for the 'Capo' pronunciation issue, according to Google Translate the answer is as follows... English Kay-po-h Italian Kap-oh (masculine) Kap-pa (feminine) Now all I need is a method of determining the gender of my Capo ?
  4. The specification is designed for MIDI controllers that allow the performer to vary the pitch and timbre of individual notes while playing polyphonically. The MIDI Association have released a 'MIDI Polyphonic Expression' overview and PDF document. MIDI.org link
  5. You’ve definitely captured that ‘old school country’ style and the vocal is perfect. Nice work Billy.
  6. I've been using Cakewalk for longer than I care to remember and despite having access to the likes of Pro Tools, Reaper and Studio One through a local studio I've yet to find a reason to switch to an alternative. During the dark period when Cakewalk almost vanished into obscurity, I spent a lot of time frantically scouring the internet to find a replacement, but I failed to find anything to tick the right boxes. It is of course a matter of personal preference, but one factor that shouldn't be overlooked is the 'hands on' involvement offered by the bakers. Reading through this topic shows just how effectively the inevitable bugs are managed. Bandlab Cakewalk is constantly evolving in response to user feedback. What's not to like ?.
  7. Does the information in this video help ? ... How to get the KORG MIDI USB Driver to work with Windows 10
  8. Assuming you'll be using your Keystation 49 to trigger a virtual synth, you can perform / record a simultaneous vocal track through your audio interface. If you're unsure how to set this up let me know and I'll upload a screenshot.
  9. Once you've connected the Keystation49 to your computer, select the inputs in 'Edit Menu / Preferences / MIDI / Devices' and you should be up and running (no driver required). You can also use the Keystation 49MK3 as a control surface (Stop / Play / Record) using the Mackie Control Option. Keystation Configuration Control Surface (Options Menu)
  10. You should connect the Keystation49 to your computer using USB. (The standard 5-pin MIDI option is only available on the 61 and 88 models and allows connection to a external sound module or to the MIDI In of a synthesizer).
  11. Minimum system requirements for Bandlab Cakewalk are listed as follows... Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only) Multi-core Intel or AMD CPU 4GB RAM 3GB free disk space 1280x800 screen resolution ASIO compatible hardware is recommended
  12. Deselect both 'Rescan failed plugins' and 'Rescan all plugins' then click 'Scan'
  13. Thanks Azslow3, I'll give that a try.
  14. Hi I have a M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3 set up for VST instruments and as a basic control surface (transport functions), but the 'Utilities' menu 'Disable Handshake' option resets every time I launch Cakewalk. Is there a way to store this setting permanently ?.
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