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  1. The Studio One 5 Professional crossgrade is on sale for only $199 USD with coupon code PBStudioOne5 at the checkout (regular $299 USD). The offer is valid until August 1st, 2021. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/23-DAW/6549-Studio-One-5-Professional-Crossgrade-from-any-DAW- Plugin Boutique is offering a discount on the crossgrade to the Studio One 5 Professional digital audio workstation software by PreSonus. From studio to stage to stream, Studio One 5 is your creative partner, production assistant, online publisher, mastering suite, and bandmate. No other DAW lets you compose, record, produce, mix, master, and perform… all from a single application with an intuitive, time-saving drag-and-drop workflow. You will need to own one of the following DAWs to qualify for the crossgrade: Cubase 9 or higher. Pro Tools 11 or higher. Nuendo 8 or higher. Logic Pro 9 or higher. Sonar X2 or higher. Live 9 or higher. Digital Performer 9 or higher. Acid Pro 9 or higher. Reason 10 or higher. Reaper 5 or higher. Samplitude Pro X4 or higher. Mixcraft 8 or higher. FL Studio 12 or higher. Bitwig Studio 2 or higher. Tracktion Waveform 10 or higher. Notion 6.
  2. Mostly. Don't have any of the metal Midi packs. So I can't judge how good they are.
  3. MODO bass for the sound. And EZBass for the songwriting tools.
  4. Cat's out of the bag: https://www.musicradar.com/news/amplitube-x-gear-pedals Quite surprised they are seperate pedals and not an all-in-one. The colours and vibe are very Line-6-ish to me
  5. $217.56 with code 'group' at JRR
  6. Also: fun when you can recognize all the freebies and software bundles included with hardware from the past year or so in a sales post
  7. Don't some just put up a link to their KVR sales Post, in their forum signature?
  8. This reasoning is propelling my head so hard, it's dizzying. And I think I'll need a spiritual rebirth to recycle all this info
  9. Tell that the makers of Pianoteq
  10. As of June 21st Toontrack is asking a 15 Euro license transfer per license: https://www.toontrack.com/faq/transfer-of-license-and-multiple-installs-important-information/ No clarification is given for the sudden policy change...
  11. Unplugged the device, deleted it, rebooted, rebooted without driver signing. And then reinstalled.
  12. Weird thing: I removed the PCR500 completely and installed the INF again. And now the keyboard is working under Win11. Not sure what got stuck the first time I tried...
  13. Weird thing that has been happening to me with a fresh install of Win11: Random VST installers put the 64 bit VST2 in Program Files (x86). Not sure why it happens. Most installers show the path, so I can change it. But the Slate Digital Manager just moves everything there, without an option to set the path.
  14. But does it have Aftertouch?
  15. Hope there will be more of these packs with Pigments/Phase Plant or Vital presets
  16. Obsoleting is a big word. That would mean any machine that doesn't upgrade to Win 11 suddenly will not work anymore. The current plan would be to stop updating Win 10 in 2025, so I would guess it will still be supported by Software developers until then. (and it will probably be extended 2-5 years if the Win11 adaption rate is low).
  17. I did change the file to update the references from Win10 to Win11. And it did ask if I wanted to install the unsigned drivers. But after that it still would not recognize the PCR500.
  18. So the basic : Advanced Startup -> Disable Driver Signing is still there But: still trying to figure out how to modify the *.inf record. Just logging in with Driver Signing disabled and installing the windows 10 edited *.inf file doesn't work.
  19. Just doing a clean install on my Win 11 partition. I don't see any progress bar in Bandlab assistant, can't remember if that's normal... What is the size of the initial install? I see the size increasing in the File Explorer, but I have no clue what is the correct size...
  20. I'll try tonight (CET time). I've got Win11 set up for testing , and I believe I still have the fixed drivers for 10. I will share the results later.
  21. Just put dual boot on my PC to start experimenting with Win 11. Haven't had any issues so far, but I think the first release was mostly the eyecandy and not a lot of the back end 'optimization'.
  22. Do the use 1024 bit images? Why are the updates so large...
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