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  1. at least it's not another sample pack.
  2. Where's Peter btw? Taking a well deserved break after motivating us past the 10k line?
  3. One must wonder what new software products they will push on the market next year, if the group buy really goes toward the final goal. There won't be much to sell to us anymore.
  4. So, what will it be? Next 10k for September and another 5k for October? Then the GB will be done, just in time for the Black Friday Crazy Sales
  5. Hope it isn't some hacking the counter to a number over 10k.....😁
  6. we should manage 11k, don't know about 25k though...
  7. Best go to My Profile and switch between the tabs. I have a number of amplitube items, which I own, but aren't marked as thus in the custom shop
  8. Only thing I still want are a couple of pedals which are just on either Amplitube Max or the Custom Shop. Apart from that I'm good with three entries. Hehe
  9. Only 993 to go, and 46 hours left for a month's extension
  10. I don't think they are more reluctant with that. Especially for sounds packs bought through these kind of bundles.
  11. There are browsers extensions that do an auto refresh every x minutes... Just saying..
  12. @Peter - IK Multimedia, which timezone do you use to determine when August is over?
  13. I used Orange as my entry. Anyone know if it's worth to spend a slot on the Hendrix anniversary one, if I already got the original Hendrix pack?
  14. Wouldn't it be more fair to set 5th of Sept for the first 10k? That would be a full month of GroupBuy. Larry's post is from the 5th of August, I believe?
  15. They could probably increase buy ins if they would let people merge their freebies to a higher tier. Like offering to use 3 or 4 $99 tier freebies to get a $199 tier one.
  16. That change only goes into effect by October. So Peter has to do a two month extension for the group buy to fully leverage that...
  17. So.. If I get someone in the US to buy me 200 gear credits, can I use the code in my EU account? Or will I just get 160 if I register them there?
  18. Thank God I live in Germany, IKM does everything in it's power to keep my GAS down!
  19. I skipped Komplete 13, but I guess I'll start saving for Komplete 14 then
  20. Add a 19% - 21% sales tax they have to add for EU sales.... and there you have your 30% Jampoints.... Very much the reason I never buy directly from the IKM store, being in Germany
  21. So now they are doing the subscription for dump prices too? Didn't take them too long...
  22. Btw: Thomann.de got some Amplitube collections on sale:
  23. So next year a hardware only GB?
  24. At AudioDeluxe it is down to $101.98 plus $5.09 in Deluxe Bucks
  25. Soundbetter code soundbetterxar1 works on AbbeyRoad One for another 35% off. Probably a loophole they will soon close, so get it while it's still working.
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