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  1. "My City was Gone" - The Pretenders "I went back to Ohio..."
  2. "Stuck on the Corner (Prelude to a Heart Attack)" - Todd Snider
  3. "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - Mama Cass
  4. Your technique is too complicated. That whole "Press down on a string on the fongerboad" thing makes it hard to hold my beer. This can be avoided with proper tuning and key selection.
  5. "Carmelita" - Flaco Jimenez (feat. Dwight Yoakam) (written by Mr. Zevon) f'kin love Warren's songs!
  6. "Dirty Water" The Standells (Paul Revere was from Boston....so....)
  7. It's a unsigned driver thing as I am sure you know. I don't think Bandlab got the IP for the driver stack in the acquisition. As far as why Roland doesn't put in the work to get the driver signature thing done - either they just don't give a sh!t about their former customers (Most likely) or there is something with the drivers construction that would not pass muster with Microsoft - elevated permissions or something (could happen...) In any event, the hack from the old forum works fine and my VS-700 unofficially works trouble free in Windows 10.
  8. "The Pusher" - Steppenwolf (Lyric - "God Damme the pusherman")
  9. "Heaven's Just a Sin Away" - Jeannie Kendall
  10. "Dead Roses" - Joan Osborne From her Nashville phase... a great album
  11. StudioNSFW

    ASIO Question

    Inpossible to answer without knowing what your interface is. I know I can do this with my interface. Just select what output the master buss is pointed to.
  12. "Roll OVer Beethoven - The Electric Light Orchestra Jeff muthaphuqin Lynne!
  13. "Don't You Want Me?" - The Human League (Lyric: "You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar"
  14. "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) - Marvin Gaye
  15. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" - William Shatner Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (and Quite possibly the single worst album ever recorded.)
  16. "(I Don't Want to go to) Chelsea" - Elvis Costello and the Attractions
  17. If you are not the original song writer and publisher, you are only making mechanicals, and they have always sucked. They sucked before there even was such a thing as a streaming service. I have gotten so many checks worth less than the stamp on the envelope to mail it. Unless you hit the lottery and get some sort of label deal - any real money to be made is in performing, not recording. You can make a living as a player and never see the inside of a studio...I worked my way through college playing in the house band at a club. What recording I was doing at the time never amounted to much for me, but some guys I played with back then later got signed and had brief careers, probably made about as much as they might have as an insurance agent or realtor, but without the career longevity.
  18. "Steppin to the Bad Side" - Eddie Murphy "Dreamgirls" is my guilty pleasure. Love that film!
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