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  1. LasWaltz

    Auddict PercX

    I wonder if it really pays back trying to cheat some newcomers while ruining your reputation among the already stablished pull of potential buyers...
  2. I was one of the few smart ones that fell for the "lifetime upgrades" of the old incarnation. When it fell down I took the chance of crossgrading to Cubase for a fraction of its price. Now sometimes I wonder if S1 is truly that more intuitive, but old Cubase seems to cover it well. Still, I miss the Cake vibe very often. I used for more than 10 years...
  3. Your chance to get shadow hills for 30 bucks. Take it or leave it!
  4. I already had sandman pro, so byome it's gonna be. I have never been much in the synth side of life, so maybe it turns out fun...
  5. This looks like one to fall for...if you aren't dry yet!
  6. For EUropeans. First prices do not include VAT, second they translate prices to EUR. That means...you end paying 1.2x1.2 the initially advertized price. Too bad EDIT: My mistake, proper conversion USD/EUR is applied, but cancelled by VAT. About to fall for this...
  7. For free again? This is becoming a ridiculous return on investment
  8. Very cool! Too tempted... but I am missing something. You can buy the PERCX CORE and get any other library of your liking, and they all score at 50. So price wise, there isn't a special offer for RAW DRUM KITS, that also is 50. You could get the core, pick raw drum kit as additional lib and it will add 100 as well. Right? Or am I missing something?
  9. Riffer looks pretty usable for new ideas in the video, anyone got experience with it?
  10. 5GB of noises for 10EUR? Give it to me! 🤪 Also be aware that for the same price (0), you can stock up lo ki: https://sonuscore.com/shop/loki/ AND flute phrases https://sonuscore.com/shop/free-ethnic-flute-phrases/
  11. I have it for a year. Although it hasn't become the center of my drumming (EZ based) it's super fun to use and to create things out of the box. I had several times then recycled what I have created back to EZ. In short, fun and useful when fresh input is needed
  12. Anyone has experience compared with Captain and Rapid Composer? It seems redundant, right?
  13. Hey James, may I ask? I am a hobbyist aiming to have a more structured pro-inspired approach. I am going through some videos from Pro Mix Academy. In your opinion, will this one bring me something complementary/redundant or way better? Thanks in advance!
  14. If you compare what Cubase offers with what somo plugins do, the value for the buck is ridiculous. Not to speak for the free cakewalk
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