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  1. I am at the same page. When you have less time than money, you may use the second to make the most of every piece of the first. It may feel ironic, but life may get you to even more strange places
  2. LasWaltz

    PA VSC-2

    While uncle larry comes back,... ...not the greatest discount, but it case you have money burning in your wallet... https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/vertigo_vsc-2.html?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Vertigo+VSC-2+⚡️+48H+Flash+Sale&utm_campaign=210324+-+Vertigo+VSC-2+-+48H+Flash+Sale&vgo_ee=JN8poaGx4ldgnVEhJEHodsQqUJD0rGoTZNrtrhu224s%3D he classic tone of the best VCA compressors from the 70s and 80s with a modern, mastering quality signal path. JUST $69.99 TODAY!* VSC-2-6999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends March 25, 11:59 PM California Time
  3. LasWaltz

    LetiMix GainMatch

    Since I have it, I can't believe that this is not offered integrated in all DAWs
  4. Get better soon man! And meanwhile keep posting!
  5. No DAW will ever match the beauty of those channel strips..., ever
  6. Yep, Cake community always had the "the others" family feeling. I also have the feeling that internet gives an apparent bigger voice to those who shout louder, who wouldn't shout that loud in real life. So you have to be aware of it and keep in mind that you are more sorrounded by nice people than what it may show in the e-reality
  7. Let's be honest. They look soooo nice we can't help it...
  8. Yeah, indeed that's a bit the feeling. A little bit more cakewalkish that CB (and that's fun :))
  9. For this price, I decided it was now or never. I always thought the same. Steinberg are doing this for 30 years. They can't be stupid or easily beat. For now, just impressions. I was a hard Cakewalk fan. When it died, before it was reborn (and having paid the lifetime license ), I jumped to Cubase. It does everything that I needed, but often in a "excel-like" way. Always heard from S1 being drag and drop and was curious. First impressions. You fell that S1 is kind of fresher. Somehow between Cake and Cubase. I like this as I said, I came from Cake which always give me that "fun" feeling. Everything simply drag and drop? Nope, there is a learning curve, for sure. No matter what any video shows. I would need to try several full tracks to understand. If and whenever I have the time to learn and compare, may come back to share thoughts.
  10. Faster than myself! Thank you so much! I may fall for this one. Jumped from Cake to Cubase...and some how always temped to try S1. For that price, may give it a go
  11. Hey Larry, any feeling on whether is it legit?
  12. LasWaltz

    Auddict PercX

    I wonder if it really pays back trying to cheat some newcomers while ruining your reputation among the already stablished pull of potential buyers...
  13. I was one of the few smart ones that fell for the "lifetime upgrades" of the old incarnation. When it fell down I took the chance of crossgrading to Cubase for a fraction of its price. Now sometimes I wonder if S1 is truly that more intuitive, but old Cubase seems to cover it well. Still, I miss the Cake vibe very often. I used for more than 10 years...
  14. Your chance to get shadow hills for 30 bucks. Take it or leave it!
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