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  1. I feel that the spark thing points to the fact that onle few people will pay 300$ at UAD for what you can get at PA for 30. Disclaimer. Happy UAD user
  2. The value for the money is ridiculous. All the "if it had this it would be way better" have been brought in. I like the policy of the company. Not updating every year with meaningless add ons, but bringing solid value from one version to the other.
  3. Certainly Steinberg are running high risks here. They are not unbeatable anymore
  4. Warning for slow decision makers... Back to normal price at SSL, still available at BF. I jumped in the last one. Just in case. I just get SSL because I love looking at them. Shame on me.
  5. Thanks uncle L! Any thoughts vs hollywood choirs?
  6. Happy B-Day good old Deal man! Being from the (also) good old Europe the social security perspective feels sooooo different. What is relevant is that you enjoy a more relaxed deal hunting and music making days man. So much deserved! Enjoy!
  7. at 20, I just have to have them all
  8. You hypers! Give it to me! I guess 250 for the komple it ain't a bad price...
  9. LasWaltz

    Buy Me A Coffee?

    Next Black Friday Capuccino goes on me man!
  10. you are all a bad influence...but I am growing a nice collection
  11. Man, that's the standard price @ toontrack, https://www.toontrack.com/product/drum-midi-6-pack/#configuration
  12. You are such a bad influence kids... Blendstrument instead of EastWest is gonna be.
  13. LasWaltz

    EastWest 60% off

    Wov, thanks for the yellow light Zo! Will give it a more carefull look before jumping in. Anything guitar related I indeed cook it by my own...
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