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  1. I left the track colors intentionally gray, so as each user chooses a color from the palette for every track. Because I honestly don't understand why the program comes with default track colors which are so different from those available in the palette, and at the same time the default ones don't colorize the strips. Being gray, they are "coherent" with the unmodified strip color. But you can customize this into the "Colors" submenu in "Edit - Preferences"::.
  2. Here you can post your requests for Cakewalk Theme Editor in a more ordered way::. (Hoping the Dev Team someday read them🙏)
  3. Martins, If you refer to the ".clr" file, I didn't make any changes there. So if you simply select the "Normal" preset in the color menu, you will have the theme exactly as it showed in the sample picture. Otherwise, I don't understand what do you mean, please be more explicit 👍::.
  4. +1 They are too dark, mostly for audio tracks. Note that the same color choice results brighter in MIDI tracks. That bright level would be nice for audio tracks too. That would be enough to me.
  5. I use Cakewalk since Pro Audio 9 (circa 1999). I love it and its awesome mixing tools, but I feel in terms of audio editing is not the quicker DAW in the world. As you asked the users for requests... ...these are my basic ones: EASY CLIP GAIN NON-DESTRUCTIVE NORMALIZING QUICKLY ADJUSTABLE SELECTION SELECTION LENGHT INFO (I posted images based on Vegas Pro video editor, because I use it, but these are very common features in DAWs too.) Thanks Cakewalk and BandLab for asking the users👍 MarianoGF::.
  6. I'm posting this empty message just to put this thread back in your unread list👌::.
  7. I guess you refer to SpectraFX. Yeah, I love it too. I still use it sometimes, but I do it without the elipse movement. I couldn't get such sweet modulation with any other plugin yet.
  8. What other former Cakewalk products would you like to have available again "by BandLab"?::.
  9. I've been there in september 2016, the organ was playing and I believed in God the only 15 minutes of my life. It was so impressive. I'm sad for what had happened today.
  10. I feel exactly the oposite as you. But that is a great thing into the world of Cakewalk users. I like Mercury, not so much Tungsteen. I disliked at all SONAR 3 blue interface. I loved SONAR 1, 2, 4 and 6. I agree in that Skylight is a good interface for everybody like you and me who liked different UIs in the past. Good job so.
  11. As can be seen, this topic which started as a discussion about "the best Cakewalk logo", converted itself in a better thing: sharing memories, experiences and pictures of the early years of Cakewalk. So I think it's a good oportunity to change its name. Thanks::.
  12. Here we can share pictures, memories and experiences of our work in the early years of... Thanks Greg!
  13. We can see these days how Studio One is menacing Pro Tools with stealing its "industry standard" title. I spent very little time trying Studio One, but I'm sure one of the best features it has is the easyness and flexibility of its user interface, mostly in its track view. I'm not talking about its dark background with fluorescent colors which I sincerely don't like it so much, but the capacity that it has to mix a project even minimizing all tracks to tinny color lines. We are also testifying how the latest versions of Cubase, Logic, Tracktion and even Acid are "getting inspired" by that Studio One user interface. After 9 years of Skylight, do you think Cakewalk should stop looking at Pro Tools as the UI reference, and start to look at the Studio One simplicity? My personal opinion is no, but at the same time I think Cakewalk GUI needs a drastical reduction of lots of "death" spaces (for instance, the windows borders are excessively wide). This is not for estetical matters, but because it is almost imposible to work confortable with Cakewalk in a 14" screen laptop. Thanks for your opinions::.
  14. Thanks a lot CosmicDolphin, but bad news for you... I'M ABOUT TO CHANGE IT A LOT!!! heheh, So save your copy of Boston Flowers 1.1::.
  15. Yes, I've chosen grey as default clip color, because I don't understand the meaning of having default multi colors when you can choose those what you like from the palette of every track. You can customize this in the colors menu.
  16. Sorry, do you know if there is a way in Theme Editor to edit the colors of the palette of the tracks? In my opinion they are too dark for the current black background. At the time I have no other way than clicking the "other" button and choosing a brighter color, but I would like to bright the main palette itself. Thanks.
  17. Thanks! I've used the "print screen" key from the keyboard, and pasted it into any image editor. Then saved it as JPG. But then I couldn't take advantage of the full resolution uploading it straight to the forum, so what I did was to upload it to https://imggmi.com and paste the link here under the "insert image from URL" option.
  18. Boston Flowers 90's Cakewalk spirit::. July 2020 [1.35] update: Give it a chance! Click to DOWNLOAD::. Give it a chance! Click to DOWNLOAD::.
  19. We are all talking about the same feature::.
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