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  1. Thanks JamPro! I figured it out (see above).
  2. Well... it's a bug in the user... I accidentally must have hit the slider on my APRO (midi controller). and it was "stuck" at 6. I appreciate martsave martin's response. I'm good.
  3. And one other thing, I don't have any automation created on that bus.
  4. Weirdly, if I delete the master bus and then create a new one, it doesn't change. BUT, if I create another bus right below it, I can change the volume (or adjust it to zero). So the first bus (in the section below the tracks) is ALWAYS stuck at +6! If you look at it in the console view it's slightly "wobbling" fast. So my workaround at the moment is to create a bus below what would normally be the Master and assign all the tracks to it. Weird stuff man. A first.... I've been using Cakewalk for over 20 years.
  5. I noticed yesterday that the output volume on the master buss is literally STUCK at 6 and I CANNOT get it back to zero! I even re-installed the application and nothing's changed. Anyone have any ideas? I'm stuck until I figure this one out. My laptop works fine but this is my studio PC. Thanks.
  6. "A fatal error has occurred. Module: C:/program files/Cakewalk/shared utilities/Internal/PCS-BusCM.dll A crash dump file has been created: ...;" I know this has to do with the Bus Compressor. It's only happening on one particular project as well. When I "Safe start" (Hold shift before open) and not allow the buss compressor to load, the project opens. However, nothing comes through the master buss any longer. Pretty weird but maybe someone has some insight. I have a ton of plugins on this song and it took an hour to mix it.
  7. This just happened today. It's showing up in effects but not when I right click on a clip and want to insert it as a regional effect. I tried reinstalling it but same deal. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe the VST scan directory? I've been a licensed user for ten years or so and this is a first. Thanks
  8. I'd love to use this thing again but all my current PC's are Windows 10 and there are no drivers that I can find. Can anyone help?
  9. I have a VS700R. Anyone have Windows 10 drivers or a fix?
  10. Thanks man! Good report! Once we get through this virus lockdown here in the States and I'm back to work... I'll be building a PC based off the new Ryzen CPU's!
  11. I'm in the same situation. I have a thread out here now about the AMD 3000 series which, according to a bunch of geek Youtube sites I've visited, kickeds Intel's booty. I'm slightly concerned about some of my legacy hardware working with the new AMD stuff (RME MultiFace II that requires a PCI slot) but the world won't end if that's the case. I'm using an RME UFX that uses USB.
  12. Great information IMU2002! I appreciate it!
  13. I guess I'd like to know if there are any issues with AMD CPU's. I've been an Intel dude since the beginning. But it seems AMD is taking the lead right now- especially on a price/performance ratio. Maybe a developer could chime in quickly?
  14. I've been geeking out on these new CPU's. Seems like some serious horsepower for a DAW. So I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with this CPU and Cakewalk? I've been using a fiver year old build with an Intel i7 4770K (four cores and eight threads). It's done the gig. But I'm contemplating building my own DAW machine with the Ryzen 3900x (freakin' TWELVE cores and TWENTY FOUR threads!) Anyone with experience using this CPU commenting is appreciated!
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