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  1. I have had the same thing happen. It does open as saved then it kind of clicks itself into its own setting. Problem is, once that happens the original saved screen is forgotten.
  2. Is the initial link in this forum always the most recent updated one? I am assuming it is, but then, assumptions tend to get me in trouble. Thank you if this is too obvious. I love this daw and try my best to keep everything up to date. When I am convincing others about switching, it is always convenient to have the latest tutorials.
  3. Very good testimonial to the strides you guys have made and continue to make. Now, who would have expected that on a Pro Tools Site. Good objective analysis. Thanks for the link.
  4. I definitely would check on the last plugs added or tested on your system. I use freeze track on almost every project and have not encountered an issue at all.
  5. Nice work. Had the opportunity to show the improvement list to a friend of mine who has been on the skeptical side. His comment was worth the time. "Man, they are jumping right in and really trying to improve this daw!" I smiled and said, "You damn, right! You better get on board!" Thank you as always.
  6. Would like to see some re=focus on midi and temp mapping in particular. I am indeed proud to be a part of this revival of Cakewalk, as I have been with this software from the early midi days. Thank you for your efforts and accomplishments, no matter which way you go.
  7. That "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed." " <- is usually because the original install disk cant be accessed ... its Dsim (Win installer system related . It can make changes to the core of Windows). btw the "sfc /scannow" is a bit naughty the way they have it set up.. it will put all your preferences back to win 10 defaults (restore spyware etc if you disabled it). Think you only get 3 chances at a key ... then you have to phone m/s tech support .. at whatever their crazy phone charges are per minute. Could you have possibly unplugged a HD and plugged it into another sata port...or maybe added a hd aftter installing Win off of some boot media? Seems like it's looking for a particular drive that probably housed the install media, say a drive E or I or whatever. Unfortunately, without seeing it, it is tough to be sure. This is only a guess. Suggest that after you resolve this situation, you use third party clone ware from this point forward. I would suggest you get a copy of Hirens Boot Disk. It will not only find your product key, but has AOMEi backup on it which is a free, but excellent cloning backup program. I have done three backups in the last two weeks because of the work situation here. I usually schedule it while I am sleeping. Wake up and I am good to go. Wish I had more to offer you Craig. Good luck.
  8. Very nice. Thank you Morten, greatly appreciated. Concise and to the point on all topics.
  9. I had that issue but solved it by making sure my keyboard was on and plugged in before I started Cakewalk/Sonar. For some reason the daw wasn't seeing it if I turned it on while in the project. Dunno if that will help you but that was my experience.
  10. Very nice discussion everyone. Eye opening to say the least. Thank you.
  11. I always defer to Noel and the crew. They have never let me down and are always patient with me when I ask somewhat plebian questions. I am loyal to this daw because of them and have been for many years. Always am surprised by their improvements and often amazed by their tenacity of purpose. Enough said.
  12. Sorry,.that was supposed to read: Does anybody have a idea on how to make the DRUM MAP easier to read. i.e. change the color of either the text or the background????? These old eyes are having a real problem with that. Help!
  13. Anybody have an idea on how to make the drum easier to read. ie change color of either text or background?
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