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  1. Just had a play around with the new Bandlab integration. Quickly recorded a few ideas on my phone using the Bandlab app, and they appeared in Cakewalk under 'Browse Bandlab Projects'. When I imported them however, there was no project/clip name on the clips. Also they all appeared as new tracks (Track 1) at the end of all the other project tracks. Should there be clip/project names imported with them? And should we be able to select where in the Cakewalk project they are imported to? Minor things I know, but just asking. So far I can see this as an extremely powerful way to get ideas on the run quickly into the DAW. Fantastic.
  2. If it happens during recording, check your Recording Mode. Comping, Overwrite and Sound on Sound settings will give different results in terms of how your waveforms are presented.
  3. The easiest way looks like opening CbB, then going to 'Help' then 'Refresh Activation'. I just logged into Bandlab Assistant and that did the trick for me.
  4. I just had this too (the re-activation notification.) I've never seen it before.
  5. Not sure if this is related, but some years back I used to get a similar thing happening when I used the Channel Tools plugin. Sometimes it would happen while inserting it on a track, and sometimes it would happen if I was adjusting the plugin parameters, but the end result was the same - there would be like a click/pop sound and the master buss of the project would be dead. It would still play and all the track meters would work, but there would be no output from the Master and it was not re-assignable. Re-booting the PC was the only solution. After the reboot, sometimes it may have re-occurred, sometimes not! It was random but only happened to me when Channel Tools was involved. FWIW my interface was (and still is) an RME Babyface. Since then there's been loads of updates to Cakewalk, Windows, and my RME drivers, so I haven't seen the issue (not that I use Channel Tools that much any more.)
  6. Yep I reckon. It definitely shouldn't take 2 hours (unless you're still on dialup!)
  7. Or just create a Bass Buss, send your bass track to that (then out to your Master or Mix buss) then solo both bass and drum busses.
  8. Right click on the control bar, go to 'Modules' and make sure the 'Export' module is ticked. That will make it appear in the control bar.
  9. It depends on the project. For me, most of my projects start from my own template, which has a ton of plugins already in place ready to use. My default template without any audio data opens in about 30 secs. With audio data, say 20 - 30 tracks, maybe 45 seconds as you say. However, if I open up one of the default blank Cakewalk templates, for example "16 Track 4 Bus Console (S-type)", that will open in about 3 seconds. So it all depends.
  10. From memory I think there was a fix for this in the latest update. Are you on the latest version?
  11. Or....... ....try double clicking on the thumbnails. Easiest way I use to get the video view to open.
  12. Yes, however the step sequencer has a maximum pattern length of 64 beats, so only the first 64 beats of the pattern I converted was visible. Latest, 2020.09 OK, now I understand what you're saying, I created a step sequencer pattern from scratch, then stretched it out to double it's time. I then looped the whole lot but only saw the initial pattern on the sequencer, not the second stretched out one. I'm not sure that's a bug though, don't know. I think by design it's meant to only show the one pattern, loop that and change it up until your happy, then stretch it out. It does to a degree, it lights up the steps and beats when the track is playing, but when it's not, I agree there's no visual indication of where you are at. Maybe a feature request may be the next step?
  13. An interesting read! FWIW I actually think both you guys have valid points. I am not a notation guy, in fact over the many years I've owned and used Sonar/Cakewalk I can't even think of a time when I've opened up Staff View! Over the journey I have seen a lot of forum posts/requests from users to 'fix' the Staff View. I don't even know exactly what's wrong with it, or what it's not capable of that users want, but from what I read it sounds like a few tweaks would get it in the ball park for many. If that were to happen and it was then as usable for the Orchestral or Jazz students, as the others, then I agree, I think it's a great opportunity to capitalize on the music student market across all styles. That being said, it looks like the required tweaks either aren't that easy, or they are a low priority in a big list of other enhancements/fixes/features, which Bandlab/Cakewalk sees as more important to the brand moving forward.
  14. I just tried this. I took a midi drum groove, selected 'Convert Midi To Step Sequencer' then looped a portion of it and it worked fine, the step sequencer returned to the start of the loop and cycled with the loop. In your example above, are you saying you created the clip yourself then groove clip looped it ?
  15. As far as I know you get the Cakewalk Studio Instruments drum kit not Session Drummer.
  16. No. The last few times I remember one was the Waves Abbey Road Redd desk plugin, and a few days ago it happened and it was Izotope Neutron 3. OK, thanks.
  17. "Closing a 3rd party plug-in UI can crash the application by sending WM_QUIT message" Hi Noel, just wondering whether this fix may address the unexpected occasional issue I see where I'm adjusting a parameter on a 3rd party plugin and Cakewalk just closes and disappears. No warnings, errors, nothing, it just closes. I know your bug fix is for the closing of a 3rd party plug-in, not changing the UI, but I'm hoping it may relate to the rare but scary condition I sometimes encounter. Cheers.
  18. Out of curiosity, if you up the buffers on your sound card driver does it go away or get better?
  19. Not sure, all good here after update. Did the rollback work?
  20. I used to get like a 'zipper' sound when using the mouse to scroll around in a project. If that's the sound you're hearing then yes, I know what you're talking about. It was with my old PC and sometime ago now, and like you, I tried to get to the bottom of it. From memory, I think it was driver related, however I cant remember exactly. Sorry I cant be more specific, but I have seen (heard) this and it wasn't plugin related in my case. I'd be making sure all your drivers are up to date, including your mouse, as a starting point.
  21. I think there's a fix for this in the latest release that just came out.
  22. I know what you mean, there are a ton of tabs, options and expandable/collapsable panes. At first it looks extremely complex! If you collapse the Inspector on the left and the Synth Rack/Browser on the right, then delete un-needed modules from the control bar at the top, you can actually have it looking like quite a basic DAW, with just your tracks and busses, and maybe a not so daunting starting point. It is very customizable.
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