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  1. This is just a quick video illustrating how to insert and route a Multitimbral Virtual Instrument for use inside of Cakewalk by BandLab. I am using IK Multimedia's Miroslav Philharmonk 2 here but the basic principles will apply to other instruments like HALionSonic, SampleTank, etc.. I hope you find it helpful? I also noted in this video special circumstances when not all VSTs will follow the MIDI volume control on the track strip to the volume control of the virtual instrument; in that case you have to resort to using automation in order to control certain parameters over time.
  2. Check it out, just put this together quickly ;^) I did make a discovery that Cakewalk does not link the MIDI Channel Volume Controls to the Volume on the individual slots. These can be automated however as you will see in the video. I checked this with Cubase and they provide and additional Quick Control that can be assigned to the individual part volume, Hope this helps?
  3. Great! Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with in the future. Simeon
  4. I know; things like that can be really frustrating. Sometimes you get caught up in the workflow, and like you said never realize until late in the process that something was messed up. Hopefully as you mentioned things are working better. As always let me know if I can ever be of service.
  5. @Christian Jones, I have The Grandeur as well; if you had a project you could send me I could take a look on my end and see what happens here? Just let me know how I can help? You could PM me or email me directly at praisetracks@gmail.com.
  6. Here are more details on the update for Philharmonik 2 bringing it up to 2.0.6 released 1/27/20: Changes from version 2.0.5: Fixed a crash when accessing settings while in DAW Compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina
  7. I know this is an older video but it sort of walks you through how I used Philharmonik 2 to improvise a short theme. This is with a previous version of SONAR but the workflow should be similar.
  8. Just thought I would give a heads up. I am going to be doing a livestream of Heavyocity's VENTO Modern Woodwinds today at around noon (est). I would love for you to join me. I have been doing these live streams over the past few days in light of the Havyocity/native Instruments promotion (which ends today). I look forward to seeing some of you!
  9. I am having an amazing time doing these live streams. Here is a replay of tonight’s featuring NOVO from Heavyocity. I am learning so much as I work to do more of these in the future and ai hope you enjoy them. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is a library or instrument you would like to see next. Heavyocity NOVO Modern String Library For Kontakt
  10. Thanks @Max Arwood, I have my foot-pedal mapped to CC11 currently and sometimes forgot I had it during the video as there is just so much going on 😳 Thanks so much for watching. I am really enjoying doing these and working out video and production bugs along the way. Lots more to come! I think I need to somehow run these in Cakewalk and try and capture my playing as there are really some interesting things that happen when playing these amazing sounds.
  11. I have really been having a lot of fun doing these nightly Live streams; tonight I featured FORZO from Heavyocity. There is no way to cover everything but I hope you enjoy watching as I explore and discover some of the features and sounds for the first time.
  12. Just thought I would share my latest run-through video. Here I am featuring Heavyocity’s Mosaic Keys which is a very amazing and creative library. This is definitely not a Rhodes, Wurlitzer or traditional piano library we are accustomed to, enjoy. Native Instruments 50% off Heavyocity Sale: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/heavyocity-offer-2020/ Visit Heavyocity: https://heavyocity.com/ NOW PLAYING | Heavyocity MOSAIC KEYS
  13. Absolutely. What Heavyocity brings is not only the traditional sounds but gives you the ability to take them into some crazy places like they seem to do with most of their libraries. Albion One is also very nice.
  14. Simeon Amburgey

    iOS deals

    iOS is really interesting for music applications, The most recent fun I have been having is with the iPad version of the Ravenscroft 275 and experimenting with running IK Mulitimedia’s Hammond B-3x on my iPad Mini...amazing!
  15. I do not have any 8Dio or CineSamples libraries... yet 😎
  16. Forzo is very nice and big. I am thinking about doing some vids or live streams to feature these. I have Forzo, Novo, Vento, Ascend and picked up Mosaic Keys during Christmas. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know or hear ;^)
  17. @Paul Montgomery and @Matthew Sorrels, sorry about that, I should have looked a little close; but looking I notice several instances of Philharmonik 2 and was wondering if that might play into some of the issue (long shot). As far as updating, I would still check to see if there might be an update for SampleTank 3, you never know and according to some other posts it seems that IK will be improving notifying users when new updates are available which would be nice. @Paul Montgomery, have you ever thought of using Philharmonik 2 multitimbrally? That way you would only need one instance. You would have access to multiple audio outs as well. Just a thought. All the best
  18. Make sure you are running the latest version of SampleTank 4 which is now at version 4.0.9. There were a few users seeing this same fatal crash and updating seemed to correct it. Check this thread:
  19. Here is a fun video that documents my journey putting everything together! I also show some noise comparisons between my older system and the new be quiet! Dark Base 700 case which is very impressive. I can tell in just the short first couple of weeks such a difference in performance and stability. I also have been making system images along the way just in case. Looking forward to a very musical and exciting 2020! New Year, New Computer; "The Build" v2020
  20. So this is crashing but then - So in this step it seems that ST4 loads; so does the crash happen on load or when you pull it up after it is inserted?
  21. Have you tried using the Insert Soft Synth? There might be an issue when dragging and dropping. I will try dragging and dropping here and see what happens. So just checking; when you unzipped them did you run the installer as well (sorry if I misunderstood)? If there is a chance the sounds installer placed them in another directory you can add that path to ST4 and do a rescan to make sure the sounds database is updated. This the exact screen that pops up in my friends issue. *disclaimer; not assuming anything, just trying to help troubleshoot 😎
  22. Neil, please keep us posted if you receive any updates. A viewer of one of my SampleTank 4 vids is having the same issue so any help in finding a solution would be great. There has to be some common denominator somewhere that triggers this on some setups and not others.
  23. Got it back here! I am however having problems getting LP EQ and LP Multiband Limiter. Both have serial numbers but I am wondering if they need additional activation? I downloaded and installed both through the Command Center.
  24. Same here, the PC EQ is just so convenient to use right away.
  25. Yes! This is an amazing keyboard. I remember playing an original Wavestation when it came out, a lot of fun. It is also interesting that a lot of the new workstation and synth keyboards being released are featuring a smaller keyboard. Here is a coll video by Sonic State I saw last night:
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