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  1. Bass Untamed follow Violin and Cello Untamed to continue the journey into the world of improvised sample libraries for Kontakt. I just downloaded it and am excited to share my discoveries soon. Find out more information here: https://westwoodinstruments.com/instruments/bassuntamed/
  2. YES! Hopefully will be able to try this soon! This is definitely the next natural progression for Spitfire and I can't wait to see where it goes. Now my Garritan ABBEY ROAD CFX will have some company!
  3. LHere are a couple of fun vids I did featuring Morphestra 2 The War Of The Worlds | Adventures In Sound Design | Featuring Sample Logic's Morphestra 2
  4. Here are a couple of experiments I have done with it using ACT, and another using UNIFY. The biggest drawback using ACT is that the Leslie plugin has to be in focus for MIDI control to work.
  5. And here is my run-through.😎 This is a very wonderful and powerful sounding piano library, the same piano and room as the Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Piano library. Garth focuses a lot on trying to approach the presets as if they were fully master piano tracks, so a lot of interesting use of effects in creating the Snapshot presets.
  6. Mosaic Tape is the latest entry in Heavyocity's Mosaic Series. Taking new sound sources that were processed through the warmth and unpredictability of analog tape. More info here: https://heavyocity.com/product/mosaic-tape/ Here is the replay of my recent livestream walkthrough.
  7. Hey everyone, It was a very interesting livestream for sure as Mosaic Tape is not an average library, but is filled with some crazy thick and sometimes unpredictable sound source material, lots of fun. Heavyocity is running an intro special for $99 (until Oct. 20th), and an additional 20% off for previous Mosaic Series library owners.
  8. here is a run through of these two pianos I did a few weeks back, beautiful sounds. Midnight Grand and Woodchester Piano by Fracture Sounds | Cinematic Piano Libraries For Kontakt
  9. If you have not heard them before, they are a great selection of pianos. Check out my recent walkthrough of all three of them here: VI Labs True Keys Pianos | Virtual Piano Library Collection | Quick Look | Special Pricing
  10. Here is a Walkthrough Demo I published covering this amazing piano library. It is the sample piano and recording space (Air Studios Lyndhurst) where the Hans Zimmer Piano was recorded.
  11. I can't wait to take a look at this. In the past I have used Loudness Penalty along with Ozone 9 loudness learning, so this should be interesting.
  12. Hello everyone, I am getting ready to go live today around 4:00 pm to feature Q Up Arts California Keys which are now on a special fundraising promotion of $150, with 50% of the proceeds going to Global Giving to benefit those affected by the devastating California Wildfires. I hope to see you there:
  13. I have been having a lot of fun discovering Unify and really enjoy sharing more of my journey. The replay is below.
  14. I am hoping to take a look soon. It is for a good cause, as I cannot imagine what everyone out there is going through.
  15. Q Up Arts is selling their California Keys package for $150 (reg. $499) and donating 50% of the proceeds to Global Giving in an effort to help with the relief efforts in California due to the wildfires. Check it out here: https://www.quparts.com/California-Keys-Kontakt-Player-vintage-keyboards-p/calikntkt01dl.htm
  16. Their Product Portal allows you to register to your iLok if you have it or Locally to your computer.
  17. Well it was indeed a crazy day. I had a great time waling through all of these today. I hope you enjoy catching the replay when you can. Thanks again for the tremendous support and encouragement. Spitfire Audio Originals Epic Brass + Woodwinds, along with Originals Cinematic Percussion. The next stream was featuring Whole Sounds Baldwin 1954 Parlor Grand and taking a sneak peek at his upcoming Baldwin 1988 Connelly Chapel Grand It was a great privilege to have Dan McKinney join me to share some of his thoughts about his piano libraries, as well as give us some information regarding his current Kickstarter Project which is to sample a Baldwin SD10 9' Concert Grand.
  18. I am so sorry I forgot to post this earlier. Time is somehow always fighting. You can check out the replay below. Sorry for the loss of sound at the very beginning. Xperimenta Project Kantele is a very unique instrument with qualities of guitar, harp, piano, dulcimer, it is hard to put it into a category. I hope you enjoy watching as we discover Kantele together. Make sure you stay to the end for a chance to enter to win one of two copies of Kantele.
  19. Originals Epic Strings is a very different experience from Intimate Strings. In this video I will also do some comparison with Intimate Strings, BBCSO, and ALBION ONE, so it should be very "Epic"!
  20. Thanks for those who joined live. you can catch the replay below. This is an amazing library has the sound of larger libraries far surpassing its $29 price of admission. The Originals series is becoming more interesting with each new release.
  21. The 4Knob PopD Piano was created in collaboration with Sampletekk, and brings a beautiful as well as powerful German Steinway D into the HALion family of virtual instruments. More info here:https://new.steinberg.net/4knob-popd
  22. I downloaded it earlier today and never having this type of library before, I was very intrigued with the possibilities. I was especially surprised by the usefulness of stretching some of the sounds across the keyboard. Trailers gonna be rolling here pretty soon ;^)
  23. The replay should be up now. I did see the livestream was set to private but changed it before the stream started. Thanks so much and hope you enjoy watching?
  24. Going over some of the latest updates to Xperimenta Projects Due (version1.9.2). Also going to take a quick peek into a new library I have been testing for Xperimenta which should be fun, oh and there might be a giveaway!!!
  25. Had a really interesting time experiencing Soundiron’s SONESPHERES 3. Some nice combinations of natural ambience, acoustic, and synth textures. Soundiron | Sonespheres 3 - Currents | Ambient Sound Design For Kontakt
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