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  1. Select products up to 50% off and an additional 10% off when you purchase 3 titles. https://bit.ly/Heavyocity_summer_Sale_2020
  2. Going LIVE TODAY at 4:00 PM EST to take a look at CinePiano. Come join me!
  3. Heavyocity Mosaic Bass is the third in the Mosaic series and might surprise you as it is not what you might call a typical bass library. Here is a First Look livestream exploring Mosaic Bass.
  4. Just finished a first look livestream for Mosaic Bass. You can watch the replay here:
  5. I had a great time taking a look at Midnight Grand and Woodchester Piano from Fracture Sounds. I hope you enjoy the livestream replay.
  6. Oberheim! https://www.arturia.com/products/analog-classics/ob-xa-v/overview
  7. I think this sale is over on May 18th. Here is an edited livestream replay from last night. I just picked this up on Friday and it is really fun.
  8. I edited and re-uploaded the video to hopefully create a better experience. Thanks so much for all of the support and patience as I continue to learn and develop on this amazing platform.
  9. It was a wild ride as I pushed things a little bit! I hope you enjoy watching the livestream replay? Remember you can pick up Mosaic Voices for $59.00 until May the 18th here: https://bit.ly/plugin_boutique_mosaic_voices Also Mosaic Keys is on a similar sale for $59.00 https://bit.ly/plugin_boutique_mosaic_keys Updated Edited Replay:
  10. This is a great opportunity to pick up Heavyocity Mosaic Keys from Plugin Boutique for $59.00. Use the link below for more info. https://bit.ly/plugin_boutique_mosaic_keys I am also planning on doing a livestream look at Mosaic Voices as well which is also on sale here: https://bit.ly/plugin_boutique_mosaic_voices Also you can see a quick look at Mosaic Keys here from my recent walkthrough.
  11. Just finished a livestream taking a look at the Due 2 Update. It is really a great improvement to this already beautiful library, enjoy. Xperimenta Project DUE Virtual Piano Library | 1.5 update 30% Off Special | Replay
  12. Wow, looking forward to checking it out.
  13. I have really enjoyed using MODO Drum since it was first released. I am more of a finger drummer and do not use loops or patterns much and the playing experience is really nice. I love the depth of the sound of most of the kits, I normally gravitate to the stock Studio kit and love the ability to fine tune the drums,
  14. Here is a recent video I did for the previous version. I have the update and probably should do a follow up. I can tell you that this is a very nice piano library and the update just takes it up several notches. The current pricing is also very good. Flavio is an independent developer, a fabulous musician and most of all a really nice guy. Enjoy. Xperimenta Project | Due Premium Pianos for Kontakt | A Prayer For Italy
  15. Well, I am not what you would call a typical orchestral arranger for sure but I have gotten used to the one instance per instrument. I think things have stayed pretty much the same with just subtle updates to the library itself. I REALLY love the Strings, especially the Con Sordino articulations, they are so glassy and beautiful. A lot of the issues I hear others mention is with the sound itself as it was recorded in the large studio space which gives the sounds a wetter feel than some are looking for. It is definitely not a dry library but very beautiful. I am also still getting used to using the controllers to work with Expression, vibrato, etc. hich I have mapped usin gmy nanoKONTROL. Definitely more to come as I discover more.
  16. The Spitfire servers are probably getting massively hammered !!!!
  17. Nothing here as well. I am glad they are including this for existing BBCSO users. Since building my new system things have been a lot nicer and the CORE version of BBCSO does look very good for some of the things I work on most. The Mode switching is also very interesting.
  18. Here it is! (not quite up on the Spitfire site as yet) https://www.musictech.net/news/spitfire-audio-makes-bbc-symphony-orchestra-accessible-to-everyone/?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign= Spitfire Audio makes BBC Symphony Orchestra accessible to everyone
  19. This was so much fun to put together. Cinematic Keys has a lot of potential even being an older library. I had only been recently introduced to it. Enjoy.
  20. I had a fun and exciting time celebrating this year's Star Wars Day (May The Fourth) featuring Best Service "The Orchestra Complete" by Sonuscore. I hope you enjoy the livestream replay (edited for time and content with some added fun).
  21. Great balls of FIRE! When I do these for APD I never know what kind of sales they would run and this one is a great deal, indeed! Check it out (don't miss the very end)!
  22. Funny 😄 you saw it about the same time I did WOW!
  23. And remember this is the LE version; just looking at the full libraries are in the terabyte range as they feature higher sampling rates. I continue to be amazed at all that is out there.
  24. I am going to have to check these out, they look amazing.
  25. OK, so there does seem to be a recent update to the player. You can try updating here: https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_halion_sonic_se_3&L=1 Sorry for your issues and hopefully this update can help?
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