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  1. I will say that it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been referenced as sounding like Petty at least 1,000 times.
  2. Thanks for the listen Daryl! Our musical ambitions were recently interrupted with both Sean and myself taking Summer vacations. Reece may be about to take one as well, I can't remember. The plan is for Sean to rework the drums as soon as he catches up. I believe he has just returned and is now looking for time between job and family. We will try to thicken that snare up on the next pass.
  3. Grem- Thanks for listening. Yup, my first reaction as well, upon hearing the demo's from Sean. It took a second listen to kind of home in on what he was saying. Then it really became clear how clever the lyrics are and how current this has become to today's social networks. I think we have ALL experienced the "Antisocialness" of social networks. As a group, and what we represent, we have even had internal talks about how hard it is sometimes to bite your tongue and stay out of the mud. Sean had considered passing on this song and waiting for a future CD release. I am glad this song is going to be featured on our upcoming CD.
  4. Kenny- Thank you for listening and commenting. Sean always sounds awesome on vocals. I am continually amazed by his talent. The guitars on this song kind of flow from low gain bluesy to hard rock; back and forth between verse and chorus. That was a deliberate feel that Sean was looking for. Thin could very well be my Strat at low gain. I was playing mainly the bridge pick up, I believe. The Solo in the beginning is my Strat, the main Solo in the middle is definitely Sean...also greatly talented on guitar.
  5. Nice work, Skyline! Great lyrics and the loved the video work.
  6. Thanks for the listen Wookiee. I believe Sean is going to do some additional programming to his drum track. I'll go back into the mix once I get those changes and work the high end a tad, see if I can find the source of that harsh tone your hearing.
  7. Hey All, Reece is finishing up the Mastering on our next iTunes CD and this is the last song to go on the album. I believed Sean is going to tweak the drum tracks once more, based on the suggestions made on these forums. Does anyone hear anything else in this mix that might need a little caressing yet? All feedback is welcome. We are attempting to make this 3rd album our most polished yet.
  8. I was at NAMM and saw a demo of Cakewalk, I believe it was Cakewalk 2. I brought a demo disk home with me.
  9. I’ve been using Ernie Ball rounds lately. I only change them about once a year. I’ve played around with several different makes of Flats, but seem to end up back to rounds. Of the Flats I’ve tried, so far I’ve liked La Bella’s the best. I’m really dying to try Thomastiks, but ouch they are expensive.
  10. How long...I swear its only been about 10 minutes today and I am getting my work done.
  11. Hey John- Thanks for the listen. If others feel like the mix is too bright, we will certainly reconsider making some changes to the instrumentation. Sean is VERY sensitive to high frequencies and is usually the one to complain with in our group about harshness or extreme highs. We consulted each other at our band site and he is not hearing any issues at the moment. I do appreciate the listen and bringing it to our attention. Tom- Thanks again for listening to another one of our tunes. You may have a point on the drums. I remember thinking something similar a few weeks ago when I started mixing this one. I am sure we will discuss that as a band and make changes if we feel it is needed.
  12. I think it sounds pretty good Bat. I was on the fence about the vocals coming down. At the beginning of the song, I felt like they needed to come down a touch. As the song progresses to the end, they seem fine. Maybe bring them down just a touch and let us have another listen.
  13. michaelhanson

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    I hear the Steely Dan likeness as well. Nice work, good song.
  14. Here is a new rock song written by Sean and performed by the band, Scandalous Grace. I have done the mixing production work on this song. Let us know what you think, all comments are welcome. Performed by Scandalous Grace Words & Mu­sic: Sean Peifer Sean Peifer: Lead Vox, Electric Guitar, main Guitar Solo. Michael Hanson: Bass, Electric Rhythm, Intro Guitar Solo, BGV, Mixing/mastering. Reece Bain: Keys and BGVs.
  15. Awesome Bob, liked the video very much. Great song and playing as always.
  16. Not at all. I own and play a LP, Strat, 335 and a Rick; all equally loved, all get played depending on the tone I am looking for.
  17. The 2019 Les Paul's are out and so far, the reviews have been very positive. The Standard has no weight relief, hand wired electronics, no circuit board and price reduced to $2,500. Seems like Gibson may be back.
  18. Hmmmm, I think I like the cream better. Maybe a mod for the future.
  19. I agree Bill, there is a lot of Internet Hogwash out there. I bought my first LP Standard in 1981 and it was a very nice guitar, in spite of it being labelled a ....Norlin. I have owned (5) Les Paul's in my life time and they have all been exceptional guitars. My newest LP is a 2017 Traditional Plus, bought in 2018 as new, on sale for $1,399. It is by far the best quality, best sounding LP that I have owned to date.
  20. A Miller- 👍 Ed D- Thank you for listening and commenting. Good to hear the mix sounds right. Sean always does excellent work on his guitar solos. Paul- Thank you again for listening. I get the Petty reference a lot. 😎 Daryl- "Wall of Sound" was mentioned by me band mate, Sean when he first heard the mix. He was trying to come up with another guitar rhythm that was different than what I was playing, but complimented it. He went through 4 or 5 different takes with different rhythms and nothing sounded right to me. Finally, he just duplicated my rhythm and it gave that wonderful wall of sound. The Easter Beagle is definitely singing BGV's! I used to get Lennon and Dylan comparisons also. I never knew whether or not the Dylan comments were a compliment or a dig. 😑 I'll take Petty all day long!
  21. Douglas- Thank you for listening and commenting. Glad to hear you like the song. Thank you for the comments on my voice, that means a lot too me. Ed- Thank you for listening and commenting as well. Freddy- Always nice to have you listen and comment, I appreciate it very much. Glad to hear that the mix sounds good to you.
  22. Here is a new song by Scandalous Grace. All comments are welcome. Let us know what you think of the mix and the song. Performed by Scandalous Grace Words & Mu­sic: Michael Hanson Sean Peifer: BG Vox, Electric Rhythm, Guitar Solo. Michael Hanson: Lead Vocal, Bass, Electric Rhythm, Drum Programming, Mixing and mastering. Reece Bain: Keys and BGVs.
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