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  1. I agree with the comments posted so far. Overall, really good production, but everything is really dripping in reverb. Lessening the reverb may make the Lead vocal easier to understand. The Lead vocal needs more presence and clarity. Vocalist does a nice job singing and her vocals go well with this song.
  2. I've never really considered myself either a Composer of a Producer....just a Songwriter. I have had to learn to do both Composing and Production to get my songs out. So far, I think I'm doing OK. Honestly, I don't care much for definitions either, as there always seems to be exceptions. End results have always been more concerning to me.
  3. I have always found GC to be pretty fair about covering warranty situations. I don't want to sound as if I am not a fan of GC, I think they serve a purpose that is needed. I definately like the ability to put hands on a lot of actual gear and to be able to try it, before buying it.
  4. There are deals that can be found at GC because a lot of their staff can be inexperienced on particular products. There is one guy at the Strat Talk forum site that finds online deals all the time with Strat's that are misrepresented. It can go the other way on used equipment as well. Last week I was looking at an ES 335 and I informed the staff that it was overpriced because it was a "Studio" model; which seemed obvious to me, but apparently not to others. I have come across deals on Guitar Pedals as well, when they don't realize what its worth or misidentify the version. A couple of weeks ago my local GC has a vintage TS-808 marked at $49; I should have grabbed that. Someone got a deal. Bottom line, if you know your stuff, many times they do not.
  5. This is me. I usually end up educating their staff.
  6. Hey Max- Thanks for commenting on the song. We will definitely review the kick drum. As for "more songs", we have a whole bunch written and recorded. Scandalous Grace actually has 3 CD's worth of material on iTunes. We are starting on our 4th CD and this is one of the initial songs we are working on, with 3-4 lined up in the pipeline. Here is a link to our other songs on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/lonely-road/1479889422
  7. I've got one of each. Whom every coined the phrase, "fight like cats and dogs". never had them both.
  8. The first real concert I ever went to was Grace Under Pressure. Much respect for the man. I believe that he wrote most of the lyrics to Rush songs as well.
  9. If you have the paid version, you get to pick the order of 5 or 6 songs.
  10. Rik, thanks for listening and commenting. Great suggestions as always.
  11. Yup, both seats down and I can get all of my gear stowed in the back. I'm up for either electric guitar or bazz and I am pretty certain to get were I'm going. Huge fan of the Am bazz note.
  12. Hey Bob- Thank you greatly for listening and reviewing this song. Your comments are ALWAYs highly regarded by all 3 of us. I especially like it that you are hearing this mix a "full, punchy and modern" sounding. That is exactly what we were shooting for. Based on all of the great feed back we have received here on the forums, the CD is currently in Reece's hands for Mastering. I believe this song will sit in the 3 slot on the album.
  13. Thanks Michael, Sounds like this one may be about done then.
  14. I have updated the Drum Track once for for this song. As a band, we decided we would eliminate the count in at the beginning.
  15. Hey Bjorn_ Thanks for listening brother! We are still doing some small tweaks to this song behind the scenes. We will certainly look into the areas you have pointed out. I think we are going to do at least 1 more small tweak to the drum track, yet on this song.
  16. Freddy J- Thank you for listening and commenting. I can certainly relate to the "old ears" comment, mine are not what they used to be. Thank you for the encouraging words, we are overall very happy with how this one is turning out.
  17. Sean has given me an updated Drum Track and I have posted a new mix. Please let us know what you think of the changes to Antisocial Media.
  18. Most expensive Partscaster in the world since Blackie.
  19. ???? Over my head and through what little hair I have left?
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