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  1. Leadfoot- Thanks for listening to the mix. I made a small tweak to the Solo guitar this afternoon, something that Sean wanted tweaked. Glad the rest of the mix sounded good to your ears.
  2. Hey Tom- Thanks for listening and commenting. I will listen again to the kick to see if it particularly stands out on my sources.
  3. michaelhanson


    Cool tune Leadfoot, I really enjoyed the listen!
  4. Hey David, Thanks for listening and commenting. Reece, Sean and myself all love the secular music that we grew up with. We all still listen, play and go to concerts to see many of the bands we grew up listening too. Our hope is that our love for rock, pop and blues carries over to the music we are writing to reach an audience that loves the same type of music. I am really happy that you find the songs compelling, hopefully that is a sign that we are doing something right.
  5. Hi Gang, its been a while. Seems like after we put out our last batch of songs, we were some what burned out as a group. We currently have a half dozen songs we are working towards finishing. No Longer Blind: https://soundcloud.com/michaeljhanson/no-longer-blind Here is the latest. This is a song I wrote and I have done the mixing and mastering. Let us know what you think; all comments are welcome. Words and Music Written by Michael Hanson Scandalous Grace Michael Hanson: Lead Vocals, Bass, Electric Rhythm, Intro Solo, Drum Programming, Mixing and Mastering. Reece Bain (Beagle): Keyboards and Back Ground Vocals Sean Peifer: Main Solo
  6. 15w can certainly be very loud full throttle. Depending on the amp itself, if it has a good master volume, it can also have usable tone at bedroom levels. Using OD and compression pedals, in combination with the amp, can also get you usable gain tones at low volumes.
  7. Yes! Writing songs which are not popular is a sure bet on going nowhere. Been there, done that.
  8. I'm exercising free will at the moment, by not getting banned due to my beliefs. You have the free will to buy our CD's, by the way.
  9. Obviously! They keep stepping on my key board.
  10. Of course it was, no penguin would stand for that torture.
  11. Remote to the TV is one of my favorite conveniences. We have 3 TV's at our house, each with a remote, each of which I can never find after used by my daughter or wife. It used to really get under my skin that the remote was always missing. I don't even worry about it any more and don't need it; can do it with the iPhone.
  12. I would, but I'm not in it for the money. Its a labor of love.
  13. Yep, I use mine to blow up small print, as well. It my alarm clock, timer, gps navigation, airlines boarding pass, flashlight, debit card, Music player, remote for the TV, etc. etc etc. I’ve even gotten in the habit of taking a photo of my parking location in the airport parking garage so that I can remember where I parked when I return. It’s become a major tool for convenience in my every day life.
  14. I use my phone more than the computer these days. It's pretty remarkable how far they have advanced.
  15. Pretty much a mute point when there is no money in music anyway.
  16. I follow the guitar nerd on FB. He’s already found a 59 Strat in Tampa in excellent condition and bought it from original owner.
  17. I got rid of my Studio.....traded it in for a 2017 Traditional.
  18. He will be on Guitar Safari while there.
  19. Dang, because I prefer the lime.
  20. Thank you for listening Gary and for the helpful suggestions.
  21. michaelhanson


    Nicely done Wook!
  22. Ha, subject matter is a little dark for me, but excellent production. The only suggestion that I have is purely personal taste, but I like drums to be a little dryer so the punch through more. They sound slightly drum machine to me with the amount of reverb currently on the drums.
  23. I would back off the reverb on the drums in this production. They get lost in this mix and need to be a more prominent part of the song to drive it along. I’m not sure what’s going on with the Bass because I’m not hearing it well either? Those two elements becoming more prominent in the mix would help this production a lot. Great lyrics, vocals and guitar play!
  24. You certainly have carved out a unique style of your own that is hard not to listen too. Very Jesse-esque! I hear Beatles influences also, very White Album....Why Don’t We Do It In The Road....mixed with Revolution #9.
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