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  1. My new funk guitar Kontakt Instrument. Funkmaster - Fifth Avenue.
  2. Kontakt player has limitations and can really only be regarded as a demo version of Kontakt. One of those limitations is in the use of third party instruments. Kontakt Player 6 is hopeless in this regard and will only open instruments specifically designed for Kontakt Palyer 6. Most third party instruments will only function in the FULL version of Kontakt unless they have a VERY expensive lisence which most don't bother with. KONTAKT is not cost effective to buy on its own but as a part of KOMPLETE. KOMPLETE represents quite frankly astonishing value for money and is an industry standard and I would advise you to purchase it TODAY. It is awesome beyond belief. (And as I said contains the FULL version of KONTAKT).
  3. Hi, Here is my my new Tubular Bells Kontakt instrument. Sounds bonkers!!!!
  4. Blimey. I didn't even know such a thing as the "track interleave button" existed or what it does!! Did as you said and YES it worked. The dragged file is at the correct gain. Many thanks. You are a font of knowledge. I will be buying your book!
  5. BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you export as a stereo file, the gain remains as I recorded it!!! However it is now a stereo file. When I select "Split mono" in the channel Format drop down box, it delivers 2 mono channels at the original gain. Many thanks for taking the time to repond my friend. You saving me from insanity!
  6. 1. Don't use the export function. Instead, drag the file into the desired folder in the browser. I had no idea you could do that!!! But still louder.
  7. Ahh. So I'm not alone! That makes me feel a little better. It feels like some kind of bug to me.
  8. Thanks Craig. That is most helpful. I will investigate that tomorrow. I cannot tell you how much this is driving me around the bend.
  9. Hi, No, mono track exported to mono wav files.
  10. Hi, Yes, I did that. I exported out and then imported to a new track to verify. And yes, the 3db boost was still there. I am using 24bit. Wave files. I wasn't sure if the audio interface played any part, so thanks for that. I cannot understand it. There are no effects in this project. All faders are set to 0.0. Track and master. Pro channel is turned off. It makes no sense.. A
  11. I have tried all of them an get the same result. I only route to two outputs to my MOTU 828Mk3 (or a steree pair)
  12. SKANKMASTER KONTAKT Instrument Requires the full version of Kontakt (version 5.8.1 or later). BUY HERE! http://www.andydrudy.com/stuff.htm For creating reggae or ska guitar "skanks".
  13. Hi, When I export tracks, there seems to be a 3-4 db gain boost. I am exporting individual tracks. The fader reads 0.0, the gain reads 0.0, and the master fader bus reads 0.0. However when I open the exported track into Sound Forge, the track is peaking. I cannot see where there is any gain staging. There are no additional busses. No effects. Nothing. I am using every available option in the drop down box. I would have assumed "raw tracks" would have exported the track in its raw form, but it appears to boost the gain. This is driving me nuts! A
  14. Hi, I am having exactly the same problem and it is driving me nuts. A boost of about 3db. I am exporting stems. All busses are muted. Anyway I do it from the option box, including raw tracks, there seems to be this gain boost. I cannot see where there is any gain staging in the signal path.
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