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  1. FWIW, if you right click the CPU graph in Task Manager, you can show Logical Processors (aka cores) rather than Overall Utilization. It's possible that you'll see a 100% spike on one of the cores even though the CPU as a whole is hardly doing anything. Not that this helps solve your problem in any way...
  2. The Notes panel should ideally a) have a scroll bar when the content exceeds the visible height, and b) be scrollable with the mouse wheel (when editing the text).
  3. Unfortunately it requires the full Kontakt, so that's a non-starter for me.
  4. I've got the the legacy collection plus I bought the Arp Odyssey when it came out (for $50 or so, I believe). So I've got everything but the Triton. Digging the new UIs, both for their scalability (once you find where they hid that on each synth!), and the Arturia-esque patch browsers. And I believe I can install them on multiple computers using the same "but they can only be running at one place at a time" limitation that everyone uses. Pretty sure the old versions were tied to a single computer, but don't quote me. My only complaint is they want $149 for me to upgrade to KC V2, which only gets me the Triton. Not spending $150 for a VST recreation of a single 20 year old synth, pleasant though it might be. Even $99 would be a bit steep, to my mind.
  5. When clicking the double-up-arrow "minimize strip" button in the track view, it would be convenient/desirable (for me, at least) if it would also hide the take lanes and automation lanes for that track if they're open. I can't imagine I case where I'd want to minimize the track but keep the take lanes and/or automation lanes visible, but hell, make it a configurable option for people who rely on that behavior. And now that the track is minimized, I can't hide them without re-opening the track, hiding them, and re-minimizing the track. Obviously, re-opening the track should restore the view the way it was before it was minimized, both the vertical height (as it already does) as well as the visible status of the take/automation lanes.
  6. The $3/mo option works out well for me*, as it gets me Zenology and all the expansions for it. A small price to pay to have access to a large library of 'modern' synth sounds. I've already got a buttload of virtual analog VSTs from Arturia, IK, and others. This does things none of them can do. Sort of like having a non-crashy Rapture Pro with all the addons. Lots of 'real' sounds. The $10 Pro option seems overpriced, as it adds a D50 and TR808 emulation plus access to Concerto and their sample libraries. Nice to have, but don't need them at that price. Maybe later when Zenology Pro is out, as well as the "model expansions" (whatever they are) the $10 package will be more tempting. The $20/mo Ultimate (or whatever they called it) package appeals to me, because I'd *like* to have all the VST recreations of old Roland synths, but as a hobbyist I can't justify spending that to rent some 'nice to have's. One annoying caveat: the Zenology preset browser is a freakin' modal dialog. You can't interact with CbB at all while it's open. And given the hundreds (thousands?) of presets if you have all the expansion packs installed, you need to use the browser. That's some bad software design, right there, given that Arturia and everybody else managed to make modern preset browsers that don't interfere with the operation of the DAW. * To probably be dropped in a few months when I don't actually use it for anything. But for the moment, on paper, it seems like a thing that might be useful.
  7. John Bradley

    Arturia OB-XA

    That's not entirely impossible. A while back (1-2 years?) I upgraded from VC5 to VC6 for $69, as part of a "buy Pigments for $100 and get VC6 for another $69" deal. Still at VC6. Never saw a VC7 upgrade offer for $99 or less, and probably wouldn't have upgraded even if. The Mellotron is the only thing in VC7 that slightly interests me. Will wait for VC8 (at $99). Hopefully they'll add something else useful/interesting (to me) in 8, or I might skip that as well. Already have a wonderful OB in the form of OP-X Pro II.
  8. Wonder if it'll replace the great-sounding (but cryptic as hell) OP-X Pro II I've been using for the past decade. Also, maybe they'll put together an offering that'll make me want to upgrade to Arturia Collection 8. (Have 6, skipped 7.)
  9. It'd be real handy if the Plug-In Manager could use the power of the computer brain to indicate which plug-ins in the "Registered Plug-ins" list appear (or fail to appear, either works) somewhere in the heirarchy of folders in the "menu layout" list. Rather than rely on error-prone humans to carefully eyeball the two lists. When organizing dozens, scores, or hundreds of VSTs into one or more folder structures that makes sense, some feedback on which ones you might have missed (or listed multiple times, which may or may not be an error according to your personal filing system) would be most helpful.
  10. Not a new bug introduced in 2020.04, but still: If you click and drag on the Horizontal Zoom Control (the vertical bar-graph thing between the two magnifying glass icons) at the bottom of the Tracks pane while the track is playing, it's very easy for Cakewalk to miss the release of the mouse button (or so it seems). Practical effect is that the pop-up horizontal zoom panel remains open, the cursor remains the left-and-right-arrow thing, and there's no readily apparent way to stop the song or regain control of the DAW -- all input (include key presses) is being eaten by the popup. Or at least, that's how it behaves. I have to alt-tab away from CW and kill the process in the Task Manager, with predictable "loss of everything since last autosave" results.
  11. Loving the "copy/paste settings" on the ProChannel modules. Would love even more an ability to copy/paste an entire ProChannel between tracks. Yes, I can save a preset and load that preset to the other channels, but would prefer to do so without involving a file dialog. There's already too many presets in that folder and don't want to clutter it up with my own -- particularly when they aren't necessarily something I'd use in another project.
  12. Just installed 2020.04 build 179. Same problem.
  13. I'm seeing the same thing. Rendering my AudioSnap'ed tracks using Elastique Pro occasionally glitches and shifts a transient by a most-definitely noticable amount. See the screenshot. Top track is 'live', second one is rendered. For whatever reason, that first marked transient has been shifted nearly an 8th late, and second one has been shifted nearly a 16th late. The third one (and subsequent ones) are back in sync again. Happens fairly frequently, and requires a fair bit of surgery after the fact. In my current test case, 14 bars were significantly garbled in a 150 bar (5 minute) guitar track. Using 'Bounce to Track', with the Fast Bounce and 64-bit engines selected, none of the other checkboxes checked, channel format Mono. It's deterministic. Doing the bounce again (from the live source track) results in an identical set of errors, in the same places. Exact same errors if I bounce using Elastique Efficient instead. Bouncing with Radius Mix Advanced worked correctly - no glaring errors. On a hunch, I went back to using Elastique Pro, but splitting up the track into multiple clips. (The track had been one single clip, after flattening the comp.) Split the track every 12 bars. Considerably fewer glaring errors, but still a couple. Splitting the problem areas up even further (1 bar clips) fixed it further, but never got it quite right. For now, I'm just going to use Radius Mix Advanced instead, but hopefully this can be fixed!
  14. Minor issue, but one that should be relatively easy to fix. The "Clean Audio Folder" dialog and the "Unreadable Files" dialog that it can pop-up should both be resizable. Very easy for filenames to be longer than can be shown in the default list window. The CAF dialog at least has a horizontal scroll, which is workable, if inconvenient. The Unreadable Files dialog does not, and there does not seem to be any way to find out the full name of the items in the list. (Can't copy and paste to a Notepad or anything.)
  15. It could be improved... Here's my use-case. I record mono guitar tracks (guitar directly into interface) and do all the amp/fx work in the box (BlueCat Axiom). I normally leave the interleave at 'stereo', because I want the stereo effects done with Axiom to play back in stereo. At some point in the process I usually do the AudioSnap thing to clean up my mediocre playing. Once I've got the timings straight, I want to render the AudioSnap using the offline Elastique Pro. I bounce the uneffected guitar audio (channel format mono, the only ticked box is 'fast bounce') to another track, delete the original recording, and move the bounced clip up onto the track with the amp fx. As I never listen to the raw guitar recording without going through the amp sim, I hadn't noticed that it was boosting it by 3db. Though at some point I thought "hey, the track is a little 'heavier' than I remember it being". Thanks to this thread, I discovered that if I temporarily set the interleave to mono, do the bounce, move the data, and then set the interleave back to stereo, everything works as it should - no additional 3db of gain. A bit cryptic, and not what would be expected given the settings in the Bounce to Tracks dialog, but at least it works. Maybe a pop-up "You know, this is going to boost your recording by 3db" dialog box should appear, along with a "yeah, I understand, don't tell me again checkbox" for those who know about it. If the semi-bizarre behavior can't be changed without breaking a bunch of other things, at can at least be documented (in the app itself) to avoid the gotcha to new users.
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