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  1. Be nice if it would also host VST2s, but can't complain. Especially at this price. Obsoletes a *lot* of things, I imagine. For example, Blue Cat's MB-7 - which gave you up to 7 bands of separate 3rd-party effects chains for $129. This does up to 5 bands, for free. And easy parallel-ification of effects, without cluttering up the console with a mess of aux tracks. Ironically, this is something I would have happily spent $29 for!
  2. Yes, but the 17 saturation plugins I don’t need will be back up to their “regular” price of $49 or $129 or whatever if I don’t buy them right this very minute! So actually, I’m saving money….
  3. The Johnny Cash version, recorded in 2003 right before his death, is de-facto the version of the song. Sort of like how once he recorded Hurt, (and whomever made that killer video for it), it was his song now. Sorry Trent, but you know, it's Johnny Freakin' Cash. Anyway, both Marilyn Manson and myself were taking JC's version of the song as a starting point. But the song was written in 1946, and first recorded in 1947 with a very different feel. Good stuff, even if not really in tune with modern musical tastes.
  4. FWIW, I've got Neoverb. Never use it. Just don't see a time I'd want to effectively run a send into 3 different parallel reverbs. Presumably that's an Advanced Technique. Maybe if I did sparse songs (singer & piano/accoustic guitar) having an extra-yummy reverb would be something I could hear. Mostly I just use Breverb (Cakewalk Edition), as it's good enough for my purposes and light on the CPU. Also occasionally use R4 and/or Nimbus - which appear to be the same thing going under 2 different names, but whatever. And Supermassive for any huge space reverb needs I might have; which are minimal.
  5. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it!
  6. Free is free and all, but damn if that isn’t one ugly bit of UI design.
  7. Open the Event List for the track in question. Using the Event Manager (right click menu) filter the list to just the type of events you're interested in getting rid of. Having a way to deselect all the event types at once would be nice, but it's not obvious there is one. Highlight them all by clicking to the left of the first event and dragging to the bottom. Do not use Ctrl-A (select all), as that will select all the events in the current track, not just the ones shown in the Event List. Ctrl-X to cut them. Or select Edit | Delete from the main menu. As you note, pressing the Delete key only deletes one of them, not the selection – which seems odd and wrong, but it is what it is.
  8. Yeah, I've never sold any of my gear. Given it away, or thrown it in the trash when it's hopelessly obsolete and irrelevant, sure. But that's measured in decades, not years.
  9. Yep. I love the Valhalla plugins, and $50 always is a far more reasonable price model than "$139 marked down to $49 this weekend only!", BUT $50 is more than my impulse buy limit of $20-$30, and without that "gotta act now or lose this 'great' deal" pressure... well, I've only ever bought one of their plugins. Whereas 2getheraudio has gotten more money out of me, even though I rarely use their stuff these days, simply because of the "name your price" model. I'll apparently buy *anything* for $10!
  10. Never got on board. Thankfully PA (unlike PB) sells virtually nothing I want. Bought Tantra and Thorn, but most of what they seem to offer are emulations of classic analog gear. Maybe they sound great, but I don’t get the appeal of knob-based EQs with fixed frequencies, etc. when things like Fabfilter Pro Q 3 exist. Then again, I also don’t get the appeal of control surfaces, either, so it’s probably a personal shortcoming.
  11. A recent project – and it comes complete with a music video. The Johnny Cash version of the song has a video that was put together by a bunch of ticket-taking celebs sometime after his death. Let’s just say I doubt their sincerity vis-a-vis the message of the song. That, and the JC version (which is also a cover, btw) didn’t have nearly enough guitar for my tastes. This one has a swampy Texas blues ‘thing’, at least to my mind. I did the music, production, and put the video together. Friend of mine did the vocals, and a lovely community of like-minded folks contributed the video clips and stills used in the vid. Also, a more talented guitarist than I provided the first solo. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Hmm. Combined with the ability to bind "Render Region FX" to CTRL+ALT+M (or whatever), yeah, I'll pretty much never need to see the Region FX menu again. That's a worker - thanks!
  13. (The one that appears under Region FX in the context menu when you right click a clip.) I use Melodyne Studio constantly, and have zero use for VocalSync, V-Vocal, or Drum Replacer. I'd like to put Melodyne at the top of the list and/or remove the other three altogether, such that getting to Melodyne's sub-sub-menu (Create Region FX, etc.) is less fiddly.
  14. I'd go so far to say the solid-body electric guitar isn't an instrument at all, it's a controller. The instrument, the object you're actually playing, is the amp rig and fx setup. And the speaker cabinet and room, if you're playing at volume. The guitar itself is largely irrelevant once it's of sufficient quality that it's not actively impeding you. You can do nearly anything with anything.
  15. Thumbs up on Vital. I'd seen that video from Mr. Awesome Voice and grabbed most of the things he mentioned in there, but somehow I've never heard of 'Vital' before. Grabbed the demo, said "these are some yummy sounds, and I understand the UI without reading anything" and quickly upgraded to the $25 version. Really, really good. And yeah, I've never gotten into 'Surge'. D/L the latest version every now and then, poke around with it a bit and then forget about it for the next couple of months.
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