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  1. The entire video was assembled from free stock footage, so I had to work with what I coukd find. Yeah, funny thing. It’d been up on SoundCloud for a year and a half, and then out of the blue it was hit with a copyright strike and removed. “Cover” is not “fair use”, so there’s no defense beyond “don’t do covers”. Which is all I do. Anyway, thanks for listening. Glad you liked it!
  2. Thanks. To be fair, I'd never heard the song either, before the singer said "I want to do this obscure Cure song..."
  3. You’ll have to take that up with The Cure. 😀
  4. A cover of Lullaby I recorded in my bedroom (in Cakewalk, natch), in collaboration with two vocalists who live thousands of miles from me. Features an extended guitar solo, because why wouldn't it? Complete with a creepy video. NOT for arachnophobes!
  5. Thorn for $20 is a bargain. It's the first synth I reach for whenever I need something huge and modern sounding.
  6. I'm pleased to present what is probably one of the top-3 covers of I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas – because unlike White Christmas, I could only find a handful of covers for this classic! And does the original (or any of the other covers) feature an extended guitar solo AND a goofy animated hippo? Of course not. I rest my case! FWIW, there's an entire 13-song Christmas album of this sort of thing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob2wyuQqKoo&list=PLtwxdNkCVKIcvub4tOCOFVJgGGCFMp9k4
  7. You'll only see pitchwheel events in the Event List if they were recorded. But if the pitchwheel on the controller is not returning to zero, it will make whatever live (unfrozen) soft synth you have currently selected go sharp or flat. Disconnect or turn off the controller.
  8. Thanks for giving it a listen! All guitars were recorded direct and processed in-box via Blue Cat's Axiom. The vocals were recorded (dry) by the singers in their respective homes (Oklahoma and Spain) and emailed to me to glue together into a track. Melodyne Studio was crucial (as usual) in getting the vocal timings & pitches synced-up. Guitars and vocals are the only 'real' things in the mix. Drums are SSD5.5, bass is Modo Bass, piano is probably Addictive Keys Studio Grand, with other things (Kontakt, Arturia V-Collection, Spitfire's Epic Strings, etc.) providing additional instruments as neeeded.
  9. An interesting (?) cover of What Child Is This? done by me and my two singers – whom I've never actually met. Most people do What Child Is This and/or Greensleeves in 6/8, because that's how the song goes. This version is done in a funky swung 4/4, which might even cross the line into hiphop. Also there's a guitar solo, because of course there's a guitar solo. Note: There's a whole 13-song Christmas album of this sort of thing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob2wyuQqKoo&list=PLtwxdNkCVKIcvub4tOCOFVJgGGCFMp9k4
  10. Produced a 13-song, 52 minute Christmas album, with the help of my two female singers, as well as videos (of a sort¹) for all of the tracks. Because no one wants to go to Soundcloud to listen to a track, but with a little eye-candy maybe you can get someone to briefly give it a watch. The first two tracks are 'special' in various ways for reasons that aren't relevant. The remaining 11 fit the overall theme: traditional songs (both Christian & secular) from the '60s or earlier, done mostly in a "small '50s jazz/pop combo" vibe. Piano, clean guitar(s), bass, drums, and maybe some strings or an organ. And longer guitar solos, because that's the instrument I play. It's pleasant, I think. The album: YouTube (video playlist): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob2wyuQqKoo&list=PLtwxdNkCVKIcvub4tOCOFVJgGGCFMp9k4 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/john-bradley-298288478/sets/christmas Note: all the audio tracks on SoundCloud are freely downloadable. ¹ Most of the videos are static video loops just so you're not staring at a blank screen, but 4 of them are 'real' videos.
  11. "My name is John, and I'm a pluginaholic..." The first step is admitting you have a problem.
  12. Any influencer who tells me "no, seriously, you don't need to buy any more plugins" is a saint in my book.
  13. Thank you! A useful subforum on this site would be Plugins Anonymous, a support group where the 1000+ VST folks try to convince each other that "no, you do not need another plugin, even if it's free!" The flesh is weak, and falls to temptation all too easily. I for one still haven't seriously looked at the $200 of god-knows-what I bought during the Black Friday sales. The shame, the shame...
  14. There's not enough room to display them (it's an all-or-nothing deal). Just drag the divider between the left and right panes over to the right a bit and they should show up.
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