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  1. Hear hear! I'm currently doing a song that has 24 tracks of vocals... so far. (Everything is double tracked.) Getting that tightened up in both pitch and timing would be well-nigh impossible without Melodyne Studio. Other than having much better singers and making them do take after take until they get it right, which isn't feasible for a whole host of reasons!
  2. I’ve had a number of my Christmas songs copyright claimed on Youtube – though still allowed. The copyright trolls just want to claim any nonexistent revenue I’d get. I’ve pointed out to Youtube that the claimant has no business claiming copyright on new performances of songs that are centuries old and most definitely in the public domain (e.g, Auld Lang Syne, Greensleeves, hymns written in the 1800s, etc.) and I’ve been completely ignored. If I had any hope or intention of making money with my vids I’d be annoyed, but as is, I’m mostly bemused.
  3. The way midi tracks display when there are overlapping clips has been annoying me forever. And CW just loves creating them when you play around editing in the PRV long enough and start copy/pasting or ctrl-drag-and-dropping, or whatever. I’ve never once wanted overlapping midi clips, but there ya go. I’m used to bouncing them back to a single flat clip and re-splitting them at my markers (and losing my edited clip names in the process), but yeah, if the Track View wasn’t lying to me by saying there’s no notes (or fewer notes) where there blatantly are some, I probably wouldn’t care about the overlapping clips thing. —- FWIW, my use case is “I never record any midi; I compose & ‘type it in’ in the PRV.”
  4. Or put the effect on stereo bus and route the track there. I do it all the time when I want to fade out or mute an instrument (via volume automation on the track), but *not* abruptly cut off any reverb or delay.
  5. It should be noted that licensing the rights to do a cover is a mechanical process, and surprisingly inexpensive. On the order of $250 per song. Of course for that to make sense you have to think you can sell $250 worth of downloads, which is pretty unlikely for most of us. So personally, I don’t even try to make money with my tracks. It’s easier that way!
  6. I do this all the time. Depends what you mean by “legal”. It’s still the same song, so you can’t sell it without licensing it first. You can typically post it on YouTube and SoundCloud without issue. YouTube will identify that there’s a copyright claim on the song (sometimes erroneously, such as songs that are in the public domain), but nearly everyone not named Don Henley has figured out it’s in their interest to allow covers on YouTube - sans monetization, of course.
  7. Yeah, what John said. I upgraded to Melodyne Studio several years ago, and I don't regret a cent of it. Best money I've ever spent at the DAW Thing. The ability to work with multiple tracks simultaneously is so critical. I use it on everything I actually record, both vocals and guitars. (Everything else I do in PRV.) Vocals: adjusting lead vocals, and tightening up timing and fixing (or creating new) harmonies. (You can get away with a lot on backing vocal tracks.) Guitars: tightening up timing on multi-guitar rhythm tracks and leads, cutting out any noise between 'chugs', and occasionally tweaking a lead note. I record guitars dry and do the amp sim in-the-box, so even if any artifacts are introduced, they get crushed by the distortion applied afterwards.
  8. The tune is a take on The House of the Rising Sun – which is actually an ancient folk ballad (16th or 17th century), not written by The Animals as I'd always thought – with new Nativity-based lyrics. And two guitar solos, because. BTW, while I (showing some degree of restraint!) haven't posted most of them here, I've produced 20 Christmas tracks of various sorts over the past 2 years. They're all in this playlist, if anyone's curious: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtwxdNkCVKIcvub4tOCOFVJgGGCFMp9k4
  9. Thanks again! I'm 59 and I'd never heard the original (or as far as I know, any Joni Mitchell song) until a few weeks ago when the singer said "I want to do this one". Glad I did it justice in the eyes of someone who's more familar with her music.
  10. Thanks! My primary female singer (who lives 1500 miles away from me) brought in her opera-singing kid sister to do the soprano parts. I was blown away, even if I had to tone down her heavy vibrato to be more 'pop'! 😄
  11. Only more guitar-based, 'cause that's what I play.
  12. Our heavier, guitar-based take on this traditional carol.
  13. "Hello, my name is John, and I'm a vstaholic..."
  14. Hey, when you do something for over 50 years, your entire adult life, what else you gonna do? They probably don’t have any hobbies to speak of. No one complained when the ‘40s crooners or the ‘50s rockers were still performing right up until the day they died.
  15. Same here. Been happily using my Rode NT1 since the late ‘90s. Best $200-300 I’ve ever spent.
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