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  1. I'm constantly pleasantly surprised by the quality of work on this forum, and here's another great track.

    Good balanced backing, but the stand-out here is the strength of the vocal which stands alongside the original Grace Slick / Airplane track. It's also good that you took a direct shot at it, nothing outlandish.

    Great work



  2. Hi Paul, wow - I thought the instrumentation, balance and production sounded greta, smooth and professional.  And then the words hit, and (as a fellow Brit, and also as a near West-Midlander) you hit quite a few nails on the head, good blended vocal work, too.

    Great track, it should have a wider distribution nationally.

    Well done!


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  3. I did have my eye on the Bolder Roots Upright Bass, but I've just bought it.  It's a lovely bass, great sounds and a lot of options to control the sounds. Great biting percussive edge for the rootsy genres of music . I haven't been through all the nuances yet, but it looks a belter for jazz, rock, rootsy acoustic folk, etc.

  4. Great sound, nice punchy and raunchy.  The ending is quirky, not a problem in principle, just that the sax sound is a little weird, and probably needed some stereo widening .. probably.  I have Jam Origin guitar and bass, never used them properly yet, I ought to have a go with them.



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  5. Great sound, Kenny, especially the guitar tone.  Good work (as always).

    I'll tell you what - the standard of work here on Cakewalk songs is way better than the tracks on the "Made with Cubase" forum (I hope none of them are here). 



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  6. 1 hour ago, kitekrazy said:

    Other than being free is there any other legit reason to install this?

    Not really.  I presume we've all got scores of saturation, tape and console emulators. And here's another one.

    But - it just may be the one you've been looking for. Or not...

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Dave Maffris said:

    Thinking of getting this (heck, it's free!), but wondering--in CbB, are you using this in addition to, or instead of the Console Emulation Pro Channel?

    No fixed rules - try it all ways.

    Technically I'd say without.  Two emulations of the same virtual kit is not really emulating any real life (if emulations ever do), but you may hit on a magic formula between the two (and any other emulations you can throw in at the same time).

    Dress those channels up like a Christmas Tree (CPU permitting) - throw in all the emulations you've got.

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  8. Works fine in Cubase (and CbB)

    I expected the online form filling to be more hassle than it was worth, but I've tried it and it works very well.  There's quite a few variations you can go through, but it does add a few dbs to its output, probably giving an impression of its power.  But if you tame the output back down, it still has some grit to add. 

    Interesting to play around with, and woth the money-free hassle.


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