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  1. jerrydf

    Karofyer Sale

    Check out those Big Rusty Drums.
  2. jerrydf

    Karoryfer Sale

    "Most of our samples are on sale now, until the end of April 2021. This will be the only sale we do until November, except for intro prices on new stuff we might release in the meantime." https://karoryfer-samples.myshopify.com/ I think we all know the site and the developer. Really good stuff. The Big Rusty Drums are fabulous and a steal at this price. The walkthrough video is also highly entertaining! jdf
  3. Yes, that's a fair approach. If you want to go a little deeper, you could monitor the comparative frequency domains of the ranges of notes and derive the EQ from there. This could be by taking a simple audio editing program (like Audacity) and analysing the harmonics generated for each note (or at least evry few ful-tones or so) from the pick up compared to the microphone version. This would show where the pick up is adding or subtracting harmonic content throughout the range. You may end up with something like the EQ you already have, but it would be a good scientific check. However that doesn't cover the other subtleties of things like phase-shift responses both within the air space of the mandolin body, or of those conducted through the body. There's not a lot you can do about that side of things on a simple EQ correction. Maybe you could create your own IR from your own instrument. Of course, now we're into professional lab/studio set-ups and selected microphones. jdf
  4. Agreed, Reid. OTS Passion Flute offers a lot of depth.
  5. VG Jazz Clarinet - 45% off intro offer. $22.00 (Reg. $39.99) Until April 12, 2021. NI Kontakt Sound Library, WAV, NKI https://vgtrumpet.com/product/vg-jazz-clarinet/ Actually I don't know anything about VG, although I've just seen some good reviews of their trumpet and other stuff. The demos look and sound convincing
  6. If you record with your pickup, you might want to try a mandolin impulse response. There's some good ones around and they tame the piezo sound of the pickup.
  7. Yes, I got that email too. Excellent work by Dennis, who is also one of the best supportive developers in the game.
  8. I'm becomming conditioned (inthe UK media). I speed-read this as "Arcuri ..." jdf
  9. If that was a Fender Stradivarius the tremolo block would have sent the tuning completely out.
  10. Interesting twitter thread from Steinberg this morning (unless they've been hacked): +++ Hello all, For many of you this is the announcement you have been waiting for. While we put our heart and soul into developing ground-breaking products in your best interests, we haven’t accomplished our promise to provide you with the user experience you deserve in every part of Steinberg’s technologies in recent time. We have been listening to your feedback for years, but significant changes need time, and we had to carefully lay out our vision for the future. But now the time has come to put our approach to license management at the center of our attention. We have decided to adopt a new license management technology that everyone will benefit from to prepare for coming requirements. An authorization system shouldn’t get in your way, but support you in the onboarding process. Anti-piracy protection technology shouldn’t restrict you as the customer, but secure your investment. A license management shouldn’t stop you from using your products, but enable you to be creative, whenever and wherever you are. At this point in time, all we can tell you is that everyone at Steinberg is strongly committed to providing you as soon as possible with a solution that offers more flexibility, more reliability and, of course, a seamless migration. It’s too early to announce details on the schedule or the new environment, but one thing is for sure: The future will be dongle-free. The Steinberg Team
  11. jerrydf

    Hyperflute Element

    I sleep all night and I work all day
  12. Merry Christmas to you all from leafy Warwickshire Cheers and fill your glasses, please. Full Kontakt not required. Jerry
  13. It is now mine (with a free harmonica)
  14. Can I send you a list of things to look at tonight?
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