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  1. 30 minutes ago, User 905133 said:


    Just in case it wasn't clear, both expressions of "Thanks" were and still are sincere. 

    If you thought I was being sarcastic, I wasn't.  

    No, just injecting some levity (tm). I'm the guy that posts a question asking where the Play button is. SCook and msmcleod always come through except for the beer part.

    Seriously, I took your comments as positive in that (I think) I asked a questions that others have pondered. Not sure why the thumbs down but maybe it was just a misunderstanding. Without faces, words only do half the job and with faces, words get overworked.

  2. I'm sure this is answered on the first page of the manual but ...

    Is there a way to add tracks to a soft synth outputs after inserting it as a Simple Instrument Track but switching it to multiple outputs?

    Scenario using EzDrummer:

    1. Insert EzDrummer as a Simple Instrument Track. You get one track.

    2. Go into the Mixer and change the Kick output from 1 to 2 .

    3. How to I create a track that is now listening to that number 2 output?

    Right now I insert a new Ez Drummer with an Instrument Track per output and then copy over the patterns.

    Is there another way? I played with Insert Multiple Track using the Midi section but none appear to be pointed to the EzDrummers second output.

    Am I missing something?

  3. I got the opportunity to hang out with Mike Pinder several times trying to help him solve a digital recording issue. We got to talking about the recording techniques of the Moody Blue, mixes, etc. On this topic he did say was that Hayward's guitar was often recorded at extreme volume levels to the point that being in the room with the amps was painful. But the sound was great!


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  4. re: Replacing Synth

    I'm trying to understand something here. I can replace the synth in a simple instrument track, but there is no indication it changed. The only way to know is to split the track and look at the output. When you first insert/create an instrument track, the synth name appears in the track name field. But when you switch the synth, the name field doesn't change. That does make sense in case you renamed the track and don't want to lose it. But in any instrument track you insert, the name of the synth is lost the instant you change the track name.

    But other wise, is there any indication in an instrument track that the synth really did change other than splitting it?

  5. Yes, I'm seeing it too. If I try to run buffers under1024 I risk the audio engine generating tons of static noise just sitting idle. During playback it will dropout or generate the static like its a feedback loop.

    Nothing has changed in settings or Cakewalk as far as I know. Only the new Windows updates. No wifi, no conflicting audio devices, no mismatched audio bit/depth settings, no other programs running, no new plugins, no ASIO driver changes. The latency monitor says everything is fine but I haven't been able to run it while its generating the static. Sometimes it just stops. Rebooting doesn't fix it. At times it will be fine for an hour with smaller buffers and then go south.

    During record, I can still set the buffers to 64 and be OK with FX off. 32 will work if the project is simple with few effects.  But playback now needs large buffers. I am certainly a VST hog and it could be Windows and that colliding now but it's worked for a long time.

    At this point I might play with some Cakewalk setting to see if it helps.

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  6. 36 minutes ago, Lokong Otim said:

    I'm an Ardent Linux user and open source fan, but if cakewalk doesn't want to make it's software open source, they shouldn't (after all, they own the software.)

    Issue is: why not compile a Linux version? it's not as hard as doing a mac version, and it's not a must for it to be open source.

    Tracktion is doing it with its waveform DAW. The music industry would benefit much more from Bandlab releasing a linux version of cakewalk .

    I don't believe Linux or any Unix clone has the libraries and controls readily available to just "recompile it."

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