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  1. 11 [Internal] Unexpected error while processing audio buffer. Try saving then closing and reopening the project.

    Well even that error explanation is unexpected ... Do you lose all audio or does it come and go?

  2. You can duplicate the track (Duplicate Track) and then move the events/waves to the new track. Likely easier than a chain but you can create a "chain" (bundle of plugins) and save it in a preset. I do this a lot on sounds I want to use again.

    Save the settings of each effect in a preset.

    On the track with the effects, right click on the FX window title bar and select Save FX Rack as an FX Chain. Give it name and save.

    In the new track, right click on the FX title bar and select Insert FX Chain Preset. Pick the one you save and it will load that chain (group of plugins.) You will get a single label with all of the plugins inside.

    You can expand it back to the list by right clicking and Select Extract FX Chain Plugins.

    Reload the presets for each plugin. There might be a way to do both the presets and chain at the save time but I haven't found it. I use the Duplicate Track methods and copy the events into it.

    Read the manual regarding FX Chains. https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf


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  3. 21 hours ago, sky fu said:

    Bonjour ,

    je vien de me lancer sur le " nouveau " sonar 

    j'ai un soucis avec le " start stop" via la barre espace .

    habituellement je sélectionnais un endroit sur la Le time-lapse avec un clic gauche puis a chaque fois que je lançais 

    ou stoppais la lecture le curseur revenais a cette endroit  mais la non ...  

    du coup c'est une vrai galère ... 

    Soit je revient au début via " w " soit ca stop puis repart après le point stop 

    une idée ? 

    Ca ne faisait pas ca sous sonar x et antérieure ... 

    merci par avance 


    I come to launch on the "new" sonar I have a problem with the "start stop" via the space bar. usually I selected a place on the Time-lapse with a LEFT CLICK then every time I launched or stop reading the cursor returned to this place but the no... so it's a real galley... Either I go back to the beginning via "w "or ca stop then leave after the stop point an idea? It was not that under sonar x and earlier... thank you in advance

  4. Just now, abacab said:

    Rules made to be broken! :)

    But this is just good advice. Use them if you want to, but if you have any trouble it's unlikely that you will receive any good help, other than a suggestion to look for replacements.

    I agree but I've tried to post what work-arounds (if any) that I know for those trying to deal with problems. Posts that are essentially "you are wrong for trying to figure out what changed" aren't helpful. Certainly, anyone that does a search for the "Forbidden Three" will quickly get the impression that those are not up to snuff anymore and should they be thinking of replacements. But if some of us know some short term solutions to try, why not tell them?

    And I am joking about the "Forbidden Three." We can obviously ask anything we want.

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  5. 1 hour ago, John Vere said:

    Actually there is one good reason to start using others- eventually they won't work. It's best to keep abreast of software updates. You fall to far behind you'll have issues with that project 3 or 4 years down the road. TTS-1 is a good example. It's just barley co-existing at this point in time. It's going to be a sad day for many when W11 and Cakwalk build 134 kill it.

    You should not build your house out of crumbling bricks. 

    Right.  When they stop working, stop using them.  When they work, use them. But no need to stop using then when they work. I would certainly prepare for that day though but for now, they work.

    We're not allowed to discuss TTS-1 here or V-Vocal or surround ... Lol. J/K. ;)


    I'm having a problem with A.

    Don't use A, use B.

    But I want to figure out what happened to A first.

    No, use B damn it and don't ask about A. Only losers use A. ;)

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  6. Get a strobe tuner for your phone like the Peterson iStrobesoft unless you need it in Cakewalk directly for some reason. It will also allow you to do slight cent offset tuning that is nice on guitars in some situations. It will accurately read down to cents. There are adapters available to plug directly into the phone if necessary. 

    Or spring for an external strobe unit.

  7. 2 hours ago, Richard Strickland said:

    Thanks, freezing was the answer for me. However, I'm still uncertain of how I'm supposed to route the effects. The reverb and compression are routed to their own tracks but is this really needed? There is a faint audible sound coming from these two tracks so I'm unclear of the purpose. 

    If you want to change the level of the reverb and compression signal you can do it in the EZD mixer if you are running single stereo output or via the CW tracks if you are running multichannel outputs. What you are hear on those are the compression and reverb signals before they are mixed back in.

    I use EZD in Instrument track per output mode so I get all of the outputs in a separate track. Then I can add an effect to each one if I like. You can also select Multichannel in the mixer to point each one to a separate track.

  8. I normalize to raise the level. If I can get the level I want without it, it won't bother but there are times where with the fader is up and the prochannel is maxed and throw in the Sonitus compressor cranked to the right, it's still not enough then I will normalize, but only to -6db tops to give me some headroom. Why didn't I record at higher levels in the first place? Damn good question but I didn't and I need to fix it since I can't do it again.

    I don't see any reason to be scared about it, it's just gain which is all over Cakewalk in every step. Cakewalk isn't analog. That said, I use it sparingly post-effects since many have a processing noise floor that can become obvious real quick. But Noel's point about the 'dynamic range' available makes it generally unnecessary in most cases.

    And what is wrong bring up an old thread? There seems to be people that just can't handle it. And if they start a new thread, someone will post that a thread already exists. Put down the badge and enjoy the forum.

  9. I have yet to hear any artifacts in an export even when I am doing other things on the computer and maxing out the CPU. It might take longer but it works. I like that the CPU gets maxed out during export to get it done faster.

    When my exports do wrong it usually flat out missing something or I had a wrong selection.

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