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  1. I tried the File/Export/Audio method and when set to what I thought was the right parameters for a total mix-down, it didn't. It created a 4kb file of nothing. I fiddled about and finally got a complete mix-down. I am not sure if I was stuck in the "random clip was select" hell but what would seem to be intuitive settings like Entire Mix didn't do it. I need to read more about this. Otherwise the early access version works.

  2. I accidentally overwrote a prochannel preset. Is there a way to restore/recover it (the .pcp file.) I only have Cakewalk running on one machine. I looked at the older Sonar CDs and there doesn't appear to be a specific selection for the presets. I can ask a friend to send me the file but I was curious is its available on the installation somehow.

    Any insight appreciated?

  3. I think because it could constantly vary. At the beginning of projects I often don't notice it but I know it will build up.

    I did suggest a switch to automatically defeat FX and PDC during record (so I don't forget) but it wasn't accepted.

  4. At some point the faders need to be faders and not amplitude modulation at a fast rate. But you are certainly free to want them to act in a specific way. Noel's point about processing load is valid (in my opinion) and vibrato should be left to a plugin.

    There are just better and more accurate ways to add vibrato to a track. Drawing it on the volume automation appears to me to be a rather tedious method.

    Have you tried Reaper or Pro Tools? They might better facilitate your wants.

  5. 44 minutes ago, Glenn Stanton said:

    as Terry mentions - a modulation effect would likely be a better tool, or use the wave function on the envelopes - triangle, sine etc to create the vibrato instead of using fader moves.

    Wave function - good idea. II need to remember that!

  6. 4 hours ago, apt said:

    @Noel Borthwick

    Here's a more obvious example. I recorded a vibroto that's not so deep, and the smoothing process completely ruined the vibrato. :(



    You are trying to get vibrato using a fader that can't move fast enough. Imagine a fader on a mixing board and trying to move it fast enough for vibrato. It's not the right solution for your needs. Add a vibrato plugin in the FX bin then automate the dry/wet where you need it.

    I think you've been successful in the past but you've run into the limits of what you can do with a fader.

  7. 33 minutes ago, Promidi said:

    I think he is after a mid point marker for the PAN CC10 controller.  The centre value for pan is a value of 63, not zero.  If you open up the PRV and select CC10 in the controller lane, there is no horizontal line denoting the value of 63 - which is the centre value for CC10.

    To see what I mean, open up the PRV and select “Wheel” in the controller lane.  That MIDI event lane does indeed have a horizontal line showing where the pitch bend value of zero is. This makes it a bit easier to insert Wheel = 0 events (You see a small dot where the event is if the value is zero).  It would be handy if CC10s showed a horizontal line denoting a value of 63 - which is the centre value for CC10.

    What I have done is created a Studioware panel (using a very early version of Cakewalk) with CAL scripts attached that inserts default values for the most used controllers - of course, for CC10, it inserts a value of 63.

    Thanks, yeah I get it now.

  8. 15 hours ago, Xel Ohh said:

    I would like to have a zero point for Panning and not guess what number I should be at when doing automation or when I'm in the piano roll.. just a zero point a +100 for complete right and a -100 for complete left not sure how hard this is but it would help out alot when doing automation for Panning.

    I'm not clear what you are wanting. In Cakewalk, a double click on most things will center or zero the control. Many plugins don't follow this action though.

    Midi velocity goes to 0, volume goes to 101, pan goes to center or 0.

    Wave volume goes to 0.0, pan to 0 or center and gain goes to 0.

  9. 30 minutes ago, msmcleod said:

    Paste always pastes to the active track, which is indicated by the name being highlighted. There can only be one active track.

    The track number being highlighted indicates that the track is selected, and many tracks can be selected.

    Ah, so I see why it works. If you select the track number, the name automatically highlights too (so it's now the active track.) But if you then click on a track name, it becomes the active track and the track where you clicked the number isn't active even though the number is still highlighted.  I always click on the track number which also makes it the active track so I never got burnt. I only click on the name if I plan on changing it.

    Very important distinction!

  10. You are right. It pastes to the highlighted track name not the number. I never noticed that but I've always highlighted the number and never highlighted a name as a second step.

    Oh geez, I see the dust of the manual posse on the trail behind us ...

  11. As long as I highlight the track and make sure the marker is where I want the paste, even a simple CTRL-V will work. But I have to make damn sure both of those are where I intended. If I copy a clip from and track and intend to copy it back to a new location on the same track, I usually don't need to highlight the track but there are times where either nothing happened or it went somewhere into the ether. And then if you hit CTRL-Z to undo the mystery paste you risk undoing a previous change somewhere.

    So I pay close attention to highlighting the track and the location of the marker.

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