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  1. On 9/8/2021 at 2:55 PM, Onegin said:

    Greetings, I'm embarrassed to report that I can't figure out how to utilize Pigments along with Cakewalk. I was told this was possible, perhaps I was misled? If it is indeed possible, please let me know how I get the two synced together. Either way, thank you for your time & consideration.

    More info is needed. Does cakewalk even see it? And if so, what is happening that is the issue?

  2. I recall Noel saying there was some architecture challenge (or limitation) to doing this. I agree, it would be nice. It might be on their to-do list though.

  3. At least rule out that the CPU is not overheating and throttling. Get something like Core Temp. You have to eliminate all possibilities. I had this issue on my laptop. And for some reason recording increased the CPU temp and it hit it's limit and I started getting static.

    Just a thought.

  4. 34 minutes ago, Noel Borthwick said:

    A new EA build has been posted that includes fixes for several reported issues and numerous improvements. Please check it out and report back if you encounter any problems.


      @Terry Kelley hopefully your problems with the last beta should be resolved.


    Happy labor day weekend!

    It appears to have fixed it. I tried BB=0 and 245 (which failed before.) If I see any other issues I'll let you know. Thanks.

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  5. Older one's will slowly roll off as new ones are added assuming you add new ones. I don't think you can directly remove them. Maybe the developers or Scook can comment.

    You do have the ability to pin certain ones to the Startup  (splash) screen by selecting the list view and clicking on pin symbol.

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  6. 51 minutes ago, Noel Borthwick said:

    Yes in the new export dialog there is a way to set the export buffer size independently. Try with that set to 0 which uses the same buffer size as playback.
    I suspect the issue is related.

    Yes, it changes with the bounce buffer. I sent over two wave examples. One is with bounce = 0 and ASIO =256 (in sync) and the other is bounce = 250 and ASIO=256 (out of sync.)

    I'll forward that section of midi shortly. There is certainly a distinct difference in export speeds between the two.

    Edit: Changed -250 to =250

  7. 3 hours ago, Noel Borthwick said:

    @Terry Kelley Rolling back without providing any info is not going to help us solve the issue you are running into before we release. 
    Can you provide like to a small project that has this issue? By any chance are you using the export buffer size higher than your audio device buffer size. There is an issue we're investigating there.

    Hi Noel,

    Left me see if I can pare it down and still demonstrate the issue. It's all midi using EZDrummer, Ample Guitar, Xpand!2 (several), Arturia Piano V2, True Piano and EZKeys Cinematic and Mellotron.  Let me reinstall 99 and check the buffer settings. For the export buffer, I assume you mean the value in the advanced settings and not something in preferences?


  8. 8 hours ago, Will_Kaydo said:

    If this is related to the EA, kindly provide the development team the project where this issue occurred to diagnose the problem - otherwise this could carry over to the official release.


    There's nothing is EA99 that I need at this moment so I will wait for the dust to settle and stick with 058. I tried advanced too but not every combination of buffer and other settings.  I would like a setting that is effectively "Just Mix Down The Whole Damn Song As It Sounds Like When It Plays" without wondering if I need some setting tweaked to accomplish what the toolbar Export does - when it works. :)

    I get that to be able to export the various buses, clips, tracks, etc. to do some pretty slick stuff requires the dialog to be rather complex. But a "Just Mix Down the Damn Song" button would be cool too in the Advanced settings unless advanced effects the tool bar export. I haven't tried that yet.

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