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  1. randyman


    I've been running Cake in all it's forms since version 3 on AMD processor machines without issues. Since the motherboard you mention is just released, I'd assume that few have any experience with it.
  2. Try this! https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/pianos/clavinova/clp-635/downloads.html#product-tabs
  3. randyman

    All times Cakewalk::.

    Like Bapu I started with Voyetra Sequencer Plus in DOS. Joined up to Cakewalk in version 2.0 and have been there ever since. As to the original question asked... looks and logo's are all relevant to the 'time'. Being mostly a keys player, I like the first one with a keyboard and the brand of Twelve Tone'. At that would hold true in western Culture.
  4. randyman

    Tightening up Rhythm Guitars

    A trick I used to use 'back in the day', was to use a gate on the best track and have it trigger the other tracks. (works in background vocals too, etc.). When done, they will sound like they're very tight. Good luck!
  5. randyman

    How to mic a loud guitar

    sm57 is my choice for guitar cab work - agree with leadfoot