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  1. On the AKAI site, it indicates that if you register it you will receive a software download card that includes a mapping editor. Have you looked there?
  2. Often less is more and agreed, that you should stay away from 'mastering a track'. That would only apply to a spoken word (book reading, podcast, etc.) type of thing with only one person. As others have mentioned, get the track mix to sound the best using some of only the basic things, eq, compression, some basic plugin (guitar cabs, etc.)., then start working to me it shine. That typically doesn't require a lot of things if the mix is done well in the beginning. I have stripped some tunes of every plugin and started over a few times. (I should have done that more in the past 😉 Good luck!
  3. I'm confused that I don't have the amount of time I'd like to spend on music... and oddly, it seems to be getting less and less. So, what's up with that? Love your stuff. Good luck!
  4. an Aux set up as 'pre' perhaps? Check what is in the routing and what John said.
  5. Recently (as of last night actually), I had updated the drivers for my FocusRite interface. Crackling, poor performance, etc. is what entailed. It took me a little bit to figure out what was going on (never mind that I was imbibing 😀. Anyway, I wound up uninstalling everything focusrite including registry items, and pulled out the initial CD from 2013 and installed it from there. PFM! Everything returned to 'normal' as in low latency, VST instruments responding and the like and well, more like one would expect. FWIW, I've had the same thing occur in my work environment for 'new' video drivers being installed. Worked great for about 10% of the users (2500 users), though the rest suffered. Sometimes it pays to keep old installers. Working in software engineering, sometimes you just don't want to fix something that isn't broke. Always keep a working backup. Yes Really! BACKUP 🤗
  6. It was always my understanding that unless all cores of the CPU are at 100%, there is still things it can do. That being said (it is theory of course...) if it doesn't sound like a problem, then it's not a problem. Though, I'd close down anything that is not relevant to what I was doing. Those background processes can be more intrusive than you think. Good luck!
  7. I've been running Cake in all it's forms since version 3 on AMD processor machines without issues. Since the motherboard you mention is just released, I'd assume that few have any experience with it.
  8. Try this! https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/pianos/clavinova/clp-635/downloads.html#product-tabs
  9. Like Bapu I started with Voyetra Sequencer Plus in DOS. Joined up to Cakewalk in version 2.0 and have been there ever since. As to the original question asked... looks and logo's are all relevant to the 'time'. Being mostly a keys player, I like the first one with a keyboard and the brand of Twelve Tone'. At that would hold true in western Culture.
  10. A trick I used to use 'back in the day', was to use a gate on the best track and have it trigger the other tracks. (works in background vocals too, etc.). When done, they will sound like they're very tight. Good luck!
  11. sm57 is my choice for guitar cab work - agree with leadfoot
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