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  1. Or select the line and Ctrl+Shift-drag it to the desired position.
  2. I wonder how freeing licenses and installing the updates in the new machine is done as the old machine is (has always been) off-line. Well, I'll find out.
  3. Thanks for advice and participation everyone! The power supply is replaced and the machine is working, but I'll get a new machine anyway. It's too obvious, that something else fails in relatively near future. The setup is over 15 years old, IIRC, except for the HDDs which I replaced when they were seven years old. CbB is part of the plan, yes. Does the 32 bit SONAR 8.5 and VSTs work quite normally on a 64 bit system? Does the per project update to 64 bits work so, that in CbB I open a project made in 32 bits, update the VSTs and whatever, and then simply save it? I'm aware of that 32 bit plugins can sometimes be problematic with 64 bit SONAR or CbB no matter what adapter app you use. Does Dimension Pro work in CbB? @bdickens: Yes, being reasonably up to date would have been practical. But having finally got a set up that works without any hickups, and already feeling guilty for spending too much money on a hobby the fruits of which only I can enjoy, I just decided to zip my wallet come what may. Especially because the next step would have inevitably required a totally new machine switching to 64 bit OS.
  4. I've come to the point when I can't avoid starting to plan a total upgrade. The power unit of my trusted xp-combo (see signature) died of old age, and that surely is a sign of other kinds of troubles approaching, too. I'm curious to know any heads-up info that might be useful in the operation, especially conserning the updates of the VSTi's, or any incompatibility problems. As I haven't updated the system in over ten years (it's off-line), I won't get any update discounts, and most likely also the audio interface E-MU 1820 will be unusable in Win11 (?). Not being in the working life anymore, most likely I'll have to settle for something less or cheaper. So, if there's anything weird you know about Kontakt, Melodyne, Ozone, Addictive Drums etc or anything that might cause surprises in moving from XP/32 bits to WIN11/64 bit and SONAR 8.5 ( 🙃 ) I'd be glad to know. I do have the 8.5 DVD so I suppose I can get it installed and activated somehow, too. I don't even know if my backup HDDs used in the 32bit system will be usable in 64 bits!
  5. Does the good old "Use per project audio folders" check box exist in CbB?
  6. ...and you are talking about Bandlab or Cakewalk by Bandlab (CbB) ? There's confusion about it every now and then here.
  7. If the SI-drums have a humanize-function, that should do?
  8. MIDI has nothing t do with audio, so whatever/however you set your MIDI keyboard connections, it has nothing to do with your audio quality. The only thing that matters audio-quality-wise is what kind of samples/synths you trigger with the MIDI.
  9. My first PC had a 80 MB HDD. It was too big for the Mobo to handle, so it had to be partitioned. I couldn't afford such a machine, but my brother in law was working in a PC workshop and could arrange good deals, one part at a time.
  10. Wasn't it "Redraw waveforms" back then?? And emptying picture cache, thus letting SONAR to recreate it is one of the potential solutions as well, isn't it?
  11. The answerss above left me wondering, does CbB really handle still photos, as the OP suggests, and how? As you can't edit the duration of the stills anyway, right?
  12. Having an open mic beside loudspeakers is a very obvious reason for feedback loop. That stutter-issue sounds like "motorboating" (?), of which there's been many threads. I don't remember the details of the solution now, neither have time to dig. Sorry.
  13. ASIO only accepts one gadget at a time unless they're identical. At least that's how it used to be.
  14. It would be very cool to have the chords marked automatically in the CbB lyrics view using for example markers as chord pointers. That way they would change automatically when the project is edited. Of course you can do it in any word processing app, but it's not that fluent. It takes some time to get the routine.
  15. Do you mean that when recording a single track, you can hear the audio (I can't imagine anyone recording twelve tracks without hearing the audio at all any time), but when listening through Master Bus, it's silent?
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