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  1. No, I mean a dotted line telling that there is data where it ends.
  2. Just curious: Was there a dotted line on any track from measure 41 to 59?
  3. Over thirty years with CW/Sonar and still learning things I've never heard of...!! I've participated many dozens of threads about corrupt bundle files and such, but can't remember ever hearing of that possibility. Even though it seems like a logical thing to try when salvaging the content of a corrupt bundle. How is a " wave-bundle- file" played back? All audio tracks after one another? MIDI not handled, I presume?
  4. However, it's very recommendable that you save the project as cwp instead on bun or cwb-file. Bundle files are vulnerable. When it gets corrupt, it's gone. Bundles are not recommended for long time storage, but only for sending files back and forth when co-operating.
  5. In the last post the OP writes he's now using a Focusrite and a condenser mic.
  6. You just need to activate the motherboard soundchip (Often Realtek High Definition or something). It should be listed in the same place as you interface. That may require switching to other driver, like Wasapi, assuming you are normally using ASIO.
  7. Does the level meter show activity when you try to record or set levels? Do you have any signs of a signal moving anywhere? That sounds like a very strange issue. Have you checked if the Task Manager shows anything abnormal running in the background?
  8. What are the symptoms? Does everything act normally, just resulting an empty track? Is the level meter moving or is the track "dead"?? Anything? Check that you don't have autopunch active. The way I understand the peak indicator is that it's the loudest signal that has come through, so somewhere is a slider set to nearly zero (??) I'm still in SONAR so I may interpret the CbB view wrong.
  9. The classical explanation to this would be an imported clip or two reaching to x thousand measures.
  10. Is it stereo or mono? Where does the output go - to a mono or stereo bus or directly to main out?
  11. Same here. I didn't understand the question at all at first. Had to read the answers to understand.
  12. I do ctrl+Z after every failed take, so nothing gets saved. Of course it often happens I keep several potential candidates to choose from later.
  13. One always learns more here... I thought the sample rate/tempo(speed) issue only goes with wav-audio files, and doesn't concern mp3-data files.
  14. My suspect #1 is the mouse as well.
  15. One way to make good unisons is bounce the track to audio to create the second (or third, fourth..) instrument, and edit the audio track with Melodyne. Pitch a little up and down here and there, minor timing changes, and maybe even a very gentle formant change to add a little depth. That is also one way of handling phase issues.
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