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  1. I agree. John T has been misunderstood by some here. Then again, at first I had also difficulties understanding the actual nature of the problem. One should read the posts carefully before getting presumptuous.
  2. Tell us more about the gear. What is feeding the Yamahas? Are you using a laptop or desktop PC? If laptop, how is it powered? What did you have before the Yamahas and were they ok?
  3. In the very rare cases when I use punch in-type solution with midi I don't even use punch in. I just record the bit in question on another track, and then drag it to it's correct place editing some if necessary. With my poor playing skills that's faster than actual punch in, because you don't need to be so precise. You can sort shovel the stuff in and then fix the details.
  4. What Variorum wrote ^ Basic panning is something you only use on mono tracks. On a stereo track the pan-knob is actually for adjusting balance. If you pan a stereo piano track 100% on, say, left side, the right side does not move to the left, but simply goes inaudible.
  5. Can one really trust that the files from Spotify or Youtube have not gotten manipulated too much? The reference track should be (almost?) exactly the original. Especially different sorts of compression or loudness are often a problem in the files of many such service providers, and those are the worst distractors if you want to compare files. I'd recommend getting an external CD/DVD-unit. They're so cheap.
  6. That's what I've been told, too. Ever since I've worked in SONAR/ Cakewalk as a hobbyist I've been advised by the more experienced to route everything to export through the master bus. This is maybe (?) the first time since early 90's that I see someone preferring Entire Mix and not causing a burst of disagreement.
  7. Have you tried any random tricks to solve that? Like saving as .cwp and checking if there is an audible audio file in the audio folder? I know what you're talking about :o/ A mix that once was "hey, that's almost like a real one" is now "pitiful, I didn't do it. Who's messed it up?"
  8. As no one (?) else is complaining about a similar problem as a general bug, it must be something specific to your system or particular projects.
  9. I doubt there's any one DAW that includes different versions from rookie-level to pro? There used to be three different versions of Cakewalk/SONAR, but the basic recording techniques and procedures were exactly the same in all of them. In my opinion the basics of recording and using VSTs are still practically the same in all DAWs. Then again, there are audio editors, like Audacity, that are quite straightforward to use, but are actually not meant for recording and real studio tasks.
  10. It is possible that Presonus does not have the right to allow the use in other appications, if there are third parties involved. Like in the case of zillions of free VSTs that you're not allowed set as a part of some DAW or other software.
  11. Does the actual audio really disappear (=silent playback), or only the waveform image?
  12. Or select the line and Ctrl+Shift-drag it to the desired position.
  13. I wonder how freeing licenses and installing the updates in the new machine is done as the old machine is (has always been) off-line. Well, I'll find out.
  14. Thanks for advice and participation everyone! The power supply is replaced and the machine is working, but I'll get a new machine anyway. It's too obvious, that something else fails in relatively near future. The setup is over 15 years old, IIRC, except for the HDDs which I replaced when they were seven years old. CbB is part of the plan, yes. Does the 32 bit SONAR 8.5 and VSTs work quite normally on a 64 bit system? Does the per project update to 64 bits work so, that in CbB I open a project made in 32 bits, update the VSTs and whatever, and then simply save it? I'm aware of that 32 bit plugins can sometimes be problematic with 64 bit SONAR or CbB no matter what adapter app you use. Does Dimension Pro work in CbB? @bdickens: Yes, being reasonably up to date would have been practical. But having finally got a set up that works without any hickups, and already feeling guilty for spending too much money on a hobby the fruits of which only I can enjoy, I just decided to zip my wallet come what may. Especially because the next step would have inevitably required a totally new machine switching to 64 bit OS.
  15. I've come to the point when I can't avoid starting to plan a total upgrade. The power unit of my trusted xp-combo (see signature) died of old age, and that surely is a sign of other kinds of troubles approaching, too. I'm curious to know any heads-up info that might be useful in the operation, especially conserning the updates of the VSTi's, or any incompatibility problems. As I haven't updated the system in over ten years (it's off-line), I won't get any update discounts, and most likely also the audio interface E-MU 1820 will be unusable in Win11 (?). Not being in the working life anymore, most likely I'll have to settle for something less or cheaper. So, if there's anything weird you know about Kontakt, Melodyne, Ozone, Addictive Drums etc or anything that might cause surprises in moving from XP/32 bits to WIN11/64 bit and SONAR 8.5 ( 🙃 ) I'd be glad to know. I do have the 8.5 DVD so I suppose I can get it installed and activated somehow, too. I don't even know if my backup HDDs used in the 32bit system will be usable in 64 bits!
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