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  1. No, I didn't actually. Didn't even bother to try since I'm on Windows 11. BTW, your Youtube videos have been very helpful!
  2. A treasure trove of stuff I never knew here. Thanks John.
  3. Yes it is a FastTrack Pro, and I'm on Windows 11. The real goal is to be able to record my Yamaha MO8 synth, using digital if possible. But I can string a couple of 1/4" cables to my Focusrite if I need to do that just as easily. Thanks folks, great forum here.
  4. OK, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply. I guess it'll remain my emergency backup.
  5. I have an older M-Audio interface I replaced with my Focusrite, but that old interface has one thing that this Focusrite doesn't - a SP/DIF connection. So I'd like to have that as well. Can this be done, or is it more trouble than it's worth?
  6. I don't know if this will help or not, but I have an original M-Audio MIDI-Sport 2x2 MIDI interface just languishing in a box somewhere. If you pay for shipping, you can have it if you want it. BTW, what does MCU actually stand for?
  7. Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. My i5 has 4 cores and an on board GPU by Intel and it runs Windows 10 beautifully. Very responsive. I guess i wasn't clear enough in my original post; I already do have Reason and yes it seems to run the things I do fine. It does however seem to take forever to start... Do you notice that? I'm on R11S with a bunch of rack extensions over the 8 years I've had it. I just happened to notice that both CbB and Reaper load up darn near instantly by comparison so that was where my question was coming from.
  8. At present, I have 3 different DAWS that I am vacillating between - CbB, Reaper and Reason. I have an older i5 Ivy Bridge chipset machine with 28gb of memory and a pair of solid state drives -- meaning the long pole in my particular tent is the CPU at this [point. I was able to salvage new life out of this box for around $200 by getting the SSHDs and RAM upgrades vs paying $1300-$1700 for a faster CPU and less RAM and less hard disk space. Sidenote -- why do we still call SSHD drives "hard drives"? Anyway, my question is this; of these three DAWs, anyone care to weight in on which is the lightest in terms of base CPU usage, aside from VSTs etc?
  9. You are right about Reaper -- it's very lean and extremely stable for sure.
  10. I got started on SONAR with X2 Studio and Reason 6.5 back in 2013 for a Berklee class I was taking at the time. I loved using both, albeit for different reasons. When Gibson shuttered Cakewalk, I was SERIOUSLY upset since I by that time had SONAR Platinum with Lifetime Upgrades. Not to mention the Pro Channel upgrades, Rapture Pro and other stuff to boot. So, I leaned hard into Reason (currently have R11 Suite) even to the point of trying to learn synth programming (I am a guitar/mando player) which I do enjoy. But Reason has gone the way of others and now offers a subscription model that they SAY will not supplant perpetual licenses like mine. The good news is that Reason itself is a VST that can be added to any other DAW at will. So, I've decided that R11 is my last stop on the Reason bus line. I also spent $60 and got Reaper which is also cool, if maybe a bit arcane? It is sort of like SONAR, but missing the elegance in my opinion -even if it is powerful as all heck. I am not a professional in any way -- just an older music lover with a genuine need to learn new things like recording. Of all the software for this purpose I have ever used, I liked SONAR the best really. And so I am back to really give Bandlab a decent shot since they've picked up the ball and run so well with it. From what I see, it works and acts just like SONAR, right down to all the plugins from SPLAT working like they ever did in Cakewalk. So I am looking forward to reengaging with this community at this point. I am guessing you're all fans so feel free to beat me into submission sooner than later with effusive praise
  11. It's nice to see you're still here Noel. And I see Craig A. still is here too. I also have a few other Cakewalk assets, like Rapture Pro, Concrete Limiter and the other Pro Channel goodies. Good to be back!
  12. Well it's certainly "pro" enough for me! I gave up on Cakewalk after the Gibson thing because I was a so-called "Lifetime Member" with SPLAT. I was so ticked I could have spit nails. 4 years later, it doesn't seem so bad and honestly, I miss using SONAR so here I am. Again.
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