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  1. Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. My i5 has 4 cores and an on board GPU by Intel and it runs Windows 10 beautifully. Very responsive. I guess i wasn't clear enough in my original post; I already do have Reason and yes it seems to run the things I do fine. It does however seem to take forever to start... Do you notice that? I'm on R11S with a bunch of rack extensions over the 8 years I've had it. I just happened to notice that both CbB and Reaper load up darn near instantly by comparison so that was where my question was coming from.
  2. At present, I have 3 different DAWS that I am vacillating between - CbB, Reaper and Reason. I have an older i5 Ivy Bridge chipset machine with 28gb of memory and a pair of solid state drives -- meaning the long pole in my particular tent is the CPU at this [point. I was able to salvage new life out of this box for around $200 by getting the SSHDs and RAM upgrades vs paying $1300-$1700 for a faster CPU and less RAM and less hard disk space. Sidenote -- why do we still call SSHD drives "hard drives"? Anyway, my question is this; of these three DAWs, anyone care to weight in on which is the lightest in terms of base CPU usage, aside from VSTs etc?
  3. You are right about Reaper -- it's very lean and extremely stable for sure.
  4. I got started on SONAR with X2 Studio and Reason 6.5 back in 2013 for a Berklee class I was taking at the time. I loved using both, albeit for different reasons. When Gibson shuttered Cakewalk, I was SERIOUSLY upset since I by that time had SONAR Platinum with Lifetime Upgrades. Not to mention the Pro Channel upgrades, Rapture Pro and other stuff to boot. So, I leaned hard into Reason (currently have R11 Suite) even to the point of trying to learn synth programming (I am a guitar/mando player) which I do enjoy. But Reason has gone the way of others and now offers a subscription model that they SAY will not supplant perpetual licenses like mine. The good news is that Reason itself is a VST that can be added to any other DAW at will. So, I've decided that R11 is my last stop on the Reason bus line. I also spent $60 and got Reaper which is also cool, if maybe a bit arcane? It is sort of like SONAR, but missing the elegance in my opinion -even if it is powerful as all heck. I am not a professional in any way -- just an older music lover with a genuine need to learn new things like recording. Of all the software for this purpose I have ever used, I liked SONAR the best really. And so I am back to really give Bandlab a decent shot since they've picked up the ball and run so well with it. From what I see, it works and acts just like SONAR, right down to all the plugins from SPLAT working like they ever did in Cakewalk. So I am looking forward to reengaging with this community at this point. I am guessing you're all fans so feel free to beat me into submission sooner than later with effusive praise
  5. It's nice to see you're still here Noel. And I see Craig A. still is here too. I also have a few other Cakewalk assets, like Rapture Pro, Concrete Limiter and the other Pro Channel goodies. Good to be back!
  6. Well it's certainly "pro" enough for me! I gave up on Cakewalk after the Gibson thing because I was a so-called "Lifetime Member" with SPLAT. I was so ticked I could have spit nails. 4 years later, it doesn't seem so bad and honestly, I miss using SONAR so here I am. Again.
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