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  1. jsg

    Home & Love

    I recorded Home & Love with a 2nd singer as I wanted to hear two different interpretations of the piece. One singer is from Nashville, the other from Vancouver, Canada. They are both excellent singers. I can't say I prefer one over the other. Jerry PLAY
  2. jsg

    Home & Love

    Thanks Gary..
  3. jsg

    Home & Love

    Thank you Bjorn. I wrote the melody, no improv in this piece. I wrote it in two keys and let the singer choose which key is best for her range and gave her the written score and the vocal part. Best, Jerry
  4. jsg

    Home & Love

    Glad you enjoyed noynekker... But, what are "wolf tones"?
  5. jsg

    Home & Love

    Glad you enjoyed listening!
  6. jsg

    Home & Love

    Thanks for listening InstrEd..
  7. Scored for Vienna Symphonic Cube and softsynths Dune, Z3TA and the Yamaha MODX synthesizer. PLAY
  8. jsg

    Home & Love

    A song to celebrate my daughter's marriage... PLAY Thanks for listening! Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
  9. There was a married couple who didn't get along very well. One day the woman decided she was going to murder her husband, who happened to be a guitar player. So, one night when he was drinking she snuck up behind him, grabbed his guitar and smashed him over the head and he didn't even know what hit him. But to be sure he was really dead she grabbed his other guitar and hit him once more. He died on the spot. But a neighbor next door heard the noise and called the police and the woman was arrested. At her trial the judge asked the lady "First offender?". She replied, "Oh no your honor. First I hit him with the Gibson and then I smacked him with the Fender!"
  10. I've used the Sony MDR 7506 for decades. Over the years I've probably bought 10 or 15 pairs. They are accurate, comfortable and sound good. They also are reasonably priced. Although I'll spend thousands for speakers, for headphones I've never spent more than around $100, which is what the 7506s cost. The one thing I don't like about these headphones is that when they get old, after 3-5 years, the padding can sometimes start to flake off. I didn't notice it until one day my wife asked me what all the little black specs were on my ears. Jerry http://www.jerrygerber.com
  11. From the album Earth Music PLAY
  12. jsg

    Slow Movement, 7th Symphony

    I don't know why the sound file isn't playing for you Jesse, it seems to be working for everyone else...
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