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  1. Thank you Grebz, I'm so glad you enjoyed the music. Jerry
  2. Thanks David for listening.
  3. Thanks Deering Amps!
  4. Thanks! VSTs are mentioned in my initial posting...
  5. In my mid-40s, after doing soundtrack work for 12 years, I decided that I didn't want to do any more composing for media. I found an exercise, a Buddhist exercise, that helped me to make a decision about what I wanted to do for the next phase of my life. One lays down on the floor wearing comfortable clothing and flat on their back and relaxes and takes deep breaths and imagines they're 80 or 90 years old at the very end of their life with only a few hours left to live in this world. During this relaxation exercise ask yourself what did you do that you wish you hadn't and what did you not do that you really want to do. This little exercise helps clarify, using the imagined perspective of being an old person, what it is you really want your life to be about and what's going to be most meaningful for you to pursue. I decided that I wanted to write virtual symphonies and that is what I've been doing. I'm now turning 70 tomorrow and I'm still glad I was able to clarify my goals as a composer. Here's the Fourth Movement of my 11th symphony. Scored for VSL Orchestral Cube, software synths Dune and Zebra and Requiem Pro choir. If you give me 10 minutes of your time I'll give you a piece of my world. Thanks for listening, Jerry PLAY
  6. Never mind, I figured it out, problem solved... Thanks, Jerry
  7. Hey there, When I finish a composition I convert the Cakewalk file into a MIDI file type 1 and open it up in Sibelius to create the score. I do this on an office computer, not in my production studio. But I cannot get MIDI to sound using Windows 10 and a built in sound card on the motherboard. For some reason both Cakewalk and Sibelius don't recognize this as a valid sound card. Short of buy an inexpensive internal card, is there a way to get these programs to work with MIDI? Thanks for any help if you've solved this problem! Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
  8. Well, maybe I dreamed this, I hope I am not getting dementia! I remember the faders moving when I used cc7 midi data in the event list. But, according to all the above replies I must be mistaken. I understand the difference between cc7 MIDI data and volume envelopes. The thing is, I am sure I was not using volume envelopes because I only use envelopes on audio tracks not MIDI tracks. In any event, after using the the latest incarnation of Cakewalk while composing my 11th symphony I am convinced that Cakewalk is the best DAW available. Its ergonomics and stability, functionality and flexibility are second to none. It's amazing that it's free and even more amazing that developers are creating new features and fixing bugs. Thank you Cakewalk!!! jerry
  9. Yeah, I understand that. That's wasn't the question. I'm wondering if there's been any changes regarding how faders interact with cc7. I distinctly remember the midi faders responding to cc7 changes that I programmed in the event list (like audio faders react to volume envelopes). But they don't anymore. Did something change in Cakewalk? Thanks, Jerry
  10. Hello? Can anyone explain to me what's going on with the faders and cc7? Thanks, Jerry
  11. I've long used cc11 to control volume changes within a MIDI track and I would set the channel fader's volume default to 96, to allow for headroom. But then, a year or so ago, I discovered that if I used cc7 to make volume changes within the event list either as a series of controllers or a single event, I could see the fader move that corresponds with the cc7 data. Did something change? Now, when I insert a cc7, or a series of cc7s into a track, the fader doesn't move. The only way to get it to move is to use automation, but that doesn't involve cc7. Hmm. I guess I'll go back to cc11 because the only advantage of cc7 was being able to see (and confirm) the data changes visually via the faders. Am I missing something here or did Cakewalk change? Thanks! Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
  12. In Preferences-Customization-Display there is an option called Base Octave for Pitches. I've always set it to -1 as I prefer middle C to be C4. In my DAW, this works as it has always worked. But on my laptop, when I set it to -1 and close Cakewalk, the next time I re-open it the value reverts back to 0. I've never seen this before. It should stick at -1. Anyone around here know anything about this? Thank you, Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
  13. Thanks Bjorn. The piece is indicative of my moods lately...
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