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  1. Thanks Jack for taking the time to listen... Jerry
  2. I recently completed my project of writing hymns using the East West Choirs and word builder software. I am posting the link here. I hope you find meaning and pleasure in these short pieces. I suggest following along with the score as it will help to clarify the words that the choir is singing! For those hymns with instrumentation, I'm using instruments from the VSL Orchestral Cube. Jerry Nine Hymns on Spiritual Life
  3. jsg

    It's Always Worse At Night

    It is difficult to understand the words. I'm really hoping that new choir software with word building becomes available soon. In the meanwhile, the best way to understand the words is to follow the score, which is why I posted them with each piece. Doing so will definitely make it easier! Jerry
  4. jsg

    It's Always Worse At Night

    Thank you for listening David!
  5. I'm still working on short hymns using East West's choirs and word builder. This is number nine. Please follow the text or the score as it's challenging to understand the words without seeing them written down. PLAY Jerry https://www.jerrygerber.com
  6. jsg

    A Bit of MIDI History

    Here's a video from one of the earliest animated TV series to utilize an entire MIDI-based score, composed and produced in 1988. Synchronizing the music to the animated band was very complicated. At the time I was using a Roland TR-909 drum machine and every drum stroke, keyboard and guitar lick had to be matched to picture. My, hasn't our medium evolved in terms of DAWs, sample libraries and sound quality... PLAY Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
  7. Hi Noel, When it happens again I will create the various dump files and send them to you via Dropbox. It might be a few days... Thanks, Jerry
  8. I think the files that might aggravate this issue are ones with VST instruments. A file with only MIDI tracks, I think, doesn't cause the problem. My files range from 4 tracks to over 40 tracks...
  9. Hi Bitflipper, It's a desktop. Asio (MOTU) driver with 1248 audio interface. MIDI over LAN and MOTU Microlite interface. Virus program is Windows 10 default and there is Wi-FI connected to a router. CW is the only app that has this issue.
  10. Hi all! I'm running the very latest version of CW on a Windows 10 machine with a fast i7 CPU, 32GB of RAM and fast SSD drives. When I close a file in CW, I cannot just close the app at the same time. If I do, it gets stuck in memory, and even using the Task Manager doesn't work to release it from memory. So I have to log out, restart and then it's gone. But if I close a file and wait 3-5 minutes, then I can (usually) close CW and it leaves memory as it should. I've had this issue across many versions of the program, going back to Sonar. I have searched for a solution but so far have not found it. Any ideas? Thanks! Jerry https://www.jerrygerber.com
  11. jsg

    Symphony #5, 3rd movement

    Thanks for listening and commenting Jack!
  12. jsg

    Symphony #5, 3rd movement

    You're welcome Wookiee. Thanks for listening.
  13. This is one of my favorite older movements. Jerry PLAY https://www.jerrygerber.com
  14. Thanks jwnicholson! It means a lot to me that others enjoy my work.. Sincerely, Jerry
  15. Willard, thanks for listening! Jerry
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