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  1. Scored for VSL Cube and an assortment of software synths From the CD Virtual Harmonics PLAY
  2. jsg

    Staff View

    Great! Glad to hear that you got it working. You may have had a corrupt file somewhere. That's what I would have done; clear out the Cakewalk registry entries and all the config files. Best, Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
  3. jsg

    Staff View

    Yes, I always leave the note resolution on 1/32. I've tested this multiple times using different note values. It's definitely working properly on my machine. If I turn snap off it defaults to 1/32 resolution (snap resolution) and if I turn it on it snaps to whichever note value I choose. I guess the next thing I'd try is to uninstall CW and download it again and reinstall it. Let me know what happens. Maybe also delete some configuration files pertaining to MIDI before reinstalling, although you'd have to reconfigure some settings.. p.s. I've now tested this on 2 machines and snap is working properly on the staff view for both...
  4. jsg

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    Yes, that is the global snap, on the control bar. It's working properly on my DAW. Hmm, it should be working on yours. Try turning global snap off and then back on. Are you sure you are running the newest version? It just got released yesterday.
  5. jsg

    Installing Cakewalk

    Thank you msmcleod for clarifying how to save a backup of Cakewalk. That was easy... Jerry
  6. jsg

    Installing Cakewalk

    But if I uninstall CW then I cannot have it open while downloading it again because I've uninstalled it!I'm not understanding what you mean... Is it possible to download the app and be able to save Cakewalk. exe without uninstalling it?
  7. jsg

    Installing Cakewalk

    Hey scook, I don't mean to be trouble, but I'm not sure what you mean. When I open Cakewalk (the latest version) and then open Bandlab Assistant, BA only gives me the option to open the program (even though it's already open). BA won't initiate a download because (I think) it detects that I have the latest version installed. Do I have to uninstall Cakewalk first? Sorry, I am confused...
  8. jsg

    Installing Cakewalk

    So I gather that means no, it's not possible to to retain a backup . exe file on my computer?
  9. Is it possible to download an actual . exe file to retain for backup purposes? I might need to revert to an earlier version of the program. The Bandlab Assistant does not seem to allow for this. Thanks, Jerry
  10. jsg

    Staff View

    I hope you turned on the snap on the control bar..I just tried it and it's working properly. Finally, after years of neglect the notation editor is repaired.
  11. Uh-oh. Someone ought to punish me. I puntificated one too many times!
  12. Well, Michael, that really is good news, thank you for sharing that with me. I know there are many people in this world who are motivated by other things than money and profit. If what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, that's great for all of us. I too choose to write music that I want to write after spending 12 years writing soundtracks that paid very well. I couldn't justify the reward (financial) for the musical and intellectual compromises I had to make. So I understand very well when a person can, and does, decide to involve themselves in a labor of love. What drove me away from Sonar was one thing: The snap function in the staff view. Now that its been fixed, I have "fallen in love" with Cakewalk again. My 1.5 years with Digital Performer made me realize how superior Cakewalk is in so many ways, and I've come to believe it is the most under-rated and under-recognized DAW on the market. More power to Bandlab for keeping such a great DAW available not only for free, but still fixing bugs and adding features. Best, Jerry
  13. Thanks msmcleod, I'm just learning the Arranger section so it may be user-error. I am figuring it out... Jerry
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