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  1. Hi Gary, I always use one reverb for the entire mix. Exceptions are sometimes with vocal libraries that contain their own reverb and software synths that also might have reverb. In this case I used a vocal library made for Kontakt and may have used it's own native reverb but I really don't remember as it was a number of years ago. In general though I find that to create a cohesive space, using fewer reverbs is better than using more. Jerry
  2. A piece of spiritual fantasy. Featured on the album Cosmic Consciousness. PLAY
  3. A new astrophotographic music video with a new soundtrack. Composed in Cakewalk using the Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube and the VSL Choir. Score Enjoy!
  4. Interesting that you hear Irish Influence as I named it "Raga" due to the part the synth plays that somehow reminded me of an North Indian Raga. Thank you for listening Jimbo!
  5. Ottava Records is pleased to announce the release of the 17th CD recording by composer Jerry Gerber, The Darker Side of Light. This new album contains Gerber's 12th symphony and his Quartet for Virtual Instruments. Liner notes by Jacqueline Kharouf Graphic design by Rainer Gembalczyk Cover photo of NGC 7380 by Jerry Gerber Copyright 2024 Ottava Records Support innovative and masterful music! Purchase CD
  6. Thank you Old Joad!
  7. Thanks bmarlow! Really glad you enjoyed it.. Jerry
  8. Thanks Tom. And thanks for writing some comments on my new You Tube channel.
  9. Thanks for watching and commenting Gary!
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