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  1. As I pointed out, Groove-clip stretching works perfectly fine. It doesn't need to find the transients. What needs to happen is that if you increase the tempo by 6%, the audio should be stretched accordingly without having to manually slip-stretch each one of them yourself.
  2. [Deleted original post] I will discuss AudioSnap in another post.
  3. Yes, the quick-group automation works fine when it is set to touch. The issue is with Latch, not Touch.
  4. Thank you so much for your response, Noel! I've created a separate post with instructions on how to reproduce. You can find it here:
  5. I was able to reproduce this bug in SONAR as well so it has been around since at least then. (Note: MIDI tracks do not seem to have this issue. It is only Instrument tracks and Audio tracks that seem to have this issue). How to reproduce: 1. Open a new project or an existing project. 2. Create two to three Audio or Instrument tracks and Automation write enable them 3. In the Inspector view, set each track for Latch automation 4. Select each of the tracks and press play 5. While holding down the CTRL key, move the volume either in the Arranger, Console or Inspector up and down for one of the selected tracks. Automation data should be recorded for all the selected tracks. 6. Play back the track and you will find that despite not touching anything, each track now is overwriting instead of only doing so when the fader is touched Video below:
  6. Yay! No more sticky-selects in the PRV! Thank you! Works so much smoother now! MODO Bass also now works perfectly as well so thank you for that too! Unfortunately, quick-group latch automation still does not work properly, resulting in overwrite behavior rather than latch behavior until reopening the project. This bug has existed for years so I can't imagine that nobody else has reported it.
  7. This is more of a suggestion... When a clip is selected, Cakewalk should automatically select the track it belongs to. Here's why...
  8. Bump! At this point, Cakewalk just needs to do updates strictly dedicated to bug fixes. Cakewalk is a very buggy DAW. I'm not saying it is Logic Pro X level of buggy, but it will get there if things are tightened up.
  9. Another bug. Quick-group latch automation results in overwrite automation faders until saving and re-opening the project. Also, the console doesn't refresh when changing automation type.
  10. I found a couple of issues in the Piano Roll: - Sticky Selects: Selecting notes doesn't always deselect notes that were previously selected - Runaway Zoom: Zooming in and out seems to move the focus away from the now marker even when the track options are set to focus on the now marker
  11. Same here. That's how I am doing program changes now and that works fine, but there's no reason why the Program Change method shouldn't work, and there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to type the value in.
  12. I'm sure that works fine, but the way I mentioned ought to work too. If it doesn't, Cakewalk needs to fix it.
  13. Cakewalk just simply has a tendency to pop and crackle more than other DAWs. That's just the way it is, even when there's barely any load on the CPU. It's not a big deal at all but that's just what I've observed. When stopping playback, it's not uncommon to hear a light clip sound like when you suddenly stop a vinyl record that I don't hear in a DAW like Studio One even under the same load. Don't get me wrong, Studio One has it's own problems, believe me! That said, however, Studio One does have a smoother audio engine than Cakewalk, and I would imagine other DAWs do as well although I haven't tried others.
  14. How to reproduce: Create a bunch of tracks, a mix of simple instrument tracks and audio tracks. Create a bus. Name it whatever you want. Select all the tracks and and hold CTRL. While holding CTRL, go to the Inspector of one of the tracks selected and assign to the bus. Check each track to see if the output is indeed the buss. *Some* of them will be assigned to the buss, but not all of them. I am running the latest version on Windows 10.
  15. Yes, I am aware that it works when you have a .ins file, but I do not have a .ins file for the synthesizer that I'm using. It seems that the only bank numbers that are accepted in the Event List's patch change settings are ones "known" by the instrument definition. But Cakewalk should not assume everyone has an INS file for their instrument, especially with newer gear. This needs to be fixed. INS files are very difficult to come by these days for newer gear as the overwhelming majority of producers these days are using virtual instruments exclusively and so there just simply isn't much of a demand for INS files. Typing in any bank number works fine in the Track View. Each MIDI track in the Track View seems to accept any bank number typed in. This imposes a limitation, however, as program changes mid-song cannot be done via this method. The Event List needs to operate in a manner where no matter the bank number entered, it is always accepted. We know what we're doing...we don't need Cakewalk slapping our hand. Strangely enough, as said earlier, clicking where the "---" is and dragging the mouse upward will get you whatever bank number you wish, but that takes an eternity, especially for bank numbers in the 1000's. It's just a bug that has been overlooked because, as I mentioned, everybody's using exclusively VST's now so it's been overlooked for a long time.
  16. Not all of us only use VST's, and would like to use outboard synthesizers via MIDI. Because of that, patch changes need to be made easy to do and there isn't a .ins available for the tone generator I'm using. Because of that, I have to insert my patch changes manually. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't work in Cakewalk. I'll try to describe what is going on. I'm trying to switch to Bank 1024, Patch 5 via a program change insert. So when I go to the Event List (Alt+8) and insert a new event and choose Patch Change as the kind, I then double-click under the "Data" column, and a dialog called "Bank/Patch Change" comes up, allowing me to type in the Bank and Patch number. So I put in 1024 for the Bank and 5 for the patch and click "OK". Unfortunately, the Patch is saved but the Bank number is not. It shows "---" instead of "1024" like it should. I should be able to insert whatever Bank number I want. However, what I CAN do is click where the "---" is, I can click on that and drag my mouse up and it will begin to slowly scroll up the numbers. This is the only way I can actually choose the bank number I want. The problem is that it is bank 1024. It would take a very long time to scroll all the way up to that number. I should be able to type the number in the dialog that pops up and it should stick. This problem has been with Cakewalk since at least Sonar X2.
  17. This post is false. My apologies. Cakewalk does indeed allow you to edit multiple tracks in the piano roll. It's just that the setting by default is that it locks every track that isn't in focus, but this can be turned off by going up to the View menu option in the piano roll, showing the Track Pane and turning Autofocus off.
  18. No, because you can't arm tracks and record in that view. Plus you can't zoom in.
  19. Clearly, the feature I'm talking about wouldn't just be useful in film scoring. I simply gave an example.
  20. If you look at other DAWs like Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Studio One and I'm sure others as well, you're able to zoom out vertically to where the tracks in the arranger view are so tiny that up to 50 tracks can be seen at once. Cakewalk allows you to zoom out horizontally extremely well, but vertically, the tracks can't get super narrow the way they can in other DAWs. This is a feature that I think would greatly benefit for film scoring in Cakewalk because you can see more of the music at once. In film scoring, because there's so many instruments a film composer wants to have access to/uses, there can be hundreds of MIDI tracks they're using. In other DAWs, you can see more of the music at once.
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