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  1. I have a feeling it may be Ozone, because it just seems that once I started using it, I began having problems when I leave the 64-bit Engine checked.
  2. That's certainly within the realm of possibility. I have 128 GB of RAM, which is the maximum amount of RAM my motherboard can handle. Although I don't know exactly how FAST that RAM is.
  3. It looks like it was the 64-bit Engine after all that was the culprit. I believe that Ozone 9 may have its own audio processing that it does that doesn't jive with the 64-bit engine. As soon as I unchecked it, my projects are bouncing perfectly. If anyone else has this problem, we'll now know what to tell them. Thanks guys!
  4. I'll try to reproduce the bug when I get home.
  5. I suspect the issue is related to a plugin, possibly Ozone 9 but I can't be certain of that. I'll try to troubleshoot some more once I get some downtime.
  6. I thought that was the case too, so I turned the master bus down to where there was no digital clipping (there wasn't to begin with) and the problem still persisted. I finally got a clean bounce but I had to slow-bounce along with the audio bounce.
  7. Quick question. Does anybody else have issues sometimes with bounced audio containing pops and artifacts, particularly on big transients? I've noticed this problem consistently with a lot of projects but it doesn't happen all the time so it's not the easiest problem to reproduce. Anybody else having this issue or had it before? Pops, clicks and artifacts tend to persist whether I slow-bounce or fast-bounce.
  8. I'm aware. But Legato.cal doesn't work very well and very often fails to do what it is supposed to do.
  9. LOL that last line. Yeah I feel you. There have been times where I have unfairly blamed Cakewalk myself, sometimes on here for all to see. Anytime that happens, I will usually make sure to indicate where I'm wrong. For instance, I was under the impression that Cakewalk's audio engine was slow because while using it, I found my CPU usage was higher than it should have been for a similar project I had open in Ableton Live. Well, it turns out what was slowing things down was that I had Streamlabs open and forgot to close it. As soon as I did, Cakewalk ran perfectly.
  10. Basically, a process that achieves the same functionality as the Legato.cal script, but actually works on a consistent basis. Pretty common in other DAWs and I don't believe would be a difficult feature to add. I use Legato all the time and I'm sure others do as well. Hell, we have Retrograde, I think we can include Legato, lol.
  11. I've never been told by any of the staff people on this forum that my videos are unclear. My videos aren't unclear to the people that actually watch them.
  12. Well people do very often feel like they can't bring up problems with CbB without being vilified for it. It's a serious problem and has been for a long time. As I said I've used Cakewalk for 21 years. I don't need to prove my sincerity to nobody...
  13. There are specific instructions in the videos on how to reproduce the bugs. It isn't just "this isn't working", but I'm pointing out exactly what one can do to bring about the bug himself. Again, you keep mentioning "why" but knowing WHY a bug exists is the developer's job once they go through the code and find the bug. Everything starts with REPRODUCING the bug, THEN you pinpoint the cause. You're putting the cart before the horse, Tim. And @bdickens was literally accusing me of just coming on here and whining and not reporting bugs, when I literally put videos up SHOWING exactly what the bug is and how to reproduce it. The Bakers have fixed bugs I've reported in this manner and have never had an issue with the way I report bugs. He clearly did not watch the videos, so there is no point in you defending what he said. And it is indeed true that the Bakers have addressed many bugs. I acknowledge that. I wouldn't be here if they just didn't care at all. As I mentioned before, I left other DAWs to come here for a reason and I would not have posted what I did in the OP if I didn't think anyone cared. I have WAY, WAY, WAY more issues with Ableton but you don't see me over there now do you?
  14. As I mentioned before, that's not necessary if the developers can reproduce the error themselves. That means it isn't specific to one's system. Stuff like that only really needs to be done if others can't reproduce the problem. If everybody no matter what system they're on can reproduce the error, that means it doesn't matter what system they're on. Noel nor any of the developers have ever asked me to provide details on my system. But they have asked me to provide instructions on how to reproduce the problem, which I provide. It is generally poor form to ask someone to provide their system specs before even trying to reproduce the problem yourself.
  15. Which is exactly why I post videos on how to reproduce the bug. Notice that I never actually say that I am CERTAIN it is a bug. That's the whole point of providing instructions on how to reproduce the error. Because if others are unable to reproduce the bug, then it is something local to my system or user error that is the cause. For instance, the bug with quick-group latch automation I have tried on four different systems and multiple different versions of Cakewalk. I was able to reproduce the problem. But you cannot dismiss the problem I'm having as specific to something I'm doing wrong until it is demonstrated that others cannot reproduce the error. And as far as finding out why a bug exists, you don't do that until you have tried reproducing the error. And I honestly can't believe you're defending @bdickens either. Dismissing someone expressing legitimate concerns about Cakewalk as "bitching" is toxic. And he was "getting at" anything but being an a-hole. I've seen some of his past posts. He's like that toward others, not just me.
  16. Yes I have. Where do you think those videos came from? I didn't just make them today. Had you actually watched them you'd know they were dated in the past. And as I'm sure you already know, anyone could watch those videos and reproduce the bugs, whether the person is a developer or not.
  17. I provide videos specifically showing how to reproduce the bugs. I really do not know how much clearer I can be in that regard because I'm literally showing you all step by step how to reproduce the bugs. I can't do anything about it if you all choose not to watch them.
  18. I'm not going to argue with you if you are not going to even read my posts. Accusing someone of "bitching" is not a "simple" or "direct" question. It is also a stupid-as-hell question as you could clearly see in my original post, I demonstrated no less than three specific issues with videos showing step-by-step on how to reproduce them. It is your problem if you're too lazy to watch them. I do not "whine on Youtube" as I do not post Youtube videos publicly. The videos in my post are and have been unlisted as they are specifically for this forum so people can view how to reproduce the bugs. You do not need to tell me about troubleshooting software, as software development is my trade by day. Perhaps had you actually watched the videos you would know I was doing exactly what it is you accuse me of not doing: demonstrating bugs and giving specifics on how to reproduce them. I have also done this in past posts.
  19. This is exactly what I was talking about in my post and also the reason why many people who have problems don't "bitch", they'll just find something else to use, which is probably at least one of the reasons Cakewalk did poor business (along with poor marketing) when it wasn't free. Most people don't "bitch", they just use something else, and as you can see I literally just got finished documenting every one of the bugs I brought up not only this time, but in the past as well. Every one of those videos I posted are videos I have posted before on this forum. I do not just come on here and "bitch", I give full details on how to reproduce the bugs, but I STILL get flack from at least one person every time I do. The problem is that people like you don't actually read the full context of a post before commenting. There is a history of people expressing their frustration with this DAW but then getting attacked by people like yourself for telling it like it is. I suspect this is why some of these bugs don't actually end up getting addressed, because folks don't want to deal with the bullying, the gaslighting and the attacks for bringing up legitimate problems. Because rather than simply addressing the fact that yes, X issue is indeed a bug I was able to successfully reproduce and therefore needs to be addressed, people will either literally tell you that you're imagining it (gaslighting), tell you it's not their problem, or tell you to "quit bitching". That needs to end if these problems are going to get addressed. I want you to notice that hardly any of the bugs I brought up have even been addressed in this thread. All I get is "well, it's not my problem because I don't care about X feature", or "Cakewalk works fine for me". As Noel mentioned, people use Cakewalk for many different reasons. If all you're doing is tracking vocals or guitars, you're not going to run into problems with VST instruments or MIDI. If all you do is compose film and game music, it is unlikely you will run into problems with the Matrix, etc. I produce R&B and pop music, so I'm probably not going to run into articulation map issues because I don't use the articulation map often. I've never said that Cakewalk doesn't work at all. I said compared to the other DAWs I use, it is much buggier than those DAWs. It crashes far more often, and has way more broken features. That is not to say that Pro Tools doesn't have bugs too, or Ableton. They do. But they are far more stable and have far fewer broken features that don't work. As I've said multiple times already, I still prefer Cakewalk to both those other DAWs, but that doesn't mean there aren't areas I feel Cakewalk is inferior. The reason I single Cakewalk's problems out is because I'm on Cakewalk's forum. We have to face the reality that Cakewalk's future is uncertain, and I want to continue to use this DAW. I actually want Cakewalk to survive because I love it. But we have to be honest and live with the fact that it is not good enough that Cakewalk be AS GOOD as Studio One or Cubase, it has to be BETTER. Because in order to catch up you have to be going faster. That's a fact. Cakewalk is already 5 laps behind in a 30 lap race. And Cakewalk has the potential to be that good. It's only real flaw are the bugs.
  20. I'm sorry I'm just super frustrated and in a bad mood. All I wanted to do was some basic MIDI sequencing and ran into a litany of bugs.
  21. I know you guys are trying, which is why I am here and no longer use Ableton as my main DAW. They've rested on their laurels over there and really aren't the least bit concerned about actually making their DAW actually good. It's claim to fame is that it is really well marketed and comes with a bunch of stock plugins out of the box (and live performance features, whatever). I use two other DAWs, Pro Tools and Ableton daily. They indeed have their bugs, but not as bad as Cakewalk. Those DAWs have their own severe problems. I'll be the first to say that. Pro Tools is awful and I don't like Ableton that much for large projects. Trust and believe, those DAWs have other severe problems which is why I don't use them anymore as my main DAW.
  22. With regard to Legao, why they don't just have a Legato option under Process is beyond me. Retrograde but no Legato...oversight.
  23. The sad thing is that in many ways it already is the best. There are GREAT qualities about Cakewalk. It's just frustrating seeing so much potential being wasted because of bugs that have been around for years yet still haven't been fixed. But everytime I mention anything about it people will just say "go back to Ableton" or whatever. People who claim to be so pro-Cakewalk telling somebody who left another DAW who came to Cakewalk to "go back" to the DAW they came from. Who does that?
  24. Cakewalk clearly doesn't work for a lot of people which why hardly anyone uses it anymore. I want to see that change. Cakewalk has a ton of potential and I don't like seeing it go to waste. And I've used Cakewalk for 21 years so I'm in the same boat. Literally the only real tragic flaw of Cakewalk for decades has been its instability and numerous bugs. I can say all kinds of negative things about America, but that doesn't mean I don't love America and want to move to another country. I hate when people say stuff like this. Nobody ever addresses these kinds of problems and anybody who expresses legitimate concerns with this product is bullied into leaving. This kind of behavior isn't helpful to Cakewalk.
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