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  1. I swear Cakewalk would be the best DAW in the world by far if it didn't crash so often and didn't have so many bugs. It really is the smartest and intuitive workflow there is overall....when it works. It certainly hangs and crashes far more than Pro Tools and Ableton do, but it's certainly better than both those DAWs in many other respects.
  2. Track duplication is a very useful and time-saving feature. Duplicating busses would be a really nice addition!
  3. This occasionally happens to me as well. Although not as often as it used to.
  4. The same thing occurs whether the track is first selected or not.
  5. There are workarounds, sure, such as just copying and deleting, but the point is that it's a bug.
  6. You're absolutely right, murat. I stand corrected then!
  7. You guys KILLED it with this update! Just came back from the studio recording with an upcoming star and Cakewalk was what we used and it didn't miss a beat, even on a laptop that isn't the best in the world. For some reason it seems like this version of Cakewalk is faster.
  8. It seems like the performance is better in this version. I can load more VST's and more audio, even on a laptop that's not very fast and Cakewalk can easily handle it, whereas it seems like before it would (as well as some other DAWs) struggle. It seems like for whatever reason this version is faster and performs better.
  9. Ableton 11's beta is out and it said something about MPE support. It seems like all the other major DAWS (Ableton, Cubase, Logic Pro X and Studio One) all have this except Cakewalk. But what exactly is it? All I'm finding on it is something about the Roli Seaboard. EDIT: Years ago I used a Roli Seaboard with Cakewalk and didn't remember having issues.
  10. Articulation maps are a feature I never even knew I needed!
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