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  1. This post is false. My apologies. Cakewalk does indeed allow you to edit multiple tracks in the piano roll. It's just that the setting by default is that it locks every track that isn't in focus, but this can be turned off by going up to the View menu option in the piano roll, showing the Track Pane and turning Autofocus off.
  2. No, because you can't arm tracks and record in that view. Plus you can't zoom in.
  3. Clearly, the feature I'm talking about wouldn't just be useful in film scoring. I simply gave an example.
  4. If you look at other DAWs like Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Studio One and I'm sure others as well, you're able to zoom out vertically to where the tracks in the arranger view are so tiny that up to 50 tracks can be seen at once. Cakewalk allows you to zoom out horizontally extremely well, but vertically, the tracks can't get super narrow the way they can in other DAWs. This is a feature that I think would greatly benefit for film scoring in Cakewalk because you can see more of the music at once. In film scoring, because there's so many instruments a film composer wants to have access to/uses, there can be hundreds of MIDI tracks they're using. In other DAWs, you can see more of the music at once.
  5. As it currently stands now, Cakewalk allows you to VIEW multiple tracks in the piano roll, but you can only edit one at a time (while the others are grayed out). Seems like this is a basic feature that virtually every other major DAW has but Cakewalk. Isn't it now time that we're allowed to do this? It isn't uncommon where several tracks have a notes that needs to be moved. Would be nice to be able to select them all and move them in the piano roll. Again, this is another one of those deals where Cakewalk is literally behind everybody else.
  6. Well, it's nice to know others aren't having the same issue as me. Thanks for the replies, guys.
  7. I just downloaded IK Multimedia's MODO Bass and in Cakewalk by Bandlab, when I play, notes either don't play at all or the MIDI notes hold out forever. The same occurred in SONAR Professional, so this is not a new problem and has persisted for years. This issue only seems to occur in Cakewalk. MODO Bass works fine in every other major DAW. So this seems to be a problem specifically with Cakewalk and not with MODO Bass. I do not have this problem with any other VST2 or VST3 I use in Cakewalk by Bandlab, whether it be Kontakt, NEXUS3, Synthogy Ivory, etc. This problem occurs with MODO Bass whether I am using VST2 or VST3. I tried restarting my computer and reinstalling MODO Bass. The problem persists. Once the MIDI data is recorded, the playback works fine and all the MIDI data seems to be what I recorded, but playing live is where the problem is. The problem seems to go away when I turn the buffer size (latency) all the way up but that shouldn't have to happen as I have a very fast and very powerful workstation machine where far more demanding instruments and sampled orchestral libraries do not have this issue. I am using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab. I understand Cakewalk by Bandlab isn't one of the "mainstream" DAWS everybody's using these days like FL Studio, Ableton, ProTools or Logic which might be why there haven't been enough complaints to get anybody's attention over at IK, but I've seen others raise this issue in posts that are years old yet this issue still seemingly hasn't been addressed. Thank God IK was nice enough to provide a trial version of this product because I would have thrown away hundreds of dollars on a product I cannot use. But every other DAW can cooperate with MODO Bass, I think Cakewalk should be able to as well.
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