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  1. I do want to be clear I still think Cakewalk is awesome and I love it. Trust me, I have FAR more scathing things to say on the Ableton forum, and they never listen to me...
  2. Still my favorite DAW but at this point I've just resigned to the fact this will always be a buggy and crash-prone DAW. Pro tip: ALWAYS have auto-save ON, saving at least every 2 minutes. It crashes, far, far more often than any other DAW I use. Ableton for instance, it's like night and day as far as stability. Cakewalk crashes at least once or twice every time I use it. Something as simple as moving or transposing an audio clip can cause it to randomly hang or crash for no apparent reason. It's never really the same predictable thing (transposing audio makes it crash A LOT). It's just a capricious, rickety, buggy program and always will be. I would imagine it's probably built on a lot of bad and buggy code and it would take way too much time to rewrite a lot of it. It's still a very good program, but people just have to know that going in. ALWAYS have Auto-save on. Although to be fair Cakewalk will sometimes crash while trying to Auto-save, which at our studio we call "Cakewalk tripping and falling again". That said, I know and appreciate the fact the Bakers are trying very hard to make the program more stable.
  3. BIG TIP: When using Opus, make sure to choose as your MIDI Input MIDI Ch. 1 of the MIDI controller. Leaving it at MIDI Omni will cause your MIDI to triple-record.
  4. That did it! I will send over the crash dump to Cakewalk's support team! Thanks!
  5. No dump was produced in either that folder or the Plugins subfolder.
  6. IK Hammond B-3X does not open in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Opening it crashes the program. Anyone else able to reproduce this? It opens fine in Ableton and Studio One.
  7. I've requested this before but the only MIDI legato is by running CAL, which is buggy and doesn't work very well. It's one of those features I really miss when coming back from Ableton.
  8. I have a feeling it may be Ozone, because it just seems that once I started using it, I began having problems when I leave the 64-bit Engine checked.
  9. That's certainly within the realm of possibility. I have 128 GB of RAM, which is the maximum amount of RAM my motherboard can handle. Although I don't know exactly how FAST that RAM is.
  10. It looks like it was the 64-bit Engine after all that was the culprit. I believe that Ozone 9 may have its own audio processing that it does that doesn't jive with the 64-bit engine. As soon as I unchecked it, my projects are bouncing perfectly. If anyone else has this problem, we'll now know what to tell them. Thanks guys!
  11. I suspect the issue is related to a plugin, possibly Ozone 9 but I can't be certain of that. I'll try to troubleshoot some more once I get some downtime.
  12. I thought that was the case too, so I turned the master bus down to where there was no digital clipping (there wasn't to begin with) and the problem still persisted. I finally got a clean bounce but I had to slow-bounce along with the audio bounce.
  13. Quick question. Does anybody else have issues sometimes with bounced audio containing pops and artifacts, particularly on big transients? I've noticed this problem consistently with a lot of projects but it doesn't happen all the time so it's not the easiest problem to reproduce. Anybody else having this issue or had it before? Pops, clicks and artifacts tend to persist whether I slow-bounce or fast-bounce.
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