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  1. Wow, thanks. Googled how to unselect and found your post. Thanks. "Google is my brain".
  2. Thanks. I created a new post there for sharing Toontrack Drum Maps.
  3. I looked at this but there don't appear to be any instrument definition files for the EZX kits. In the meantime I created a drum map for one EZX kit. Very nice once it's in place. Time consuming though.
  4. I'd like to collect together in one place drum maps for all of the Toontrack EZDrummer EZX kits. Others may want to also have drum maps for Superior Drummer. Does anyone have any drum maps for these plugins? I will start by posting one I just made for the EZX Pop Kit. I have some others I have downloaded but need to review/verify them before posting. EZX - Pop Kit.map
  5. Drumps maps for SPD3 and EZX libraries have to exist out in the studiosphere. It's a matter of getting people to share and collect them together in one place.
  6. So I've made it further with this and have a handful of drum maps working nicely with the step sequencer. The next step is that it would be useful for many people if we could collect together in one place all of the drum maps for the Toontrack EZX expansions. It would appear these are not provided by Toontrack (at least anywhere that I can find) so please post here with any drum maps that you might have.
  7. I know this topic has come multiple time in the past but there has never been resolution. Where are all of the other drum maps for EZX expansion packs? We those provided by James above but I would like to collect all of them together and post for other to benefit from. Can anyone else please drum maps that you have made or have come across? Thanks!
  8. Ahh, okay. I can see the changes in there. That's interesting. I will play around with that and report back with any issues or questions.
  9. Selecting the drum map as the output device has no effect when selected as shown in the image.
  10. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to use drum maps with the step sequencer such that if I select the drum map as the output device it will populate the row with the correct names and assignments. So far I cannot figure out how to do this. It's frustrating that everytime you open a new midi track in the step sequencer everything is reset with the note names and no organization to the drums that are present. Is there a way to use a drum map to organize the step sequencer in the same way that you can with the piano roll?
  11. Thanks, will give these a try!
  12. The drum maps for Sonar / Cakewalk are no longer posted at Toontrack's website. If somebody has these it would be great if you could zip them up and post to a cloud service so many of us who have been looking for them could download. I've posted the same request on Toontrack's forum. Thanks!
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