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  1. got tired of it and just got movavi - simple, fairly cheap, and has simple enough audio edit options. was able to import the clip I edited in CW and beat matched it. render time seems longer but long is long so no big deal. i think CW just was crapping on the 6 hour length
  2. checked out ffmpeg. seems a bit cryptic. It looks like a real bear bones opensource utility. I actually need to edit 2 min of audio in a 6 hour file. I just tested a 10 min sample in CW and it worked. then a full length - zero audio. am I maxing it's capabilities?
  3. I will try that. just exported audio-only, and the output is fine.
  4. Hi Promidi - the closest thing I have to an editor is the Windows photo editor - of course it does not give you that detail. Any recommendation for a freeware or low cost editor? I don't have a sophisticated need. Thx I just managed to open one of the exports in a converter tool. it shows no audio. somehow either the audio mixdown is "blank" or it's just not being included in the export. hm... I could manually mixdown the audio and then try..
  5. totally stumped. I imported a long video into Cakewalk so I could add some effects to one short segment (about 2 min) of audio. plays perfectly within Cakewalk with effect automation, etc. here is the stumper: no mater what options or formats I try, when I export the video with the new edited audio - the resulting video file is totally silent - no audio at all! I managed at one point to export a version with 10:10 min of audio but the rest of it is totally silent. have not been able to repeat it. I have tried "edit / select all / export / video" I tried not having anything selected. net result is a silent movie. in every case. you see it mixing down audio followed by encoding video....ideas? gotta be something simple! (FYI: i did notice Cakewalk had created a "MX1mtbyi4.WAV" file in the project audio folder. i checked the properties and it has size of zero bits.)
  6. Thanks! I noticed the new Cakewalk Audio folder (C drive) has many more sub-folders than my old one on my D drive. Is it OK to copy the additional folders to D and then change the settings in Cakewalk?
  7. With my Sonar Platinum installation, I spread files across 3 drives - Program & plugins on C, Cakewalk content & samples on D, project, audio, and video on E. Cakewalk bandlab does not let you chose the locations during install (greyed out). Can I move the folders and change it? Is there any risk to doing this? Why does it not give you the option to customize?
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