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  1. I remember having this problem a long time ago. I only had the problem on certain projects. Seems to me empting the Pic Cashe folder use to solve many issues. Also if I had too many clips that I used audio quantization on. The solution to that was bouncing all the audio clips or freezing audio tracks.
  2. I have found a way to work with notation and Cakewalk that is a little clunky, but I really like it. I rewire Sibelius into Cake and sketch the piece into Cake. I can't seem to get Sibelius to sync perfectly with any DAW or software. so I just mute the Sibelius output and just use Sibelius as a visual aid...it follows close but not exact. I either export (save copy as) a midi file out of cake or manually input the score into Sibelius. When I feel I'm done with the composition I export a midi file out of Sibelius and open that midi file as a 2nd project in Cake, copy and past the tracks from Sibelius into the proper Cake file. Cubase actually has a nice function of allowing tracks to be imported from other projects, so many times I use Cubase to marry the 2 projects (Cakewalk and Sibelius.) Cake seems to be so much easier editing and composing than Cubase so I complete the project in Cake. I have become an expert at bouncing projects between software apps. I know that sounds crazy, but I've been very happy seeing good notation as I work. And I'm liking the results.
  3. If you had "auto save" on it might be in the auto save version. Or if you enabled "versions" it might be in one of the versions. You can turn both these features on by going to Preferences (hot key "P"). At the very bottom you can choose Basic or Advanced. Enable the Advanced setting and look under File. The last option is Advanced. Click on that at set your auto save and option features. I auto save every 12 minutes or 20 edits...and allow for 6 versions. Good luck!
  4. gotta hand it to Scook...he is the Best Of All Time (boat)
  5. JERRY! This piece is so good! You've really improved your sound over the years. I love the mix of orch and synths you've got going here. Glad your back.
  6. Dimension Pro has some out of tune patches...I think Acoustic Bass is one
  7. I work constantly going back and forth with video editors and what I get back from the video editor is always 1 frame off.
  8. So I vote for take lanes. Also I think a refresher course on basic midi and transport features might be a good thing due to the recent updates. I'm stumbling a little on those once in a while and probably not taking advantage of all the features.
  9. Yes, I find shakers one of the easiest things to record and place in a track. I have a bunch of kids toys laying around for just that reason. It can be pretty amazing how adding one live part added can make the whole thing sound live. Even a bad recording of it. If I can do it I always will use a real sleigh bell, or shaker or clav sticks.
  10. If you are really worried I would backup everything by creating a OMF and a midi file of your projects. That way you'd be able to pretty easily port over to any DAW.
  11. Hey so we are getting updates faster than the Bakers can post about them. Which has all been fine by me. I keep a working version of Platinum on my computer in case anything crazy might come up. So I'm wondering, am I on the Early Release program? I don't recall signing up for it. I DO want to getting updates as soon as they are available.
  12. I love this thread...kinda cool to know a little about all the people I see here so often. Elmhurst, Illinois...a suburb of Chicago
  13. oh boy, you have to give us more to go on. What did you put into Cakewalk? Where you recording audio or programing midi? Did you set up your audio outs in preferences? You'd probably be better off watching a tutorial on getting started. Then if you get stuck on something people here will be more than glad to help you out.
  14. I've been rewire-ing Sibelius with CbB a lot lately. Just to double check scores that I create in Sibelius from the compositions I create and and eventually mix in CbB. I just look at Sibelius, I do not use the audio from it. Two frustrating things for me...if I fine and error I have to fix the problem twice. The other is I like to start my CbB file in measure 3 and Sibelius needs to start in measure 1 or a pick-up. So the "Now Time" is always in different places in the programs.
  15. I go thru copy and paste issues often and have for years. I usually don't have to reboot the computer, just exit CbB and open it up again. A thing that use to work in the past (not sure if it still applies) empty/delete all the files in the pic cashe folder. Good luck...
  16. forgive me in advance for this, but.....the reason the monitors are humming is 'cause they don't know the words!
  17. So I'm an American and not sure how you in the UK use the word "Script". Here "script" would be just words and not music. A musical score is simply a piece music with all the instruments available to see. A conductor looks at a score, the oboe player looks at the oboe part. A "score" in music terms can also refer to the total music provided for a picture. "I scored that TV show" or "Hans Zimmer has the best score for a movie this year". "I was hired to score that documentary" means I'm going to compose music to be used throughout the project. I think it has become shortened from "underscore" in which the music is meant to be under the dialogue.
  18. There are a couple of ways to do this. Paul P's link is really good. Something else you might want to try is leave the tempo and just use the drum replacement plugin.
  19. It would really be nice to be able to transpose chords in staff view. So many uses for that. I can live with the rudimentary staff view, but not being able to transpose chords makes for a lot of busy work for me.
  20. WOW 1st preliminary tests of the new up date and it's very good. Time stretch works well, and Melodyne is usable for me for the 1st time in along time. VERY COOL. Thanks to the bakers again.
  21. Not sure if this helps, but there is a place to "undock" the multidock and a place to undock the individual views in the doc. I would start by putting the video back into the Docking and get that all working and settled. Then find the video's own individual tab, undock it and you should be able to drag into the other monitor. If that does not work I think you have a windows problem. Make sure windows sees your monitors correctly by checking display settings...
  22. Yeah so between 1992-2000ish that was my life! I locked my laptop with a 20 meg hard drive to a discarded 3/4" video machine and a broken 13in TV that tuned into only channel 3 (luckily the same channel that came out of the video machine) ....I made enough money composing to picture with that rig I moved into a nice neighborhood and sent two kids to college. That app locked to picture faster than anything at the time. It had the frame rate I needed that was not available on other sequencers. I thought it was all I ever needed. I kinda miss the 100 hour weeks I spent on it.
  23. Cakewalk started as a midi sequencer. It's strength is it's ability to do midi. I've tried other DAWs and will take CbB over any.
  24. I have used the mac version only to record a couple of mono vocal tracks. It worked in a pinch, but getting much more out of it was ruff and I was glad when I was able to get back to my own rig. It works, but not fully capable.
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