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  1. Strange mouse behavior in Cakewalk (Win10 Pro and CbB running latest updates) using Remote Desktop. Live band streaming forced us to mix the stream in another room. We have learned that having a good room sound does always yield a good steam sound, especially with a live drummer. I discovered a thread on the CbB forum where someone was using Remote Desktop. Works great, snappy response. Feels no different than being at the DAW. Except... The click-drag mouse action when grabbing a fader or pot is wonky. The control (fader or pot) doesn't stay under the mouse. It continues to move in the direction you start it. I could get used to it if it was a steady move, but it will literally run away from the mouse cursor. If you don't move at all, it stays put. The slightest move sends the control in an accelerating journey to the control’s limit. This happens in track view, inspector, console view, and Pro Channel. Bummer. Everything else works great. Using the shift key slows it down, but if you make a move without it or hit caps lock instead of shift. Zoom, there it goes. + and - keys increment the controls just fine, but that's not as good as a smooth mouse move. Now here’s the strangest thing, Waves, PSP, Slate, etc. plugin controls in their plugin properties window work as usual. Smooth as ever. I am using Studio One 4 for the time being since it’s controls respond normally. I want to use Cakewalk. I don't particularly care for Studio One, but it is working. I have tried 2 different computers. 3 different mice. VGA and HDMI as monitors. I have changed multiplied multiples of mouse settings on both DAW and remote computers. Same results. There must be a setting somewhere that instructs the control to stay attached to the cursor that is selecting it and not decide to run off on it’s own. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Baffled and seeking answers. Thanks for any advice. Greg O gokidsmusic
  2. Concerning Big Bang Cinematic Crash Solution - Press the "learn" button before using the plugin. (Solution about halfway down the linked thread) The solution reads:" "John W over 3 years ago Just press the "Learn" button after inserting the plugin, before playing any notes. This seems to bypass the "bug" somehow." I had the same problem you describe, this simple work around works for me. Good Luck Greg O
  3. Don't know if this is relevant... We have a setup running REAC (28 channels) recording live church services. It consists of: - A Windows 7 (I hear Win 8 can work as well, but, definitely not Win10) - Sonar X3 (I've been informed it's the newest Cakewalk version that is fully functional as a REAC machine) - A Roland 200i digital mixer. Following the directions given by Roland and Cakewalk we reliably record on a modest i5 setup. You can playback through the same setup, except you have to have the mixer setup for it (easy enough with saving scenes on the mixer) What you cannot do is playback & record at the same time. The latency >1 second. We bring the external SSD we record to back to the studio to edit and mix in CbB. So bottom line, for us at least, it is a reliable 40 channel capture device of which we only use 28 REAC channels. Maybe some of this can help you come up with a solution. That's we're using currently. Good luck Greg O
  4. My VST3 versions of Ultra Analog VA-3 & Chromaphone 2 crash on instantiation regardless of sample rate settings. VST2 versions work fine. AAS said there was no issue in CbB with VST3 versions. I always run with latest CbB and Win 10 x64 and I launch CbB as Administrator. Both VST3 plugins work fine in Cubase 10.5 and Reaper. Multiple install/uninstalls. No joy. I ended up sticking with VST2 (excluded VST3 versions in Cakewalk Plug-In Manager). VST2 works perfectly. I'm interested in any answers you may find.
  5. If I have overlapping clips, I find it easier to see the boundaries when I open the track's take lanes.
  6. That's something you don't see every day.... quintuplets that happen to play different instruments, and play them well! Amazing! Nice work. Greg O
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