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  1. That darn Mix Module! Some of those things I will Never Use and do not know what they are for!!! Lol Envelope offset mode made contrast fix same for big and small state... http://www.mediafire.com/file/g7q3wonsdohp1wq/AC_DarkAqua_3.sth/file
  2. This should be it for today. This is more of a minor one. Plug-In unsampling button in the mix module small state was not contrast optimized like the large state was. Thanks! http://www.mediafire.com/file/anyxar67sy5qdkd/AC_DarkAqua_2.sth/file
  3. I found another contrast issue with the metronome playback and record buttons. Here's the fix. http://www.mediafire.com/file/l81zy0nq3rpxiqm/AC_DarkAqua_1.sth/file
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/jbzjzcpkotymzup/AC_DarkAqua.sth/file Besides the standard 220.04 changes required... Contrast added to the on and off state of many buttons that were very ambiguous as to being off or on. Clarity added to several items that were blurry including the docking icons. Incorporated the Darker Pro Channel Used M- New Gen Note Duration icons for Piano Roll, etc. [ I absolutely LOVE all of the tasteful shadowing in the New Gen Theme!]
  5. Lots of updating to this them beyond just fixing it for 2020.04 because many of the buttons had very little discernible difference between pressed and not pressed. I also darkened a couple of things like the Pro Channel. I used the marvelous M-New Gen Notes Note Duration icons as stated above and cleaned up a lot.. I am a typical guy who does not read many directions, so I did this by just diving in..noticing the search button in the Editor way late in the process! Lol Anyway, it seems to work and make pretty good sense to me. Since I did not follow careful directions, I am sure I could have missed something, but be gentle, I am fragile... :'-( 😜 http://www.mediafire.com/file/jbzjzcpkotymzup/AC_DarkAqua.sth/file I will make a separate post when I get back in a few...
  6. Fixing some more ambiguous buttons, etc., including the global enable button...on and off almost look the same. FX Bypass, Post/Pre button, etc. all need work. Getting it done.. 🙂 ...automation read button... Worth it for me to get it in proper working order...
  7. Several elements look like the creator might have used paint bucket on several things that splattered the color around a little much...
  8. Input Echo off state was ambiguous , so I made it darker. The Note Duration icons were the generic ones so I used the beautiful M-New Gen ones. I cleaned up a few things. I will share this Mod in a new post? Can I attach the Theme file in a post or do I have to drop box it or something?
  9. Some of the module words and icons were quite blurry originally as well as the collapse arrows and squares and other icons...I made these at least more clear. I added the darker Pro Channels . I still have a couple of things to do like work on the small version of the Export module.
  10. Oh, I see now...I edited it earlier and did not save it I guess, because it is back to original in my editor... Save, Save, Save... 🙂
  11. I looked around and actually thought I had updated it, and it must be hidden somewhere.
  12. Those tips are helping me along. I just can't let a challenge go... I am getting there on the Dark Aqua. The subject was about rescuing these themes, but let me know if it needs to be moved...
  13. Man, that little Notes icon was a tough one...
  14. Oh, thanks...I will check out the view tab next..thanks!
  15. I'm getting it down kind of...Comparing and copying from other up to date themes is the key and then re-coloring of course... Getting close on this one...I'm posting in the old thread that was shared also about old themes, but just wanted to let y'all know that I am getting there...
  16. Do you know if we can make longer faders in Cakewalk?
  17. Wow, I thought Samplitude was difficult to edit. It is WAY easier than Cakewalk to edit!!!! But, those are helpful tips, if I ever get the courage to try it. Thankfully, I like M-New Gen and M-Unity quite a bit and I can try to add a mod here and there as you suggested. I really do want to correct Dark Aqua, but understanding each element and what it requires is daunting.
  18. Man, I really want the Dark Aqua to work for me, but I am having a pretty hard time so far working on an update...It is not looking right...
  19. I guess maybe this 3rd party deal is it? https://goaudio.info/bandlab-cakewalk-theme-editor-v1-2-0-14-free-download/
  20. The Themes guide talks about a theme editor app that I cannot find...
  21. Oh, I see. Still usable, just needs to be re-beautified.
  22. Very Helpful! I love this Dark Aqua theme! What are the elements missing, do you know?
  23. My eyes for some reason do well with this kind of contrast, at least from what I know so far...hmm... Could you attach it here for my entertainment. 🙂
  24. Don't get me wrong, I am generally very pleased with M-New Gen!
  25. For better or for worse I used a Dunlop Nylon .46mm pic. That pretty thin, but good for strait smooth strumming I suppose. This is also my bargain basement Alvarez FD60CSB. Although they have been known to out perform their price as long as you don't use the bad sounding preamp.
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