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  1. I was dreading doing this...some of it turned out surprisingly easy, and other parts VERY hard... But, the theme cannot be complete without it I guess...The Virtual Controller window... Ver 4.5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/9onekadkwrrvqa6/AC_DarkAqua_4.5.sth/file
  2. AC Dark Aqua 4.1 - Mix Module Solo Button needed a hover shadow. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymyv4zdb4cxfshx/AC_DarkAqua_4.1.sth/file 🙂
  3. I found an unlikely place to organize the songs I have written. The title and play button is so helpful. There is enough room in the title to notate where the song mix is on my PC. You do have to de-select the Marix option : "Import Content as Groove Clips" Unless you want them to be out of time. 😉 I title each column with a Style and just drag my mp3's of entire songs or ideas onto a cell. I can look, listen and make plans... I've been struggling making detailed lists about my songs, etc and have had a hard time staying on track. This will help greatly!
  4. Man, I like this view, keeping all mixer channels narrow except when editing one...which opens wide as soon as you click the pro channel button.
  5. I just came on to post about Melda Productions ...Cool. Everytime I use one of their plugins I get a pleasing result as well! Very Musical!
  6. 5.28 http://www.mediafire.com/folder/yl5dr3tcce30x/AC_DA_-_5_Pan_Options Cleaned up collapse/undock buttons and pro channel button collapsed. Snap on/off more contrast in control bar and piano roll. Tack View: Automation "W" colored in and Archive "A" dimmed during play and idle to match other items. Freeze Synth button dimmed to match also.
  7. By the way, the time ruler is a really cool one shared by Steve C! The one that shows in these photos is the selected region...I have a hard time getting that out of my way all of the time!
  8. I included almost all of your color changes, but I made the one a little darker. Cool stuff. I did some creative coloring on some items and it is here...after editing everything I could find... http://www.mediafire.com/file/k5l95w6ianvkaw6/AC_DarkAqua_4.sth/file
  9. Work I have left...from what I see when I click on each folder of the Theme Browser. Loop Construction View - 5 items Tempo View - 4 or 5 items Virtual Controller - 20+ items!!! Yuck! - I can revert them back to the original blue for now thankfully, instead of the current orange! Time Saver! Playlist - 6 Items Audio Snap - 12 items..I did complete a couple in there... Vocal Sync - 3 items Step Record - I think can be left as is...18 items I can assume the original Dark Aqua theme did not have many of these pages updated...This does not look like all new pages...then again maybe they are newer than when this theme was first made after all...
  10. Oops. I've got to fix that bump on the top note of the chord! ...there fixed the chord notes and updated the picture... 🙂
  11. You would never think something like the Staff View screen would be such a challenge to modify, but man oh man, a lot of manual drawing on some items!! Going from orange to green is not so clean all the time... So, this is one of the several views I am working on and will continue for the next few days and hopefully get done. I will then hopefully experiment with the very cool coloring that Steve C worked on!!! I will likely have to go back to my previous days edits and see if I made any important omissions along the way. I am more getting the drift on how to update an entire row of items even if I do not see that all of them get used... PS. I know the note duration icons are not flat as would suit the theme more accurately..I may update them to flat latter, but they are cool...
  12. Oh, and that Time Ruler is Awesome! I am having a hard time to look at all the brown now after seeing your update! I think this makes it easier on the eyes also, because the dividers well defined. I hope I can merge my many little edits with your big edit...
  13. That kind of gives it a cool almost 3d effect. It also moves things away from the brown parts in a nice way. I LOVE the large Multi Doc bar with its shadowed darker look. I like the other bars and frames but would personally maybe like them a little darker or if possible shadowed like the Multi Doc Bar. I am still working on Notation window and a few others to get the fine details together. I hope you can add this as a variation when I'm done. Very Cool!
  14. I was going to post about what people do about accurate and flexible metering with Cakewalk. I come from Samplitude with an entire suite of pro meters, so having none besides the track and mixer meters feels strange... Do people add 3rd party meters? I am used to the attached with Samplitude and this would probably be expensive to add as a plug in I would expect...
  15. I've updated many things from PRV to Audio Snap Pallette and then this deeper than expeted Matrix View.... It looks like I am modifying more than some, but I fore sure like the dark brushed metal cells! 🙂 I need to hang out with the family before I am disowned...I'll be back on it tomorrow! Lol
  16. Hmm...It is not showing track meter information either...Maybe not really working for Cakewalk very well?
  17. Hi Jim. I got Cakewalk to connect with my Ipad here with EuCon. It is pulling the track color from the green border around the tracks instead of the actual track color. Is this happening for you? Also, has anyone set up any soft keys for this. I know for Samplitude we had pages and pages of softkeys. Thanks!
  18. Ah, sometimes copy and paste works perfectly for phase and interleave from console view! 🙂
  19. There are the track phase and interleave buttons. I did not always have the tracks showing all items.
  20. Oh, I see all of what you wrote now..thanks.
  21. Oh wait, maybe it is just a color pallet...I will look right now...
  22. It's funny, I opened up every view but that one it appears, however even looking at it, I would not really know what to do with it, except copy from M-New Gen that is at least a little darker? Most of the elements have something internally that is similiar I can copy from. This one looks a little more complicated... Thanks! I did update a few more of my contrast finds in as posted in my new post. http://www.mediafire.com/file/g7q3wonsdohp1wq/AC_DarkAqua_3.sth/file oops, this is that post!
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