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  1. Hi, I would like to share my experience with 2019.12 after quite some hours of working with it on several projects. I am on W7 64bit with a Focusrite Clarett interface. My focus is on low latency performance in order to run in everything 'live', synth plugins and even processed vocals and mastering effects. The latest Focusrite ASIO drivers allow on my i7 computer a good performance (11ms round trip delay) at a buffer size of 96 samples. With the .12 release I see an improvement, meaning that projects now run without audio corruption that required freezing on earlier releases. That is actually a great thing for me! Thanks for working in this area! The performance module shows now a more equal spreading of the processing on the 4 physical cores. You made some big changes in this area from .11 to .12 right? Important finding: In order to get the best performance I had to switch on the load balancing feature for plugins. I never did this before because it always made things worse. Now it seems to be necessary! One reproducable bug has been introduced by your changes which is reducing my fun with .12 a little bit: The audio engine stops with an immediate dropout if I start a midi recording with a metronome count in in the middle of a song. The only workaround I found so far is to disable the count in. At the beginning of the song there is no issue. It would be great if you could have a look at this use case. I would be available to assist with further information if required. Thanks again for the ASIO improvements in .12. Great job! Best regards, Peter
  2. Hi, with the latest Update I face a problem with my Steinberg HalionSonic vst3. When loading the plugin into a new project I am not able to control the volume of the 16 tracks via the midi tracks of cakewalk. The plugin shows that midi data is received but it does not change the volume. When loading and old project with a HalionSonic the controlling works as expected. Strange! Anybody else with this experience? Any ideas what happend? Best regards, Peter
  3. Thanks, this is it! I am getting old, forgetting things I knew years ago....
  4. Solved! (see my update) The problem is that you do not have this icon if you use the forum on your android smartphone (as I do). The toolbar in the smartphone browser has less functionality as the one on the windows pc. So, this turns into a feature request...😏
  5. Noel, an honest answer: I tried to find it but... How does it look like and which toolbar? Regards, Peter
  6. This is my latest track. Friends say it sounds like 80's electronic pop - and this is exactly what it should be like. The song is completely produced with CbB. All music except the two vocal tracks is produced with several vst plug-ins. It consists of 33 tracks in total. Mastering is done with cakewalk plug-ins only. I can perform the song live (vocals, keyboard parts) with all effects and mastering with 64 samples buffer low latency settings...(and we already did this!): Kind regards, Peter
  7. I've seen the recommendation 'separate drive for audio files' at many threads here. What is the benefit of doing it? I have everything on my c SSD.
  8. Thanks everybody for your thoughts on this important topic! I well understand all your points but since my W7-system is still running well there can only be one conclusion for me: I stick to W7 as long as I have enough money to buy a new hardware that would then justify the installation effort and naturally updates me to the latest OS. It is a simple old rule, that still seems to fit. The thing that has changed in the past 10 years is the lifetime of the hardware since we do no longer see the steep improvements in performance. So we can use a chipset for much more than 5 years without penalties in functionality...
  9. Noel, first of all I very much appreciate your clear and open communication. This helps a lot! Since the upgrade path towards W10 seems not to be possible on my DAW-PC, I am now facing the 'clean install'... But this would mean that have to do a complete new installation of all HW and SW components, right? I would need to install all the content, VSTs, Tools, etc. again, including all the painful, and even risky registration/authorization processes,right? I would at least plan one week of effort for this task and there is actually no way for me personally to do this huge investment. If I completely misunderstood the 'clean install' please let me know. Best regards, Peter
  10. I have tried to upgrade from W7 to W10 today but at the very end of the process I always get an error code 0x80004005 and then it stops... I have already tried several hints from the ms forum but no success. Any ideas? Do I have to stay with my good old W7? Thanks in advance, Peter
  11. Thank you all for your comments! I think migrating my music PC to W10 is now an option I am thinking about. But this is a decision that needs some more thought... I would love to invest in a new Hardware which would be the natural way of upgrading the OS. But this Christmas it is not on the wishlist... I wish everybody a mary Christmas and a great start in 2019 with a lot of music! Peter
  12. Hi John, thanks for your feedback. This is actually the first time I read such a strong recommendation to upgrade to W10, especially with respect to stability. Also the earlier versions of the software since 2018.10 were very stable on W7. Do you think they do not test on W7 any longer?
  13. Hi all, with the 2018.11 release I had to experience a decrease of stability during my work in the past days. I faced several crashes e.g. after recording a vocal track and after saving my project, etc... I did not see such stability issues for a long time. Anybody else with similar experiences? I use W7 64bit with a Focusrite Clarett USB interface. Best regards, Peter
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