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  1. Well, while we are being the marketing department, it's very close to indignant and indigent. Now let's hear more about this new snowmobile library! Must have!
  2. Hi Nigel. same thing happened to me, v1 became unstable. I was loathe to upgrade all these years, did so last year. Try Musicians Friend, they do a 10 or so percent off of things quite often. Now $222 USD. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/spectrasonics-omnisphere-2-upgrade?pdpSearchTerm=omnisphere&tNtt=Omnisphere&tAt=item&tAv=Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Upgrade May not work if you are in South Africa or such? The upgrade itself is pretty nice if a bit underwhelming, it's a lot more patches piled on top of a lot of great patches already.
  3. So close!!! If it aggregated all our data, it could come up with: "Most proficient users who produce >10 completed songs a year use (compressor x) on their drum bus"
  4. If you find yourself equidistant from all 13 basses, would you starve to death? Buridan's (b)*****
  5. Realizing I might have encouraged or goaded you a bit into acquiring a music man? I Must say excellent choice. The red pops. The maple neck will play like butter. The HH will have deep balls for days, assuming it has an active preamp ? I have the Bongo with the HH, and I put tapewound strings on it. Way feely! Noice bayzz.
  6. PhonoBrainer

    Gone again!

    Mods, please delete this post. It violates the terms of Larry's service and has content that is inappropriate to my well being.
  7. The hands I prioritize are the hands of time. Apparently not, though, as I have responded to this.
  8. PhonoBrainer


    That's a good one. It blends a lot of stuff in a nice way. Raum is a great reverb and I'd only offer the idea of just a bit more of it on the string parts, as the piano is nicely bathed in the verb. Or maybe I'm reacting to the way the string lines seem to swell, and then end abruptly sometimes. That filtered synth up top is a great add, reminds me of the furry pawed one. super pleasant and nice piano which obviously carries the piece. cheers, -Tom
  9. Pretty sure those aren't sale prices. ? 250 clams for trumpets?
  10. Try Mussolini. . . .served tonight in a white wine sauce with broccoli florets and peach cobbler.
  11. I hope it comes with a multiband or parametric equine.
  12. Uh, Brass. But Larry is still da man.
  13. PhonoBrainer

    Shifting Sand

    Nice tune! I had headphones on, so the widening trick around :15 caught me a bit unpleasantly - I'd say start the song with the acoustic guit nice and wide, it sounds super clear that way. YMMV! You could approach the mix from a few different angles, but you might look at the kick drum, I think it's doing a bit much and is sucking a lot of low-end energy by being that loud. My guess is, your mixing friend added ooomph by compressing the drums more than a bit. I really enjoyed the melody, and the drum performance, and the driving guitars. Once you get the low end sorted out, this will rawk! cheers, -Tom
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