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  1. First time I experienced the Bluesbreakers was on the 15th of May 1965 at the Arbor Youth Club in Pyrford, Surrey. A few of us helped the roadies get John's B3 onto the stage, then the other gear. After a little while John and Eric showed up and thanked us, then McVie appeared followed by Hughie Flint. A great evening was had by all. I was gobsmacked. Sadly, I never did get to see the band with Peter Green.
  2. Grief! That takes me back. I arrived back in the UK, a young teenager, in January '63 and RSG was a must watch for me every Friday evening in glorious monochrome. Great memories, thanks for posting.
  3. FTFY! (Curtesy of the speling polease.)
  4. JohnG


    Probably correct, Tim. I dare say Stonehenge and similar monuments around the world witnessed ceremonies for the passing of leaders and warriors way back into pre-history. It seems to be something the human race does. Speaking as a colonial, I see it as something the British seem to do particularly well. Whatever the crimes of the British political classes in the past, I do believe Liz was a woman of peace.
  5. JohnG


    Eight men to carry it. It's lead lined, so rather heavy. Apparently it was made more than thirty years ago. Wal Mart? This is the UK, so if not British oak then surely a Fortnum & Mason's hamper at least? Wal Mart, indeed? ... Pah! 🙂
  6. JohnG


    Fare thee well, dear and respected Monarch; a source of stability in this mad world. A head of state to beat all in times of crisis. I don't suppose you can spare me a million can you Charlie boy?
  7. It would appear that Craig Anderton is no longer President of the MMA! Looking at their web site today I found that he is listed as "former president" and Athan Billias (of Yamaha) is now president. That all happened very quietly indeed. Anybody know anything about it?
  8. Strewth! That must have been unbelievably painful! What a strong organ. Did it ever regain its full functionality, one must enquire?
  9. In 12 Tone Equal Temperament (modern) tuning, every note except the octave (2:1) is out of tune, i.e. not a perfect harmonic ratio. E.T.
  10. Takes me back to spring '65 when we helped the John Mayall Blues Band get John's B3 onto the stage at the Arbor youth club in a tiny village called Pyrford in deepest Surrey. I believe they hadn't brought enough roadies to lift the beast. It took four of us and nearly broke our backs. We'd just finished when Eric (Clapton) and John (mcVie) turned up to do their thing. (Check it out on Eric's gig list, 15th May, '65 - whereseric.com) Eric spent most of his evening watching two gorgeous, mini-skirted chics dance around their handbags, as they did back in those days. A memorable evening.
  11. "What's twice eleven?" I said to Pooh. ("Twice what?" said Pooh to Me.) "I think it ought to be twenty-two." "Just what I think myself," said Pooh. "It wasn't an easy sum to do, But that's what it is," said Pooh, said he. "That's what it is," said Pooh. Courtesy of A.A.Milne
  12. Yes, that's quite true. However, if you're determined to make orchestral tracks sound better, a tempo map based on your favourite interpretation can bring some life to it. Then you can do some (a lot of(?)) shuffling of note start/end times. But, agreed, It's a lot of work. Not too bad for a simple short song, but potentially months of work for a complete orchestral score! Note velocities/dynamics are handled in a much improved way with the latest version of the program. I managed several sections of the Haydn Missa in Angustiis (the Nelson mass) as a rehearsal file for a singer learning the work a few years back. She was to sing one of the parts with a full orchestra but was unfamiliar with it. Not so much these days as I approach my dotage.
  13. If you do decide to try scanning it in, one of the most accurate I've found (and I've tried a few) is the latest version of SmartScore, SmartScore 64 Pro or for the slightly less well off, the MIDI only version. The full version will additionally generate Music XML which you can import into e.g. Finale or Sibelius. It will take note of marked dynamics e.g. pp to ff, and also hairpins, etc. The latest version also includes a piano roll editor which gives you access to MIDI control lanes so you can draw in the dynamics if you like. I upgraded my copy last year and am very pleased with the results. Take a look here www.musitek.com.
  14. Battered Hey Doc poor mwa, or a saveloy wiv me chyps.
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