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  1. Nah! Andy was a püssy cat. It was that Teddy who was the sinister one. The way he used to follow Andy about, I always wondered what he would get up to if he didn't have the camera on him at all times. Mark you, Andy did wear some pretty strange gear .. and that hat! Least said about the hat the better. And that Looby Loo ... now there's a cute chic if ever I saw one.
  2. Bill and Ben, Bill and Ben, flower pot men. What about Andy Pandy, or Muffin the Mule? (Er, I'm not sure the last one is permitted these days.)
  3. Good grief DangerMouse! 😃 What grate catastrofee happuned hear? 🙄 Did somebodee say sumfink sumone took objection to? Cor blimey! And all whilst I was tucked up warmly in my beddybyze, 😴 hiding from the thick fog as bonfyre nite happened all around. 🤒 🤥 In future I'd better stick to my day job, moderating the MMA forum. 😷 Oh well.
  4. Which album were those lines from, William? (So familiar.) I was watching a documentary, over the weekend, about the day the wall came down by John Snow, and it reminded me ... "Now life devalues day by day As friends and neighbors turn away And there’s a change that even with regret Cannot be undone Now frontiers shift like desert sands While nations wash their bloodied hands Of loyalty, of history, in shades of grey." Thanks Floyd.
  5. I see what you did there. (Almost looked it up!) 😂 Pfft. An onomatopoeic interjection representing a sudden cessation, disappearance, or ending (of something). (Meant to simulate the sound of something disappearing in a puff of smoke.)
  6. So sorry to hear that Kenny, It takes me back to July last year when we had to have our cat, named Tigger, put to sleep. He was 21 but had been with us for 13 years. At least I could hold him in my arms as they administered the injection. The main thing, I find, is to remember all the good times together and the happiness he gave you and you him. You did the right thing and ended his life on a high note. RIP Duke.
  7. I'll have you know my name is Miss PIGGY, not miss pigs!
  8. Here in the UK we seem to have lost pounds and ounces and inches, feet and yards and pennies and shillings for a simplified 'more logical' system. I much preferred the old way. But then I like minims, crotchets and quavers too. Part of a dying breed I suppose. Oh well! Just been reading about Göbekli Tepe. I wonder how they measured things all those years ago?
  9. Tell her the octaves are in tune. 2:1 and major fifths are almost in tune. But the thirds are awful in E.T.
  10. And the really, really pathetically ridiculous thing about this premise is that it's based on Hz. Ever asked yourself "what really is Hertz?" A. Simple, it's cycles per second. Q.What exactly is a second? A. Well, it's a sixtieth of a minute. Q. What's a minute? A. A sixtieth of an hour. Q. What's an hour? A. A twenty-fourth of a day. Q. But why 24? Why not, for example, ten hours in a day, 100 minutes in an hour and a hundred seconds in a minute? Wouldn't that be more logical? Q. Why 24, 60 , 60? It makes no sense. Lets change to 10, 100, 100. New hours, new minutes and new seconds. Then Hz changes; the speed of light changes (or, rather, the way we measure it, and so on. The second is just some arbitrary way that humans decided to measure time, who knows how long ago. It's not a fixed cosmological constant. Why 360 degrees in a circle. Why not 100 degrees in a right angle then a circle would be 400 degrees. My children asked me these questions around 30 years ago. Any thoughts?
  11. The theme tune from Spike's Q5? Without equal.
  12. No, not when you're listening to the sound of bagpipes, an accordeon playing or that thing they call Rap. Then, the further away the speakers are, the better. Wouldn't you agree? They're the speakers for me. 😉
  13. "Zappa in Munich" ... the town's the clue. "fis moll" in Deutsch = F sharp minor in Englisch, sorry English.
  14. When I write about temperament, I'm not referring to the tuning of A, whether the modern A=440Hz or the baroque A=415Hz (roughly a semitone lower). So in that sense you're quite correct. I'm referring to the tuning of fifths that one does when tuning, e.g. a piano or harpsichord, etc. A 'perfect' fifth (e.g. C to G) has a ration of 3:2, discovered allegedly by Pythagoras, but if we tune a series of perfect fifths (let's say starting on F) with the ratio 3:2, until we have gone all the way round the circle of fifths, and end up on Bb, we want to end up where we started, but much further up the keyboard. But we don't, we end up about half a semitone too high. The interval of Bb to F is way out of tune. Here's the arithmetic. F to C to G to D to A to E to B to F# to C# to G# to Eb to Bb to F. 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 = 129.746 Going up the required number of octaves (a piano keyboard is useful here) 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 = 128.0 So, somehow we have to lose that overshoot of 1.746 (called a Pythagorean comma) by flattening some or all of the intervening fifths. Equal temperament (ET) divides the comma equally across all the notes, but wasn't common until the first quarter of the 20th century (it was very difficult to tune). ET gives good fifths but results in very poor thirds. Other 'temperaments', common in the baroque era,'use different ways of dividing the comma. And it's one of these I was referring to, 1/4 comma meantone.
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